Russia drops aerial munition on its own city

A Russian warplane dropped a bomb on the Russian city of Belgorod, leaving a crater 40 meters (130 feet) across, blowing a car onto a roof and damaging buildings in what state media called an an “emergency release of an air ordnance.” #CNN #News


    1. What’s this mean? The only skaven reference I remember was when I played Warhammer Fantasy back in the early 2000s, but I don’t know what does this

    1. Now when someone tells me to not use the “R” word, refering to a special needs child, I’m going to reply “You mean…Russia?” lol

    1. @Allen Green Australian doesn’t have CNN. The news is being reported on multiple outlets and Russia has admitted it.

    2. @MrDcsnj and if you’re just a little extra loose on the juice, be sure your squadmates are free of the exhaust or you’ll Starburst them right back to the Protozoic. (sic)

    1. @xia en Gao criticism can .be avoided by saying 1 nothing 2 doing nothing 3 being nothing ARISTOTE.

  1. To Belgorod from Russia: “Join our Russian Federation”
    Belgorod: “But we are part of Russia”
    Russia: “I SAID JOIN!” *bombs Belgorod*

    1. @Amber Clark there’s a big difference. That was 60 years ago. Even the soviets had nuclear accidents. This type of thing shouldn’t happen in 2023.

    1. @Ouki Lips also imagine an actual intellect, he’d retract all my unnecessary adages and insults. I guess that’s what makes me just me… ? Doesn’t take anything away does it or does it let’s see you explain😆🍿

    2. @Ouki Lips “you either got it or you don’t, some people just get lost in the sauce” “you ain’t born with seasoning” -wise man once said

    3. @Let the flames takeover “I literally have a fire burning inside of me that’s left untamed.”
      I… don’t think the word “literally” means what you think it means…

    4. ​@Let the flames takeover idk if you’ve noticed but the Russian military is largely incompetent and unable to even solve simple issues. This is not even slightly out of the realm of possibility for the 3rd best military in Ukraine.

  2. Generally for safety reasons my understanding is the bombs on airplanes are not fused or armed to explode until they are released. That way If say the plane is going to crash the pilot doesn’t have to worry about the bombs going up when he hits. Or in an emergency situation dropping the bombs means that they will only punch holes in things instead of blowing up as this one did.
    Either A somehow they mistakenly became armed or B They never had this safety feature.
    Neither one is a good look for the Russian military.

    1. @Alpha0727 Some sources said it was some kind of glide bomb, so they might have intended it to travel some distance, but it went straight down, instead. That would be a ground crew problem. Another version of a ground crew problem is that it just fell off the plane. Knowing the state of the Russian military, they’re lucky when the whole aircraft doesn’t fall out of the sky.

    2. @Amber Clark You wrote ‘meter’.
      A meter is a measuring device, like a gas meter.
      A metre is a measurement of distance. 39.37inches=1metre.
      Metre is abbreviated to “m”.
      Mile is abbreviated to “mi”.
      I was at school during the change over & had to learn both systems.
      My son does a lot of work with US military aviation & was forced to learn your system. Not happy. He needs a calculator for your system, metric he does in his head.

  3. When you get that CoD drone strike and activate it but you only see your own team and hate wasting things😮

  4. This is literally the meme of the guy riding the bike and sticking a rod in the wheel causing him to fall off. They 100% where going to try and blame Ukraine for this but didn’t account for people maybe being able to identify Russia’s own aircraft.

  5. They literally gave the guy who crashed his jet trying to take down 1 drone a medal. Whoever this guy is, is getting 5

    1. Ukrs already lost THREE jet fighter planes trying to chase cheap Geranium drones. That’s why they desperately need F-16. Urgent!

    2. Knowing the Russian military he probably claimed that he’d blown up the bunker holding a Ukrainian General and took out five M1 Abram’s by strafing them with his guns. Of course he’s getting a medal! I’m just surprised that the Russian military didn’t initially claim that this was caused by someone smoking, according to Russian’s state run media the air fields in Crimea and the Moskva were destroyed by Russians smoking cigs.

    3. @John Williamson That he took down a drone that wasn’t part of a war could have been seen as an act of war itself. They’re lucky it didn’t escalate past that.

    4. @bigmekboy175 Do you regularly read Russian state run media? Don’t do this because the truth may start dawning in your mind.

  6. Question – never been in the military and not sure what this should look like – but how does a bomb dropped from the air create an explosion that bubbles the ground outward like a sub-surface level explosion? Can someone explain that?

    1. This type of bombs do not explode immediately, and the sheer weight (1500 kg) of a bomb +gravity => bomb would go pretty deep into the ground before it explodes. Russians used this type of bomb to destroy the theater in Mariupol where kids were hiding : , but bomb went through the roof to the basement and then exploded destroying the whole structure of the building.

    1. @Charles G If it was Ukraine that caused this they would not risk their time, resources, and jet just to give Russia a random crater in a city street. If they planned to risk a jet by going into Russia airspace it would of been for a strategic reason. Hitting a military weapon or equipment stockpile, striking a important target on a airstrip, striking one of their missile launching vehicles they use to launch missiles into Ukraine cities, or striking a military camp or base that is building up right along the outskirts of the border that are planning to replenish the Russian troops inside Ukraine. It would be something that would benefit Ukraine in some way.

  7. When the pilot drops the vodka bottle on the bomb release button… “Вот дерьмо!” “Oh well, close enough.”

  8. Imagine going from sitting in your car, looking at the road ahead of you, to flying in your car, looking at the 7th story of a building in front of you. Wondering what just happened. That’s a wild ride

    1. @MzBAnthony Yes it is, but let those that know the Lord be glad and rejoice for the King is coming!

    2. @makayoufaka Are you blind? You can see the car clearly fly up almost 5 stories of that building. You can see the light from the head lights line up perfectly with the 5 or 6th floor.

    3. @makayoufaka False, the car that went flying was almost directly on top of the blast, and went flying several stories up. Not the car that got flipped forward, it’s harder to see the car they’re talking about.

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