Why Bystanders Should Not Have To Apologize For Not Saving George Floyd | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Mr. Majestic Yeah — remember, at the beginning, nobody *knew* that Floyd was going to die. So, at that point, his death would have seemed unlikely to anyone who wasn’t a witness. Had anyone intervened, the court therefore would likely have ruled that said intervention was unjustified — even if it saved his life in reality. This is a true dilemma and a very difficult one.

    2. @Groaning Mole Lets just say the karate bystander showed great restraint while watching floyds life slip away, myself do not know how to react once floyd stopped responding. maybe a water bottle should have been thrown at cops face.

    3. @Freedom Bow-ner Then you would have been in a fight for your own life tuff guy. wish you would try to stop me you sadist would have enjoyed your attempt.

    4. @Mr. Majestic I thought about it. Someone could have done it and knocked the killer cop off Floyd to allow him to breathe but it would likely result in the brave soul being shot or arrested and the killer cop might have just got back on Floyd’s neck… or the wannabe hero’s.

      Either way nothing could be done to help.

  1. The most striking thing about watch that cop with his knee on George Floyd’s neck, was the lack of empathy by the cop. To hear a grown man cry out for his mother, should melt the heart of anyone with the slightest bit of compassion in their heart, the cop shown no compassion.

    1. @Anthony Browne Productive people that work hard, treat other people with respect, raise responsible children and enjoy our successes don’t need to seek help.
      Wake up.

    2. @hotboy757 That is the point. People should be saying “I want the Trial to be FAIR and the verdict rendered based on the FACTS”. I know that is what I want.

  2. These ppl didn’t do this becuz they SHOULD, they are survivors who feel guilt. It’s internal. It’s PTSD. It’s what happens when one witnesses something so vile & heartless. God help these ppl! I just hope the jury finds Chauvin & his fellow murderers are found guilty. And that real policing reform happens in this country. We can & MUST do better than this.

  3. I felt guilty, helpless and a sincere hate for human kind…and I only watched the videos presented by the prosecution so far. I felt exactly the same way when I first visited the concentration camp Buchenwald. There’re demons among us.

    1. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell uh, what? What does that have to do with anything? The coroner is a legal representative. They’re not the ones doing the autopsies and determining the result of death. They’re placing the findings in context.

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell pathologists and medical examiners practice medicine. They’re the ones doing the autopsies.

    3. @Freedom Bow-ner Like you tough guy who is confident enough to know you accomplish your goal without any trouble ha ha puffer.

  4. I understand the guilt but it’s not their fault at all, not even one bit.. If they tried even more they could be off this earth too! We all saw that Chauvin didn’t care about darker skin human life..

  5. Unfortunately, if anyone on scene would have tried to help Mr. Floyd, they would have been shot.

    1. @Scott Baxendale Thankyou!!! if WHITES rushed a BLACK cop crushing a white guys neck.. they would ALL being given HERO awards!! no doubt..

    2. NO.. Black people need to stop that mentality ” dont raise a hand to the white man”.. because we all KNOW whites would have jumped on those cops to save a white guy… If they ALL rushed Chauvin the cops would not have shot them all!!

    3. @Noir Way Black privilege is getting out of control! You can’t arrest them for crimes because that is racist! Cops cant defend themselves because that is racist!

  6. Mika is sensitive, intelligent, empathetic, informed, and coherent. I am having trouble coming up with any positive adjectives for Joe…

    1. @William H Music 2021 I see you had to come with yet another YouTube account. How many have had now William H?

    2. @Renda Jones he’s obviously got multiple personalities and has nothing better to do all day than create Trump Sucker comments.

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords
      My favorite is when he lamely attempts to insult everyone who isn’t a MAGAT by saying “you’re a homosexual”. It is the most juvenile and stupid thing to say, and I have seen William H do that multiple times in the same thread as if he believes it to be brilliant. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣. You’re so right. He is addicted to trolling.
      I think it’s a copy/paste gimmick that only he would think witty.

  7. Now I am really confused with Floyd case..Why the alledged do not acquit his crime? I mean..the video is all out online, Floyd was pinned to death..

    1. To anyone who said Floyd was dead by overdose..remember, The Alledged still got aggravated assault charge, reckless endangerement charge, and simply abuse of power charge.

  8. Survivors guilt does weigh heavy for a very long time after the tragedy. But it would have escalated significantly if one of them intervened.

  9. 🗽Oprah Daily, please write about HOW and to WHAT extent have people that Oprah made STARS, helped the Black Community. Stars like Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, Dr. Ozz, etc. She ca$$$shed in.🇺🇸

    1. Phil and Oz have brought humanity and intelligence to a new low.
      Hurting people for profit is their game.

  10. Feeling guilt when we are helpless is human. Feeling no remorse when we are guilty is inhumane. The first is not reasoned, but is a better response than the second.

  11. I wouldn’t blame bystanders individually, nor the shop assistant who called the police: they could be forgiven for optimistically assuming though brutal that George Floyd would survive the encounter.

    But, society has witnessed so very many tragically fatal police encounters recorded on video over the last 10 years without responding forcefully enough either through prosecution of the officers responsible or structural reform.

    I blame the leadership of the police forces, attorneys general, legislators and right wing media for not taking the issue seriously.

  12. She’s 100% correct, as a mother my heart hurt every time I heard George Floyd call out for his mother. My heart hurts watching the young men & women and children having to relive the trauma they went through. Hearing the guilt they still feel for “not doing enough”, well I think they did more than enough. They weren’t given any choice but to bear witness and in doing so allowed the rest of us to do the same. It is because of them we are witnessing accountability. It is because of them that we took to the streets during a pandemic to let the world know that we aren’t ok with the actions the police took that fateful day. This fight may not be over, but after the last year we’ve had not a single one of us can say that we had didn’t know this was going on. Stay safe out there everyone

    1. I’m not even a mother, just an aunt yet my heart hurt when I heard him call out to his mother.

  13. When are the other two officers who told the crowd to stand back going on trial for aiding a murder?

  14. This is so sad
    That young clerk did his job sadly the police didn’t do theirs . Everyone there knew they would be killed or harmed if they stepped into help .

  15. If bystanders tried to help Mr Floyd , they would have been arrested or worse . It is so sad . My heart goes out to the people

  16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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