Rosenzweig: Goal Of Trump Defense Should Be ‘To Bore People To Death’ | MSNBC

Rosenzweig: Goal Of Trump Defense Should Be ‘To Bore People To Death’ | MSNBC 1


  1. Hillary Clinton was brave enough to appear before the US House Committee on Benghazi, yet Trump is too cowardly to appear at his second impeachment trial. It shows you who the real leader is as opposed to the real loser.

    1. ​ @RobBCactive ​ and he’d take four hours to answer the question ‘What is your name? ‘

    2. exactly….because when you have Nothing to hide….you testify(Hillary Clinton)….when you DO… NEVER TESTIFY- SEE TRUMP ON BOTH IMPEACHMENTS… LMAO

    3. @David Goldman not on 6th January he wasn’t so that’s rubbish, the dates irrelevant he was President & he’s still claiming to be by using Presidential Letterhead Paper so is he or is he not keeping in mind he’s refused to concede he’s still saying I won so OK you wanna be treated as potus then you can have your wish.. Stop The Count!

    4. @Robin The one video of him at a deposition is hysterical. He couldn’t even read a document out loud without stammering and tripping over words…so embarrassing that the barely literate criminal would one day be the President. I pray this country will be spared from ever having to deal with him or his evil and corrupt spawn ever again. We have suffered enough because of him.

    5. @golfdude2007 Trump is such a pathological liar that no lawyer would ever put him on the stand. Heck, his lawyers have learned never to consult with him without a recorder or a second lawyer as it is guaranteed that he’ll lie about it later.

  2. What’s the point in defending an acquittal?! He’s NEVER been held accountable. This country’s laws are for the poor.

    1. Bingo. Hey, somebody finally said it. Not to forget that the rich also make money from privately contracted prisons too.

    2. @Julian crooks Yep. This country was built by the rich for the rich to enrich themselves. We are all slaves.

  3. “You can’t defend the indefensible – anything you say sounds self-serving and hypocritical.” — Diane Abbott

  4. Trump threw his most LOYAL supporter Pence to a vicious Mob. What do Graham, mcconnell,cruz, etc think he will do to them?

    1. Their go to excuse for not holding T rump accountable is going to be that the trial is unconstitutional — that way they avoid those inconvenient “facts”.

  5. Their strategy will be:
    1) Nuh uh.
    2) What about that over there?
    3) Whatever. We got 40 of the jurors in our pockets.

  6. those gop Senators no longer wishing to be on trump side, just sit out this impeachment vote by staying at home this weekend.
    20 Senators staying home would = 56/80 Senators = 70% passage of impeachment of djt.

  7. The defense lawyers could literally just show up and say “Y’all ain’t gonna do NOTHIN.” And at least 34 Republicans will say, “That’s a compelling argument, I’d go with it.”

    1. Hahahahahaha Trump could of shot a man dead with a pistol in his hand and the assassination broadcasted and he still would get off Scott free with the same defense….

  8. Defence team could quack like a duck for 2 hours still many Republican’s will say Trump was innocent.. What a joke it is

    1. And the police officer that died along with the rest that put their lives on the line to save their lives and American democracy itself

  9. Lets face it. This senate trial system is stupid from the outset. It’s like having a jury stacked with mobsters being expected to pass impartial judgement on their vindictive mob boss.
    This is lunacy.

  10. Defense lawyer: “The other side relied on media reports and so-called ‘video’ as evidence.”
    America: “Yeah, that video showed what was said and done, numb nut!”
    Defense lawyer: 😢😭
    America: 😂🤣

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