1. @Gregor Kropotkin there’s a difference between keeping up with international politics and being obsessed with Trump and the people who support him.

    2. @Gregor Kropotkin like I said, Trump and United States citizens are living rent free in your head and I think its hilarious.

    3. @Gregor Kropotkin … I can only think of 2 or 3 European leaders, you people keep track of all of our Congressmen/ congresswoman and senators… that’s extremely strange but still hilarious.

    4. @Muddy Water I can’t say I agree with your world political views being irrelevant. Look at the fascism! The Chinese are systematically killing off Uighurs and even sterilizing them in mass prison work camps. There are full fledged genocide movements going on there. The middle east is a cess pool of fascism and their religious ideologies have clashed since the beginning of time. The world has a lot to offer as inspire us to be better.

    1. @Muddy Water Please! People should own up to racism and they won’t feel they’re being silenced! What you’re talking about is guilt!

    2. @Kintu Lee … perfect example, since we disagree, you claim I’m guilty of racism. You didn’t take long to prove my point.

    3. @Muddy Water I didn’t claim anything specially about you! But you sure are sounding now like you have a guilty conscience for some reason!

    4. @Kintu Lee … why would anyone own up to racism if there not racist. News flash: not all white people hate people of color .

    1. @St. Brian The Godless When Tucker or Rachel chuckle, giggle or smirk at the obvious obscurities of the other side…that when you know they are biased to their point of view. They pandering to the audience. Rachel Maddow is notorious for this. It’s their mannerism and they NEVER seem to see that their side might be wrong. It’s an echo chamber. It’s not convincing the people it should.

    2. @Bat Boy Your view is a biased strawman itself. It is patently unfair, specious, and deeply cynical to the point of paranoia. I could critique it in depth, but, as a transparent dishonest bad faith argument, it is simply not worth the time. (That which is asserted without evidence or reason can be dismissed without the use of evidence or reason as it does not merit it).

    3. @Bat Boy Fact: The DEFENSE team said statements were NOT protected free speech IF T RUMP instructed his listeners to commit CRIME or violence and TRUMP DID: That “march” to the Capitol was NOT authorized by the permit so T RUMP’S listeners were ALL breaking laws and trespassing on Capitol grounds and in the Capitol to “fight” “stop” influence Pence and Congress (RINOs) per T rump instructions. No windows in inner chambers — only way to influence Pence or Congress was to go inside — force their way inside.

  1. Wish that the House Managers brought up why Trump wanted to stay in office since it wasn’t about the job. He didn’t attend a Covid briefing in months, and hadn’t met with Pelosi in like a year. He wanted to overturn the election to avoid SDNY and now Georgia, plus those victimized women.

  2. hey GOP Senators, stay home this weekend, don’t show to vote, since you don’t care to let trump know how you would vote.

  3. I told my eye doctor a few months ago when he asked how we were doing, my reply was we’re all living in the Twilight Zone! He laughed and said he couldn’t have said it better himself!😄

  4. Chris.
    I want to experience the 30 minutes from the original “Day The Earth Stood Still” where all electricity, all over the world, was simply cut off.
    And we were all left to wonder what was going on.
    Sometimes a pause is a good thing.
    Sometimes a long pause is a better thing.

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