1. LoL, you mean he married a Hollywood celebrity and thought he wouldn’t get divorced at some point? Hilarious.

    1. Liberum Oratio in a year 2 years max. Thats meghans track record.but meghan will milk everything she can get .then spit harry out like most narcissist. Marrying harry was a career move for Meghan. Harry will come to regret this.

    2. It’s heading for the rocks, for sure. She’s isolating him: finally from his country. At this stage, he’s probably too blind to see it.

    1. She craves for fame and loves to become a Royal member, just that she does not want the obligation coming with the title.

    2. At least the other girlfriend said she didnt want to marry harry as she wanted a career. At least she was honest

    3. Merching Grifter her track record is two years!! 3 marriage, she will already have somebody LINED UP!! SHE GOT WHAT SHE WANTED (FAME) now to disarm HAZZA!!!!!

  2. Let them go free and fly away, we don’t mind. Be free of the tax payer, but let the tax payer be free of them also!

  3. How can they ALL live in excess wealth while their fellow humans live in squalor and hellish circumstances!
    Where is all their genuine compassion, munificence and philanthropy?
    They are being offered a chance to exercise their
    charity, goodwill and alleviate, possibly eradicate, poverty and homelessness around the world.

    I see the solution!!

  4. Prince Harry is the control here for he’s beautiful wife Meghan and their little Prince Archie.❤️❤️❤️

  5. She does not want royal responsibility, just all the money she can make from the prestige, so I hear from Britain.

  6. She brought her dysfunctional family drama with her into the royal family and now the royal family is dealing with more drama… looks to me like she might be the common thread

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