Rosie O’Donnell: Joe Biden should sit out 2020 election

Actress Rosie O'Donnell tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is "antiquated in his thinking" and should sit out the 2020 election. #CNN #News


  1. “He’s the only one to beat Trump according to the polls”. Just like Hillary absolutely destroyed him in every single poll for an entire year.

    1. @Ciara ooh Apparently everybody knows it but there he is, no one has stopped him yet, I wonder why?

    2. Biden can beat Trump in the state where it matters the most – Pennsylvania. If Trump loses Pennsylvania – it’s over for him. If the Democrats win, it really doesn’t matter who is in office. Harris, Warren, Sanders etc will be able to take up roles in the Democratic administration and be able to affect what change they need there. The key is getting rid of Trump

    3. @berge7f91 The day a democrat wins office…and it wont be in 2020…the economy will tank, and you will be reminded what this country looks like in down economic times. If that is what you consider “good”…then you will get your wish.

    4. Salvatore James Get back in your trailer. Try not to send out any packages to politicians this time.

    5. @berge7f91 What an incredibly weak response. Go back to what you were doing…adults are talking.

  2. Nice cuts Chris it’s almost like Rosie had too many good points for your time slot 😂😆😆

  3. They keep ignoring Bernie. Despite that the 3rd and 4th are literally taking Bernie’s ideas. Seriously?!

    1. @Belle Couleur excuse me? Bernie was passing bipartisan legislation 2016-2018.
      He got amazon CEO Bezos to raise his starting pay to $15/hour by promoting a BEZOS act: “Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies” Walmart was threatened with a similar style name. He is the most active politician in the senate by far, despite mitch mcconnell.

    2. @LOWE sonia Clinton was offered a chance to force the 3 battleground states to count all the provisional ballots not counted in 2016. She and the DNC refused to join Jill Steins’ petition for a count of those provisional ballots. There were enough of them to overturn the election result.
      Hillary can’t blame Bernie for that. or for all the voter suppression she used to undermine Bernies’ primary. or for the fact that her state visits polled so poorly that she was afraid to visit the battleground states.

      Most of the provisional ballots were given to voters who had been removed from the voter rolls for partisan reasons. Kris Kobach of Kansas (KKK) promoted a ‘crosscheck’ voter suppression of people who had the same name in 2 different states. This was widely used, known about by MSM, who refuses to revisit it, even as an aside to the RUSSIAGATE mania of the last two years.

    3. @Mister D Bernie is the most active member of the Senate. Still. And bernie is sliding up. The biden lead is 6% and falling. Soon bernie will overtake him.

  4. Well, here I am agreeing with Rosie O’Donald. Bizarre times. Biden has no chance. He’s a joke.

    1. Here’s the difference: She has distinct plans in place on how to make the ideas into policies. Bernie doesn’t. Bernie’s claim to fame is voting against, not making policies into reality.

    2. @Grizzly how is what I said silly or naive when you go on to agree with me. The fact I stated is simply that. Yes hes been championing them for a long time but he isnt the “founder” of many of the policies as claimed by the person I originally responded to.

    3. @Janet why would you believe that? I mean think about it for a second. You think he literally has no plans? You realize his health insurance plan was studied by the koch brothers right and found to be cheaper. How could they conduct a study on thin air? I mean that’s just one example but your statement is just silly. Warren and Bernie have plans, to say otherwise is incorrect.

    4. @Janet I mean literally in the first debate Warren says she agrees with bernies plan on health insurance. Your statement is so wrong please reflect on where you heard that Bernie had no plans

    1. Biden is only person that can beat trump think about the Midwest sorry Biden is white and and a man he is our best shot America stay in reality.

    1. Crystal Crystals But how many people vote as a block, and how many vote as individuals? The idea that people vote in blocks was a large part of the fiction the mainstream media were pushing prior to the 2016 presidential election. And they were also sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide. I know quite a few African-American women, and they don’t think as a block. They’re individuals, and they think like individuals, which is to say their political opinions vary.

    2. @TC Video — *_”Bernie would of won the first time, Hillary is the reason corrupt Tump is president”_*
      On your first point you don’t know that, no one can know that. To your second point Hillary did her job, winning the election part of the election by basically 3 million votes. You know who lost the election for Democrats? Try looking at the some-100 million people who stayed home that day. Many of them sucky people who withheld their vote because they “didn’t like either”. Many of those people didn’t like Bernie either. Who were they looking for? No one knows. No one cares either, you got the President you deserved because of those people.

      My advice: Next time VOTE. Whether it’s the Dem you had your heart set on or not, fucking VOTE. Or enjoy another 4 with the Orange Overloaf lying to you.

    1. @vulcan stein That’s not the reason. Mainstream media are puppets for their corporate sponsors and the sponsors do not want the mainstream media to support a candidate who stands against them.

    2. Because Socialism is wishful ideology that certainly does not work and even the Dems love Trumps economy even they are too big of pussies to admit it

  5. “The polls the polls the polls” they keep saying “the polls” but these same polls told us Hillary will beat trump by 90%
    Sorry, I won’t trust your polls

    1. To be fair, the polls were about right…. They just were popular vote polls, not electoral college polls…
      The problem is these people thinking that someone with a 12% lead is somehow less likely to win than the person who only has a 3% lead. @.@

    2. Mk Zamel: Please, I’d like to see such a poll, can you link to one? 90% ?? As in 90% more votes? 90 percentage points?

    3. @Ms Strauss I think the 90% is the people saying that there was a 90% chance she would win… Or something like that… I don’t think that was actually a poll, so much as incompetent interpretations.

  6. Damn Chris you’re either ignorant and in a “Biden Bubble” or so deep in with the establishment that you don’t care anymore as long as you’re getting that paycheck weekly.
    And you can’t even say Bernie’s name. 🤦‍♂️

  7. When cuomo says your party tells you who he works for. Bernie is the only one to beat trump they don’t want to beat trump.

  8. I wish I could see the whole interview, this was obviously doctored and an edited interview.

  9. OMG Joe Biden is NOT the best person to beat Trump. CNN and their corporate/centrist Dems…. STOP! A centrist Dem CAN’T win. S/he won’t bring in the progressives and they WON’T bring in enough Republicans to make up for it.

    1. Isaiah Smith they understand the reality.

      In order to win the demonrat primary, one must be socialist. In order to win the general, one must be moderate.

      All that matters is that Americans understand that if one of these radicals ever touches power again, we will be venezuela In a handful of years. When an entire stage of fools tells you they are going to give all the money to illegals, PROMISES to take away our God given rights, wants open borders along with Healthcare for all, which can NEVER work, etc etc. All of their ideas are insane and none of them are remotely plausible. They are actual cray people. The entire left is.

      And the worst of the worst is this pig on the right side of the screen.

  10. Everyone in the comment section is for Bernie Sanders, I think this is a more accurate poll. #Bernie2020

    1. You think a comment section on YouTube is an accurate representation of your country? FFS, the u.s. is a joke.

    2. @Olagonin Chancer
      Every comment section has basically the same sentiment, these bias polls are skewed.

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