Rouse: March jobs Report Is ‘Good News For The Country’ But Still ‘Quite A Long Way To Go’

Rouse: March jobs Report Is 'Good News For The Country' But Still 'Quite A Long Way To Go' 1


  1. Biden and the Democrats will ruin the economy. Watch everything you buy increase in price. Gas will be over $4 a gallon before the end of the year.

    1. Noo Jim, you are wrong! I hope you will not accept the check from Biden!!!! Did I hear your mother call for you?

    2. Prices have been going up alot during the pandemic, which is mostly in Trump’s term, so it is mostly Trump’s fault.

    3. @vshah1010 Bull crap. Did you bother to look up the facts before you let your politics show your stupidity or lack of knowledge ?? Has prices hiked up and spiked dramatically up since biden took office and shut down the pipeline that would have been more Green friendly than shipping oil on railroads. But, super democrat donor Warren Buffet owns the railroads. So hiden biden sends him money.

    1. You,like all Americans should have responded to the troops teargassing US citizens in Lafayette Park…now it’s too late and your country is no longer anything except a free range cell.

  2. Trump: “I alone can fix it.”

    (Trump runs Obama’s economy straight into the ground just like his businesses)

    Trump in 2020: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

    Biden: “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

    1. @Doug Dimmadimsdale MAGA thought process: We must punish evil China for sending this horrible virus that is just like the common cold, and we won’t live in fear or surrender our freedoms by wearing masks, but trump was a hero for wearing a mask that one time, and god bless trump for inventing the miraculous vaccine that we’re never going to take even though trump secretly took it.

    2. @Doug Dimmadimsdale We already cast our votes in America and trounced the MAGA-terrorists in a landslide election. Keep crying, though.

  3. The best jobs report came in November when unemployment increased by 1 dumbest president in history. 😅😂🤣

    1. No, it’s the opposite. Companies are not rehiring back at the same level. The new jobs are much lower level jobs like warehouse, delivery, etc.

      I don’t believe professionals are coming back at the same level. In my field they are advertising much lower skill level jobs.

  4. If the hospitality industry wants to get people back to work it might do well by starting to pay those people a decent living wage.

  5. Trump supporters are very quiet all of a sudden. I thought Trump was the only one who could fix the economy? The same economy he ran thru the GUTTER

    1. @Cindy Walz Another wittle SNOWFLAKE, you still sad Trump lost huh? Awwww 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DEAL WITH IT

    2. @Cindy Walz Awww you’re still sad too Trump lost? Don’t be a little SNOWFLAKE ok just GET OVER IT ALREADY 😉

    3. @Cindy Walz Whatever you say crazy lady, now go take your medication and get yourself some sleep 💤 😴

  6. A long way to go yes. Last year was the hardest ever. Than from jan 6th to 20th took a 1,000 years. Now it’s Easter wknd. time is flying by. The only differance is leadership. So nice being a priority again Even if Biden trips now and again or 3X he gets up. The major problem in WH now is Major. 😊💯🇺🇲🙏Happy Safe Easter America God Bless.

  7. At a million a month we should be well in a year. Nobody with $1400 in my circle is going dancing, and a BUNCH of back rent is still owed.

  8. I don’t mind putting on the jobs report but our system for recording unemployment in America and jobs in America is broken. It’s not as detailed as we need it to be and it misses information by the truck load. Just consider the fact that you actually have to be collecting unemployment in America to be considered unemployed. You can’t be just looking for a job you also have to be receiving government funds. Right now we have a jobs report coming in but you know what that job report doesn’t tell you. How many of those jobs are part time how many of those jobs are full time what is the average income expected from those jobs. Better yet are those jobs broken down by industry or perhaps location. Just think about how a bartender or a waitress is paid it’s considered a job but you earn your income off of tips not off of a standard income. So we need a job support that were flex gathering information in the 21st-century instead of literally a jobs report that functions like it’s 1959.

    1. @President NotSure Fox is spreading hate hahaha! They radicalized their viewers including you lol!

    2. @President NotSure useful sheep only need to follow their communist party, no need for individualism

    3. @My Tale America’s communists are not the smartest communists in the world. Why be communists for the Big Corps?

    4. @Ricci Andrei Cabigon Sparber I can’t stand to view them. I wish Christians were sensitive enough to not view them. I am not a Christian but I strongly believe in Jesus. Christianity is being used as a control tool and does not hold to the teachings of Jesus. Fox is leading them by the nose. Now they are putting the hooks of QAnon in their noses.

  9. Thank you, President Biden. You’re correcting all the f-ups the former guy left behind. President Biden is America!

    1. @Cindy Walz How? Give specifics and details. (Hint: Your emotions don’t count. And no copy and paste jobs.)

    2. @R R you are stupid Biden has no control over the border. Letting criminals in our country. Gas prices going up people losing their jobs. Oh are you one of those that don’t work and want everything free!

    3. @Cindy Walz Big fail, just like the former 🍊 🤡. Well, at least you tried.

      The current border situation is no different than during any other past administration, with the exception of the former 🤡 who created a policy of vindictiveness and hatred, aimed at hurting the Christian refugees seeking shelter and protection. If Christian refugees are criminals, then the people and businesses that hire them aid and abet said criminals, engage in criminality, and should therefore be held to account for their criminality. Gas prices rise every year around this time. They began increasing right at the transition point from the last election. Name the specific policies and actions of Biden that caused gas prices to increase. While you’re at it, try again at giving specifics and details as to why President Biden (your president) is ruining everything. ❄️ Keep the tears flowing.

  10. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

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