Sen. Durbin: I Don’t Know If More Republicans Have Been Swayed | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Durbin: I Don't Know If More Republicans Have Been Swayed | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Why is it American or Democrats’ job to persuade GOP senators? Shouldn’t it be their duty and oath to the constitution to protect and defend USA against all traitors? It should have been Republicans who should have come out and criticize Trump and what he did. GOP is the entity of crime in and of itself and why are we wasting our time to convince them?

    1. @warpedjaffas1 Trump tried his hardest to rig the election, while projecting as usual. He knew he couldn’t win without cheating, it goes back to the 2016 campaign, his sustained effort to divide the country, not between Republicans and Democrats but between Democrats and Autocrats. Soliciting foreign interference numerous times, weaponizing the pandemic so his supporters would vote in person and Democrats would vote by mail. Then he did everything he could to block and discredit mail-in voting, then his ludicrous “stop the steal” campaign, all leading up to 1/6. Not to mention the GOP’s well-honed voter suppression tactics. The GOP did outperform the polls as a result, but not by enough to win.

    2. @yoelsy hutchinson The American public is the jury. The Senators are on trial. Trump will get his in the courts afterwards.

    3. Say an employee gets caught stealing from the company, but quits before they get fired. Does that mean they should be eligible for re-hire?

      Remember when Bush got into trouble for saying “Bring ’em on” in reference to terrorists? He was just exercising free speech, right?

      The last thing Democrats, especially Biden, wanted to be doing in the first weeks of the new administration was to be impeaching the guy they finally got rid of. It wasn’t good for Dems politically. Ethics and accountability dictated that they had to impeach him. If Republicans had any ethics or desire for accountability, they wouldn’t be making that stupid argument that Dems love to hate him so much that they can’t let him go.

  2. We the Americans saw those videos so if those Republicans don’t vote guilty you will never get in The W H And you will always be a Minority we will make sure of that

    1. When Trump said “I can stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody” and and I wouldn’t lose voters,” he was right. Worse yet, unless he loses voters, he can’t be removed from office or kept from becoming President again. Surely, democracy is not supposed to work like this.

    2. Correct. They’ve been complicit with the whole situation. So to convict him is to admit their own guilt too. Won’t happen! So therefore I just won’t vote Republican again for a generation.

    3. Trump is just a symptom. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate.

    4. @Bat Boy 4) a deep flaw in American culture in which everything is about “ME” and “What’s in it for ME?”

    5. @Peter Lorimer There is such a thing as enlightened self-interest and unenlightened self-interest. In enlightened self-interest, the good of the individual and the good of all do not diverge. Or so thought Plato.

  3. We already know the Republicans will acquit their master but it was necessary for the country to see where their heart’s at.

    1. @Megadog can u explaine how? That way the world doesnt see another dumb trump supporter. Give urself a chance huh. Im listen to how Joe is Hitler.

    2. @Joes Corner it has the most TOUGHEST and FEARLESS SOLDIERS to DEFEND, to FIGHT and to DIE 🇺🇸 MEXICAN AMERICANS

    3. @Joes Corner We, are over 48 millions and COUNTING and COUNTING and COUNTING and COUNTING. 🇺🇸 will always be here until the f planet DIES vato!!!

  4. As the republicans did with the Mueller report they shut their eyes and stick ear plugs in their ears.,,they will not convict the trader…
    Make Donnie and Putin’s phone calls public…..

    1. Yes demand to listen to his 💕 calls to vladdy getting his new orders monthly. No more ruble’s from Trump Tower money laundering operations on the 27th floor on up ⬆️🔃

    2. Traitor Rod Rosenstein & Bill Barr landed the plane for the Putin installed fraud. Rosenstein was the most despicable & disappointing of all of them. He lied cheated deceived and proved he’s far from a patriotic hero as first promoted during his appearance on TV during the Mueller investigation. And Elaine Chao is a fraud traitor under FBI investigation for fraudulent practices. She’s covering her own butt with her Chinese ties. Hubby Moscow Mitch too in Russian ties. What will Pete Buttiegeig discover at the Transportation Dept?!? Do tell.

  5. the corrupt gop judging the corrupt president isnt that a conflict of interest if both parties are guilty and involved in the insurrection

    1. IMO the founding fathers made a mess of it. I’m not impressed with the US constitution generally. It’s more of an anarchist’s brief than a guide for a peaceful society of laws.

    2. @Verruca – Our Founding Fathers tried to keep honorable men honest. That used to work. It’s like ‘Locks keep honest men honest’. Locks will not stop a criminal.

  6. Either way the Republicans loose
    The Senators may let us down , but
    Southern District of New York and
    State of Georgia will give him what’s due. Majority of America wants to see Justice for ALL

    1. I’m one of them! 😠
      😎 My ONGOING question remains: *Why is this man still at large* ?? 😱
      When is _former president,_ now-Private-Citizen tRump FINALLY getting *arrested* ?? (e.g.: DOJ, FBI, IRS, SDNY, looking at YOU!) All those pending charges, civil and criminal… When can we _finally_ expect *indictments* ??? 😕 (Preferably all at once!)
      😏 Still waiting for that perp-walk, BEFORE he’s pushing up nuclear waste, considering his age (75!)…and _modus operandi_ (delay tactics) !
      WHERE’S THE ACCOUNTABILITY?? And, most of all, *WHEN* ??
      (STILL just asking for the same friend.)

    2. @Tom brown said no rational or intelligent person ever. Only someone brainwashed by alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets would say something so patently false and ignorant beyond measure. Everyone knows you are just a vile and disgusting lowlife who has no friends in real life and whose parents don’t want anything to do with them because of how horrible they turned out.

    1. @Biden Virus He invited the rioters to intrude the capitol. You need to ask yourself why didn’t you know the answer to your own question, DUMP virus!

    2. All of the Republican Senators who will vote to acquit Trump are idiots. If there is one more MAGA extremist riot, those on record still supporting that nonsense will lose their re-election bids. Trump won’t be there to abuse his power to cover things up and spin it as a Democrat/media “hoax.” Over the next few years, the news will be peppered with reports of Trump and his cronies’ legal troubles. Enjoy the brief remainder of your political careers, morons.

    1. @marguerite Gastanaga Of course they do… The whole past 5 years has been one strong arm dirt fest. He may or may not be working for the Russians, but he has been supported by them from the very start. Do you think they would not pass on all the dirt they could find?

  7. The science absolutely does not say “it’s safe to send kids to school” lol it says ONLY if specific conditions are fully met is it less dangerous lol

    1. Hi main man I get kids should be in school but this pandemic is still raging PARTICULARLY with these variants that makes it more communicable. Scientists have said it is easier to catch. Even recommending double masks till more vaccines can be rolled out. Still a bit premature in my opinion

    2. Both my kids and 10 teachers from their school were exposed to covid 19 from a student. Three of the teachers tested positive for covid. I think all schools should be closed until it’s safer to reopen.

  8. “If Donald Trump becomes our candidate, he will DESTROY us and we’ll deserve it.”
    Lindsey Graham
    August 2015
    He was right, they did, he did and he even admitted that it’s their own fault.

  9. I bet the Republicans wouldn’t have voted guilty, if they had hung Mike Pence, they would have made an accuse for their Orange one or said it was the Democrats that did it. After all, Republicans can never take responsibility for their actions.

  10. Today’s Republican Party has really lost the face of their predecessors’ integrity and justice and love for America.

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