1. @Chad Simmons RT channel spread lies…why do you want lies and Russian propaganda? Why don’t you apply for a Russian visa? Then you will feel right at home with your crooked dictator Putlin

    2. “The worst part about war is the innocent victims who have no say in it”
      Has anybody asked the millions of Ukrainian refugees whether surrender would have been better so they could have stayed in their homes?

    1. @Otis Dylan US and UK have proven to be the problem of the world
      Where ever they set their foot in
      Follows war and destruction.
      They’re just too Evil for killing million Innocent life for greed and power.

      Seeing UKRAINE converted to western evilism is something Russia won’t want to see on his neighbours.

      Well you know.
      Sodom and Gomorrah were two legendary biblical cities destroyed by God for their wickedness.

      Their story parallels the Genesis flood narrative in its theme of God’s anger provoked by sin. 

      Lot’s wife, biblical character, a disobedient woman who was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as she and her family were fleeing.

      Her story is seen as an example of what happens to those who choose a worldly life over salvation.

    2. @Ray Patterson  stop the lie. If Nato and US are so powerful, send warplanes in and defeat the Russians. Stop pushing Ukrainians fight to death against Russia, a much bigger opponent.

    3. @Eudemonia EXACTLY!! Russians have barely used their Air Force just missiles! All these poor people wanting to “fight” when really there is No Fighting- just more lives and bodies for bombs to kill! Stupid Zelensky needs to declare Neutral and withdraw the NATO app!! Save the Ukrainian people!

    4. @Dusty King Exactly! What idiots- skewed info! Truth is Ukraine had like 200 planes, many shot down. Russia literally had 2000+ planes. Do they really think Ukraine can win? Russia isn’t even “fighting” they are just bombing everything!

    1. Tell that to the late Millennials and early Zoomers who put Potato BIDENflation in the White House.
      Let’s see how eager they are to follow him in a draft.

  1. Disclaimers:
    I want Putin’s Russia to lose this war, it was unjustified, and inexcusable, and I find great solace in realizing that this famed Russian army that I was born fearing (grew up a few hours drive from the wall, which was still a thing in my teens)is in fact mediocre, at best.
    As much as the Rusdians are being lied to by their media, ours are also painting a rather biased vision of things, making us hope that Ukraine could prevail, it can’t as of now, it may have received a lot of weaponry, it is still facing a juggernaut that, in spite of its various shortcomings, keeps advancing deeper into Ukrainian territory.
    The West needs to do more, now.

    1. The further it advances, the more it dies. 80 tanks, 40 IFV destroyed & 900 Russian dead on Monday alone.
      NLAW, Javelin & Turkish UCAV are tearing the guts out of the invaders.

    2. @` Wow man- you’re really smart. How many hours of communist news network do I have to work to be as smart as you?

    3. @storksforever2000 NATO has not gradually been surrounding Russia. NATO does not expand through conquest. Membership in NATO is completely voluntary. It only grows when countries fear for their safety and decide on their own to join. What’s happened over the past 20 years is Russia has intimidated many of its neighbors into joining NATO. All Russia had to do to prevent NATO’s growth is stop scaring its neighbors. The only thing this invasion has done is affirm that these countries made the right decision by joining, and caused more of Russia’s neighbors to consider joining.

    4. @Solandri Acanthocybium Nobody is claiming that NATO expands through conquest. And you’re somewhat off. It grows when NATO i.e. the US decides it wants to expand. That is the sole determining factor.

      The fact of the matter is that NATO went against its word at the end of the Cold War and expanded to Russia’s borders. It’s impossible to know whether or not Ukraine would have been ultimately invaded without that development. But it’s a fact that the US and NATO have been putting the exact kind of existential pressure that provides an impetus for Russia to invade border countries to recreate a buffer zone and shore up its power in a similar manner. And here we are.

  2. I keep hearing it’s not going well for Putin…. BUT…the poor Ukrainians are being bombed and people are dying…
    It’s just heart breaking

    1. @Guy Funnell whataboutism is valid. Especially if you are outside NATO countries. In fact the hypocracy adds fuel to the fire.

    2. It’s not going well for Putin against the Ukrainian armed forces. But is going well for Putin’s jackboot artillery against the civilians. And anyone who knows Ukraine and Ukrainians, knows it’s only fostering a barbaric resolve.

    3. Any building from which missiles are fired are doomed as targets of retaliatory fire. Who should bear responsibility for civilian deaths in such a situation? Those who used the building to fire rockets or those who retaliate? When NATO did the invading, they called it collateral damage due to ‘hiding among civilians’ ‘ human shied’ etc.

    4. On March 14, Ukrainians launch a rocket into the center of Donbass, which killed 20 civilians, Ukraine bombs civilians, why are your media silent about this.

  3. My blood ran cold when he said we may have to face the possibility that he will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

    1. @Eye of Horus Putin is coward . I am sure he is watching his back from his own generals . There is no nukes guys ! God forbid if it ever happens , there would be no Russia on the surface of Earth . Consequently, his own generals would take him out if he ever gets into that territory. They don’t want to die … As you know , all dictators are cowards ….

    2. Doubt it, Putin doesn’t want an irradiated Ukraine, if he did he would have used it before starting the war.

    3. @Molecular NATO and the US will likely never respond to a nuclear attack in kind. When you’re winning, technologically and politically, mutually assured destruction is not am attractive outcome, not even an acceptable one.

      What NATO would do is to immediately strike as many launchers as it can from the air – and NATO does have the aircraft, firepower and intelligence capability to annihilate most, if not all targets, within a few short hours (and I consider it likely that, given the situation, NATO has covertly and silently moved subs and airplanes and carriers into position to be able to do just that – Stoltenberg is a fool if he hasn’t). NATO’s missile defense systems would likely take out most, if not all missiles which are able to take off. Therefore the impact of a nuclear escalation, while likely not null, will definitely not be as big as Putin hopes.

      But you are right. If Putin uses nuclear weapons, even low yield ones, for tactical purposes, chances are high that we have WW3 on our hands. Which is why Putin will likely abstain from using them. _If_ he does use them, even if Russia won’t be attacked itself with nukes, Putin is doomed. The whole world will at once absolutely support a NATO intervention – call it special military operation 😀 – in Russia, to stop the madman. NATO is fully capable of taking on Russia using just conventional eapons, and Putin will not be able to use nukes in a war fought on Russian territory – his own people would literally tear him to pieces, dark age style, in no time.

  4. I’m a former US Army Infantry veteran. I cringe every time I see journalists say, “I’m near (some city)… where (information they shouldn’t be discussing)” is being shared. Blood is on the media’s hands here. Train your people to shut up and not cause more needless deaths. I saw a report today where buildings and locations could easily give away the position of a training camp. I was appalled. These journalists need to be retrained. Fine, be first, but don’t be stupid.

    1. @BigBirdy100 no, @Johnathan Watsonson speaks clearly and is right. They both are; both he and @Reginald Finley are right. What isn’t known is whether or not it is Disinformation.
      When we don’t have access to the intel, we are going to lose a lot of information as open sources customers.
      Get the big clearance, you still have to have NTK.
      Most of you are pretty good at seeing things. Helps to be un-occluded by a cult. Or two.

    2. ⚡️⚡️Телеканалы в США не показали ни одного репортажа о «варварской атаке» украинских военных на Донецк, в результате которой погибли более 20 мирных жителей, заявил посол РФ в США Анатолий Антонов. Складывается ощущение, что это никого не волнует, заметил дипломат.

      ⚡️⚡️TV channels in the United States have not shown a single report about the “barbaric attack” by the Ukrainian military on Donetsk, which killed more than 20 civilians, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said. One gets the feeling that no one cares, the diplomat said.

    3. I agree whole heartedly. Way too much information is being said on TV. There are certain things you just don’t discuss on TV.

  5. My God people, we need to send as much assistance as the Ukrainians need, these brave people are showing the World what freedom costs. God bless Ukraine.

    1. @Dr. James Olack You’re right. That’s why atheists engineered atomic and hydrogen bombs.

    2. @Anaya Rey I live in Germany about a 2 day drive from western Ukraine. Vans from Ukraine and Bulgaria visit us on large waste removal day (in Germany dump come to you) to glean still useful stuff. Some local Ukrainians organized a donation drive for food, personal care products, blankets. They drive them to a food distribution center near Lviv twice a week. So the answer local people who truly provide assistance asked me. I was happy to help. I will continue to help. I am an old fart living on a fixed income so fighting or making a major financial donation is out of question. But all of us here (outside government) stand with Ukraine

  6. “In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. @Gun Toting Black Guy. No need to be nasty. If you don’t know something, you just need to ask. Plato was a Greek philosopher. Not a plate o’ fries!

    2. @Vee1984 I know who he was he was forced upon us in school. Waste if time. He might have well been a plate of fries lol. I never heard anyone out him down on the education background on application.

  7. I became a big fan of Gen. Wesley Clark, he talks like a real general, and he is clear in his statements. We should listen him more! Greetings from Brazil.

    1. @Travel Crawl Regardless ghost or not, still talks strait! I am a kind of ghost myself, so that don’t bother me none, thank for your comment anyway. Greetings from Brazil.

  8. “The 2nb strongest military power asked 3d strongest military power for help against 28th strongest military power”

    1. Shows who wants to win this war ,doesn’t it ? Ukrainians are fighting for freedom and their homeland , the Russians don’t even know why their there ! Putin, you made a big mistake thinking you could invade and conquer this country ! You deserve what you get ! GLORY TO UKRAINE ! PUTIN IS A WAR CRIMINAL !

    2. Well the Americans are supposed to be one of the best but they’ve never won a war they couldn’t win a war if they had the Starship Enterprise on their side so it’s how you use the Technology that matters not what ranking you are

    3. All warfare is based on deception, Putin wants the West to think he is weak, everything is going to plan.

  9. Last attack near Lviv is where my family lives, i am safe in EU but my heart is broken for all ukrainians 💔 please dont stop helping us, without your help Ukraine is done!!!

    1. @xlr8r2010 “Blame the US and NATO….they caused this.”
      I won’t bother with your link, but your argument is one I’ve heard many times before.
      “Why do you make me treat you this way?” said every abusive man ever, “Why won’t you behave as I demand so that I don’t have to hurt you like this. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!”
      A bygone era for most where I’m from, thank God; progress has been made. Someday people won’t act like this if they want to stay part of a community; Putin will learn too if he’s still alive after Russia has had enough of his abuse, as will Russia for allowing this to happen.

    2. As an American, I feel you’re all our brothers and sisters. It’s so painful to see what’s happening to your country, your families, your lives🥲

    3. @Paul pvhl Click the link…it provides the proof, what are you afraid of? Could it be that you will be proven wrong? The information in the video is 100% fact….watch it, then fact check it. I challenge you….I know I am right.

  10. Wesley Clark was the most innovative and effective generals we have had in modern times. He did it in two vastly different theaters of operation. In both air power was key. They should have quietly moved the polish jets and repainted insignia and let them in. Now we have got to get ground to air higher altitude missiles systems in to hit the aircraft and drones to hit the Russian artillery. Stop the Arty and stop the air attacks and the Ukrainian grunts will destroy the Russian grunts.

    1. @Johnny Tiger I bet he didn’t have to phone a friend to “borrow” some munitions ! 👍🏻🇬🇧🇺🇦

    2. @Johnny Tiger I live in a country bordering Serbia. In our history, Serbia was the only neighbor who (almost) never tried to conquer us, exterminate us or otherwise harm us. For several centuries, we battled the same enemy – the Ottoman empire. Serbians have always found refuge in my country, during that time – which is why there’s a community of tens of thousands of Serbians living here for many generations. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians live in Serbia, part of them moved there during centuries of Hungarian persecution of Romanians in Transylvania, part of them living there since the time of the Roman empire.

      Still, I have no way around saying this: Serbians did it to themselves. The US/NATO intervened only after tens of thousands of civilians were killed, by all involved sides (because it was a war in which everybody fought everybody, mostly – the only advantage Serbians had was that they were the most numerous and powerful party). Had the US and NATO not fought Serbia, the genocide would have continued.

      Still, not once during the NATO intervention in the former Yugoslavia did it happen that civilian targets were bombed intentionally. There were indeed civilian victims, but in two months of bombing NATO didn’t cause half as many civilian victims as Russia has caused in less than two weeks of bombing in a single city.

      NATO’s strategy is always to start by taking out as many military installations and technology as it can from the air, and only go in with ground troops once the enemy’s defenses are mostly shattered. This ensures a minimal number of casualties on both sides – tanks have no reason to return small arms fire, enemy infantry has no way to fight against armored vehicles and tanks once their artillery, aircraft and ammunition reserves are destroyed – you cannot carry a ton of carry-on anti-tank weapons on your back, and modern tanks are able to defend themselves against occasional shots.

      So yes, starting a war with a long bombing campaign from the air, as long as you don’t bomb civilian targets, is a good thing. For both sides, in fact.

    1. Yes wouldn’t it be nice if the world stood united in condemning Putin’s invasion and atrocities! Sad that some countries value money more than standing up for innocent people.

    2. Putin would just laugh and say look I’m getting all this attention from people that can’t do anything other than symbolism

    1. @Forte Aspacardin you mean Russian special operations personnel. You don’t get to betray a country with out risk.
      Traitors die.

    2. @Forte Aspacardin you mean Russian special operations personnel. You don’t get to betray a country with out risk.
      Traitors die.

  11. Everyone needs to call their representatives and ask for more aid to be sent to Ukraine. General Clark is right, Ukraine can win this war but we must ensure they can do it more quickly so innocent lives are protected from Russian aggression. United we stand with Ukraine!

    1. I want ukraine to win more than I can express, but what would winning look like for Ukraine? I’m not really sure. Putin will not pull out with Russia’s tale between its legs. No way. I’m afraid Putin will use nuclear if it looks like he’s losing. He has to be offered a way out diplomatically behind the scenes. It’s all about saving face when it comes to the international world stage. These kinds of wars usually don’t end with a surrender of the aggressor. Putin will have to be given a face-saving way to leave Ukraine, otherwise I fear he won’t leave and will only increase his aggression on Ukrainian people.

  12. Never underestimate the enemy. It is to their advantage when you do. Prayers for Ukraine and her people. 🙌

    1. Sharon, very correct. The Ukraine is the crossroads of Europe. Ukrainian have known war long before the birth of nations. From Napoleon, Wilhem II, Hitler, and Stalin, the Ukraine was the center of all the major wars. Putin failed to understand just how battlehardened the Ukranians are. Even the West. It’s a certainty that teenagers that play video games are going to be Russia’s biggest nightmare. Give those kids a shoulder fired weapon and it’s game over for their target. Likely these kids will melt away long before their position can be targeted. Putin’s numerical superiority will mean nothing in the Ukraine. Keep sending the weapons from the West, the Ukranians will do the rest.

  13. General Clark, thank you for pointing out how the attack on a military base near the Polish border was first of all a legitimate target.

  14. It amazes me how throughout history, nobody learns the lesson of a people’s will to fight when you invade their homeland.

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