Ron DeSantis Keeps Battling Biden On Covid As FL Cases Surge

With Covid cases spiking among the unvaccinated in multiple states, the politics of the pandemic are heating up again – particularly in Florida as that state's governor battles with the White House over Covid mask mandates and more. Eugene Daniels and Julie Pace join to discuss.
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  1. At this point it’s not even a thing that they are denying PPE from COVID-19 it’s an anti Biden game.

    1. @David R. Stone actually it’s because Americans are tired of the pandemic, and Biden isn’t the fascist boot stomper that people have come to expect from a president. If the political stance were reversed, if Biden were Trumpish on covid the way Trump is trumpish on political opponents, these governor’s heads would be on pikes by now and the pandemic would be over. Then everybody would be cheering Biden.

    2. @J C You seem to have your logic reversed. People know what PPE is and what it does. Here you come with the negative hypothesis and you’re asking US to prove the negative. How about let’s straighten this up. YOU PROVE THAT PPE’s DON’T WORK.

    3. @Sergpie sounds like you also know very little about the role of PCR in testing.

      In a nutshell, PCR is to detecting a virus as a tire iron is to fixing a flat tire. Nobody has ever argued that PCR technology actually indentify the exact virus found, just as nobody has ever argued that a tire iron can patch your flat tire and reinflate it.

    4. @Sergpie That’s a false equivalence, because Trump can’t even form sentences, he just bumbles from one word to another. The reason he speaks so slowly when giving a more formal speech via a teleprompter is that they had to slow the teleprompter down to match his reading speed and comprehension level.

    1. When one side – Republicans decided they would walk on corpses to make a political point. They want as many people to die to prove they are wrong, masks do work and there are kids who might not live past this years, so they probably won’t be able to vote when they get older anyway, and thee elderly – probably Republicans will die and so change the thinking of younger people.

    2. @UC_8HoCGxF1KTTOSK5QjJLyw Yeah, the republicants’ bought dems. Senima and Manchin just to name two.

    3. @suda phedz Rand Paul, Kentucky, Mike Braun, Indiana, and Ron Johnson, Wisconsin. Are you really so stupid that you don’t know how to use google ? Type in “Republican Politicians who refuse to get the covid vaccine” — yields 35,700,000 results, you pathetic fool.

    4. The moment death statistics by state was used as a measure against each party’s political leadership

    5. Republicans will torture people break every law in the book to keep us safe from terrorists but when it comes to public health it’s every man women and child for themselves. They don’t make sense to me.


    2. The bar was lowered soon after Jackson was elected president. The rabble he attracted tore up the White House during the celebration.

    1. @Nobody Knows shots re free, don’t need appointments anymore, go get at CVS, Walgreens, Publix…

    2. @Memow 2020 Uh, I was making a play on words. You know? DeSatan has has HIS shot at pretending to be a governor, and now it is time for him to step down and give someone else a shot at being governor. Now do you get it? Subtle humor is just no longer fun when it doesn’t get to the right audience….

  2. Life isn’t always about politics. Sometimes it’s really just about survival.

    1. In some countries politics is a matter of survival and in this country it looks like republicans are doing everything they can to reduce us to that level.

    2. I’m not a particular fan of the Dems but I despise the Republicans…at least the Dems can make this crucial distinction.

  3. Close the boarders already! “No, we can’t do that” because it’s politically incorrect. But will “mandate” Americans be locked down, wearing masks, vaccines… This administration is IdiotIc.

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