How To Create More Fair, Equitable Workplaces | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How To Create More Fair, Equitable Workplaces | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Times' Up Foundation has released a new study on creating fairer and more dignified workplaces, and Tina Tchen along with advisor and investor Kat Cole and Columbia professor Alexandra Carter join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 04/02/2021.
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How To Create More Fair, Equitable Workplaces | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. We love you President Biden, you are a true visionary leader that will advance the country into its next level with empathy, wisdom, vision, science and technology leading the way.

    1. “Youtube to remove dislike feature as Biden dislikes massively trails likes”-The National Pulse….LOL.

  2. I’m almost 2 minutes in and have no info on how to create a more equitable workplace.

    Have your producer write scripts that can be cut up by an intern and made into a shorter video or, if you’re going for ad revenue on YouTube to cover the intern’s overhead, start off with the content and end with 2 minutes of a promotion for something completely unrelated tbh. Make Joe play guitar for the last two minutes even.

    Just a suggestion. Might be worth A/B testing to see which gender watches the video longer vs dropoff rate.

    I’ve noticed a lot of your videos recently start off with completely unrelated topics to meet the 10 minute mark and it’s a pretty jarring transition from reading the title to watching the first few minutes and then realizing “oh yeah that’s why I clicked this video”

  3. Corporations are amassing huge control over our economy and politics and fueling widening economic inequality.

    1. Open borders = overpopulation = fewer jobs = stagnant wages = greater social ills. That’s a formula that completely confounds liberals.

  4. Yeah…that will cost her a job!
    Especially if she’s a woman of color! Sometimes that unfairness is being done by white women, the assumption that it’s ALWAYS men is not true!

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  6. New plan! Force every company CEO to watch 9 to 5 and ask them why 41 years after its release the SAME issues are still a problem! Then give them a power point presentation of THEIR employees fantasies, regarding what they daydream about doing to their bosses!

  7. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  8. it is possible to balance workflow productivity, profit optimization, behavioral design, and ergonomics.
    a workplace designed to flexibly accommodate all body shapes is a more productive one.
    task assignments should have some consideration for neuro-diversity where possible.
    an easy one is language accommodations.

  9. Nothing will fundamentally improve in America until progressives hold at least 1/3 of the seats in Congress. It’ll be nothing but ongoing gridlock until then.

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