Russ Feingold: Nothing Will Stop Trump Unless The Senate Removes Him | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Russ Feingold: Nothing Will Stop Trump Unless The Senate Removes Him | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Fmr. Democratic Senator Russ Feingold joins to discuss the Trump impeachment trial, and says he thinks nothing will stop Trump unless the United States Senate and does its job. Aired on 01/22/20.
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Russ Feingold: Nothing Will Stop Trump Unless The Senate Removes Him | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Trumps legal team are the true enemy of the people – Why don’t they say what they mean ‘Just let Trump keep screwing you!’

    2. @Hurgin Good luck with that one, It would help if you had popular sentiments backing you. Nope instead the feds are actually cracking down on nazis even under trump’s watch. So sad. LOL

    1. Agreed!
      What if the Biden family, the Pelosi family, the Kerry family, and the Schiff family were involved in corruption related to Ukraine?

      How would they protect against their own prosecution?

      Accuse POTUS of corruption related to Ukraine?
      Nothing to see here except for the Upvotes to Hokus Pokus.

      (Can’t make this stuff up anymore)

    2. @Phylum Documented in Govt. records. #TheyNeverThoughtSheWouldLose

      Now [THEY] all lose. It’s worldwide Phylum. The satanic system is in collapse.

  1. The Senator is so right: There is just ONE OPTION, Trump must be removed
    If he remains h e will carry out his revenge mode and his theft and grift
    The founding fathers, for all their good intentions, must be turning in their graves

    1. @Ken Clark
      He lied..lies still
      He makes personal profits from being POTUS .. conducts personal business while in office
      Nepotism of the worst kind by letting his daughter and son in law, who are unqualified to White house job
      He distorts the Constitution to suit his needs, anything else?etc…

      punish those he perceives as his enemies in his own cabinet. Not running US properly by filling government post.

    2. @andrew chambers And IMO perhaps the best solution will be if this trial brings out, not only to the public, but actually to the GOP senators themselves, who could not reasonably be expected to have followed every minute of the house inquiry, the information, videos, and testimony regular folks might have already had a chance to see. This is a “perhaps”. Perhaps a few of them will actually learn things they didn’t know before, and thus be compelled to get the whole story on the table, and in the open. I don’t see how any American can argue that is a bad thing. The decision to convict him may be be debatable but this is a golden opportunity to at least have the senate get the divided USA together on the facts. Some GOP senators MUST know the power of being on the side of truth when push comes to shove even if they admit, and even state, that they are making their decision for political reasons, at least they won’t be committing lies by omission, regardless of the outcome. We’ll have to see …

  2. America is screwed if we don’t get this boy out off office. Regardless of the outcome, a example will be made. Good or bad.

    1. Oh wow, I’m still waiting. I got some insults but those are a dime a dozen. Not 1 actual idea or critical thought.

    2. @Corey Dubz I could give you a novel’s worth, but you already know them. Not wasting my time with a troll like you.

    3. Here I’ll help you out…

      Bush: 2 wars costing us trillions this alone is awful.

      Obama: had full majority in both house and Senate his 1st term. Easily could have voted for a universal health care plan if the Democrats actually wanted it. But he worked with insurance companies and now gets 500k a speech.

      So I’m asking you to tell me what trump has done that you find damaging?

  3. Here’s hoping that the Senate will stand up to a criminal president and have the balls to remove him! I’m NOT going to hold my breath!

    1. Many books will be, are being, written from insiders to scholars, tabloid to textbook, about Trump’s stupidity and life of corruption. His life and administration, business, and family will continue to be dissected long after he is president and long after he is gone from this earth.

  4. The orange cockroach must be removed in handcuffs and thrown into prison!
    This POS is an example of everything we do not want our sons and daughters to emulate…ever.

  5. Is it possible there are enough senators who haven’t heard the evidence until now?
    The House managers now have a captive audience. Let us hope they make the most of it.

    1. The Democratic Managers are doing they can. They are showing the PUBLIC that they are willing to work VERY hard to out together evidence, and that they believe in democracy and “Rule Of Law”…. but the Rep Senators are bought and sold. they’ll vote to dismiss or acquit and just go home.
      The Dems are trying to let the public see this for what it is. Trump is an extortionist and selfish deal-maker.
      I just hope that one of the new countries takes over the West Coast because I’m selfish too, and that’s where I wanna live.

    1. I live in Europe most of the year – and no one, but no one understands the difficulty of removing a totally corrupt, ignorant and traitor of a president such as Trump from office. The WORLD is laughing at the same time as it is FRUSTRATED about what’s going on in the US.

    2. @Lydia Bell – Lydia, no more than we are here. Except for a select group of Radically Subversive Anarchists directed by and funded by powerful and determined Anarchistic Oligarchs here and abroad, including Russia !

    3. Because we know the power structure has moved on without us. All they need is for us to stay on Amazon and watch our precious giant TVs.
      I think the public outrage will come when Trump posts the National Guard at the polling places in November so we can’t get in.


  6. I agree, he will resist to the bitter end, he will probably still get off more lightly than he deserves. I think Trump is tied up with the Russian organized crime, and he wants to do favours for Russia so he can get into the Russian oil and gas business and real estate dreams.

    1. @toney ingram How a/b discussing that with all the evangelical “christians” who support this trash of a being?

  7. As a Republican, who refuses to drink the Kool-Aid, I have to admit Trump and Pence have been malignant cancers to our great nation for the past 4. years and another 4 years could prove fatal to Democracy.

    1. when I read your comments – I’m scared, just how stupid people can be if you vote for a lie – then don’t be surprised that you’ll be swept or rolled because you don’t have your own opinion, study, study spiritually and read, you still you have to read a lot, turn off the TV and read, it may help …… although I doubt it. Good luck.

  8. The Republican Party is a cult now. Blindly agreeing with every single thing Trump does. He admitted to committing crimes and they just don’t care. Vote blue in 2020. We can’t have criminals ruining the country anymore.

    1. Maybe you need to do more research because I don’t think you think for your self & just feed on what MSNBC feeds you

    2. So what do you call a democrat party that would find something negative to say if Trump cured cancer?His wife looked beautiful in London in Buckingham palace all the British media were going electric in their admiration and awe of her beauty and wonderful dress,Yet democrats bad mouthed her had nothing good to say,Infact they lied they could,nt be honest and say she looked beautiful.

  9. I want all those taking part in this fiasco to imagine thier sorry lives waking up to another term of trump …GROW A FRIKKEN BACKBONE and do what you know is right ..remove trump your country is at stake….he will unwrap distruction ten fold ….

  10. Seriously, he has been committing crime after crime after crime since he was born and he won’t stop until the people of the United States say, “Enough!”, and stop him by locking him up!

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