Glaude: ‘There Is A Moral Rot In The Nation And Donald Trump Is Just Its Avatar’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Glaude: ‘There Is A Moral Rot In The Nation And Donald Trump Is Just Its Avatar' | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. No what’s tough ,is talking to those that denies that covid is real , is fake or a plandemic…. thats tough not going insane and beating these idiots upside the head….

    1. Its real, but its not the plague of plagues its made out to be. Its been in country almost a year, we’re behind on death estimates even after a year of limited to no distancing, with unmasked people all over, nightly protests for over a year in some cities, and people arent dying in the streets. Not even the democrat leadership believes it. Newsom goes to parties, Pelosi risks getting her hair done, democrat officials beg people to not travel from their mexican condos, democrat mayors fly across the nation with impunity for thanksgiving, biden celebrators were out en masse in the streets with no distancing. Its not just trump supporters. First masks work, then masks dont work, now masks work again, and that’s from both the cdc and fauci. They shortened the quarantine time a week ago before all the vids of election peculiarities were released, and yet its more infectious than ever? Do we believe the cdc then or do we believe them now?

    2. @P M ask your local funeral parlor if it’s just business as usual. It has a data of the normal range of death each year per local population. BTW no matter what they say or other human being says if you already made up your mind and sealed it… you’ll never going to be convinced.

    3. @Living For God seek help not from a 2000 book of fiction but from reality please you are no good to anyone believing in fantasy’s

    4. Imagine if 2 packed airliners were hitting skyscrapers EVERY DAY and killing 3,000 people each time. Would Republicans continue to support an administration that said “Meh, it’s a very low percentage of the total population” or “Well, a lot of people die of the flu every year” or “Eventually they’ll run out of airplanes and it’ll get better, but for now we need to open up the country for business as usual” or “Well, they’re blaming all those deaths on these attacks, but some of those people would have did for other reasons anyway” ? At what point can Trump be held responsible for those deaths because he is refusing to address the problem, but he’s also refusing to step aside so let Biden can address the problem.

    5. During the Las Vegas mass shooting, people were saying it was fake. Even as people were killed around them, they said the dead were actors. They encouraged everybody to get up off the ground and step into the gun fire. It only became real to them when they got shot.

    1. @Flamelike Sunset no actually they wouldnt…. what youre saying is ridiculous and factually inaccurate.. bernie lost because his voters didnt show up and vote for him..

    2. @Christine King if anyone really believes that either party has moral high ground of any sort. I feel sorry for you. And keep enjoying your kool-aid if so.

    3. @Noreb And now if Biden sells out working class again like all the other democrats Tucker Carlson will be the president in 2024.

    1. People just of to come together and pray harder beacause we serve a mighty and powerful 🙏 god who ruled over the earth

    2. @Judith Gibson Gimmie a break and cut out the god nonsense, it’s part of the problem. Whenever I read a post about someone’s god, i feel like they just waved a turd in my face. Religion is private. Separation of religion and politics, which Americans have forgotten about.

    1. He’s not in denial, he just doesn’t care. All he cares about, and has cared about, has been winning the election.

    2. @2dronetek2 True and not even really to REMAIN the President, no.
      He wants to remain the president so that he can avoid consequences of being held accountable for the crimes he’s committed… including (but not limited to) tax evasion, sexual assault, consequences for withholding information about the Coronavirus, LYING /spreading mis information about the election results & much much more.

    3. @2dronetek2 instead of acting he is mocking Germany for their number of cases that are one quarter of cases in the country he is responsible for. And tapping himself on the shoulder for a vaccine that other countries have distributed before his.

    1. @Tom H people who can’t keep their legs crossed and their penises in their pants don’t have no right to talk about morals either

    1. Some people are just not capable of caring about other people, so we need to find a way to work around them.

  2. I never knew there were so many crazy, mean and self centered people in this country until Trump brought them out.

    1. You would if you were Black. Trump didn’t bring them out he just took the stigma away. They were always silently in the background.

    2. @Tom Rhodes Trumpers will call you a young soul. Base on what did you determine their soul quality or age? Is there a meter? The “believing in nonsense” attitude brought them here, your nonsense will only push things further and worse

  3. ” There IS a Moral ROT in the Nation that is Trump and HIS supporters”…..BOOM 💥💥💥 there it IS !!!👍👍

    1. Political Parties all together are the problem friends. Why believe in every single thing a party believes in just bc affiliated? Think for yourselves. It would have been nice for the nation to realize this on their own, but very little have. I get it though, we’re all human, and most learn after bad things happen to them.

    2. @Alia Wilson His words WEREN’T even ” sweet”…..they came from a VICIOUS, NASTY human (?) being !! Give HIM NO props !!!🤔🤷

    3. @Terry Hawk he is evil and fooled many people, evil can do that, fool people, yes his vision for America was sweet, we did not know it was all fake, all lies, he did fool me for a bit, reason I campaigned for him was he promised to end the war in Yemen which the Saudi had bombed for cpl of years with the use of US sold bombs, ! Hospitals, market places , schools, by that time thousands of people had died, non terrorists , families, many made homeless, and Trump promised to end that war, he blamed Hillary for it, then Obama, ! Said as soon as I am in office I will show those Saudi Wankers, I will end this , end all ongoing wars, bring Peace to the Middle East,, well I am sure you know abt this, and you know as soon as he was in office he tripled the bomb sale , what is it so far in hard cash? Forgot how many billions he took in and is still taking in, ! The Saudi Head choppers pay well and all in US $$$, sure some went into Trumps his deep pockets, ! The genocide of Yemen , Gaza continued under Trump, and he fired the guys in Congress who spoke out against it openly, …! The bombing keeps going , the cash keeps flowing in, !! I am thoroughly enjoying Trumps downfall, loving it, cherishing it, 🙂 🙂 every minute of the day! Trump Bone Spurs the draft dodger called Mc Cain a loser, ! It is redemption time, and Trump is being hurt where it hurts most, ” his ego squashed , God’s boot on his fat ugly head, ! A loser for all the World to see, !

  4. Very interesting. So, Hillary said there are baskets full of deplorable people in this country. Turns out she was RIGHT! And you crucified her for telling the truth…

  5. It turns out that Hillary spoke the truth when she said in the 2016 Presidential race that, “Trump’s supporters are deplorables.” America should have listened.

    1. Too late, now. As his niece Mary Trump said, he’s going to start breaking things, now that he knows his days are numbered. Not sure when Pelosi will step in to literally restrain him; however, Sure there will be national violence on a scale not seen before the civil war, following trump’s physical restraint.

    2. She was also correct about the “Vast right-wing conspiracy”, as they came out into the light with Trump.
      Poland fell to the far right. There is a movie “The Hater” from Poland you might like about online Trolls. If you are looking for something on Netflix to watch.

    1. Based on my experience of christians in my 64 years of life, I’ve come to hate them. I’m sick of them trying to force their thought disorders onto everyone. They should have to practice their religion totally in private and leave the rest of humanity alone. The incongruity of imagining them being capable of doing that points to the true purpose of christianity – social control and propaganda.

    2. Spidey, not all Christians are a part of a political cult. Only those who follow TRUMP. I am a Christian and I don’t see this so much from a political perspective as I do from a right and wrong or good and evil perspective. That’s what it boils down too.

    3. @The Truth those of us who grew up fully immersed in the brainwashing, but survived with reason and ethics intact would heartily disagree. It boils down to a ginormous vile fairy tale intended solely for the purpose of social control. Mostly aimed directly against women. The religious have had thousands of years to prove themselves. And they have. And it’s ugly.

  6. History of humankind…the Holocaust, one example. The US is awash in a tumult of hate and darkness, similar to the rise of Nazism.

    1. You mean that Nazism is a bad thing? So they’re not good people on that side like in Charlottesville?…but Trump said, “… nevermind! The deplorables will never see it.

    1. He is a coward and a liar. How many businesses has he manage to bankrupt, everything that he has owned. I believe his first wife is wealthier than he is. Tiffany run and hide, get a law degree,show your mother that she is smarter than he is by becoming something of value.

    2. @prash patel until they have to deal with National Guard and/or CIA, FBI, ATF, lol local police, secret service if they get stupid etc etc etc. Yea I think they better face reality before they go trying something stupid.

  7. Sad how the Republican Party used to stand for democracy and rule of law. Now these nazis have taken over that party and turned it into a wanna be COUP party to destroy our democracy! Disgusting.

    1. The main thing the Republican Party has always stood for is hypocrisy. The rest were only slogans that sounded good. They never lived up to the spirit of the words.

    2. Coup? to steal our democracy? You apparently know nothing of electronic voting and how it came to be commonplace.

    3. @Diallo Khari Wasn’t even the ‘electronic voting’ as u red hats🛑falsely claim…
      It’s the mail-in ballots that were counted in favor of Democrats that u want to invalidate. Basically, only majority repub votes count only – which also happen to be cast in-person on electronic devices.
      You know nothing about ANYTHING!

    4. It’s sad the biased media have wrapped your mind that you can’t think for yourself. The Democratic-controlled media have censored all conservative thought. Hitler set up the Third Reich y censoring what could be said that favored his rise all other ideas were not allowed.

    5. @Fahim Ahmad that’s where you are wrong. It’s only the illegally cast ballots that should never have been counted to begin with, and if -IF there were any ballots miscounted or illegally counted multiple times.

      If America has free and fair elections and our election process has integrity – it truly doesn’t matter who gets elected into the office because it was the will of the people.

      Election fraud and election influencing is not the will of the people, it’s the will of a covert group or individual who is placing their desires and beliefs above all else.

  8. So Mitch mcconnell, Lyndsey graham and other Republicans Votes should be overturned as they are on the same Ballot as Biden and Trump.

    1. The cold hand of natural selection will seize hold of the weak and expunge them from existence, just as it has for hundreds of thousands of years; it warrants not sadness, but joy.

  9. I never want to hear ” america is the greatest country in the world” again.
    Because it’s not.
    trump and covid showed the world that.

    1. @Charles A SmithI never want to hear ” america is the greatest country in the world” again.
      Because it’s not.
      trump and covid showed the world that.

      sorry, just HAD to do it…

    2. Flip the pancake to see the back is burnt to a crisp– not new! Just more out front about it, the burnt side stays up.

  10. Correct. “They” do not care about anyone but themselves. (Those unempathetic Americans who don’t give a darn.)


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