Russia launches deadly wave of strikes across Ukraine

More than a dozen people have been killed in Russian missile strikes across Ukraine, with a wave of early morning attacks reported in Dnipro and Uman, and Ukrainka in Kyiv region, Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs said. CNN’s Nic Robertson reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Susan Thomas If that is what it was, then we will find out. But even if it was, it would still be 200 miles from the frontline. So…..??

    1. We call it breave when enocent people die,did Putin family die or Zelensky die ever since the war began,only poor any innocent people are been killed so lets incourege peace

  1. Lord this could have been much muuuch worse. But it is is still VERY SAD. AAAAAALL OF THIS JUST BECAUSE OF GREEEEED. 😡

  2. Sadly the world we live in today has no compassion for human life it’s a sad sad world and nothing will be done to help until it’s to late my condolences to the families of these war crimes

  3. after this strike, ruZZi ministry of defense in their account posted a picture with a rocket taking off and the inscription “right on target”/ “точно в цель”
    does anyone else have any questions?

    1. ​@Fun Fact The Kievan Rus was established before Moscow was… What are you talking about?

    2. No but Ukraine trying to target everyone of those missiles is what likely caused it to crash into that building

    3. @Jean-Luc Eyes of Your Eyes How thing’s changed long ago, after the Czar defeated the Mongolian Golden Horde, Polish King and Ottoman Turks, for that Ukrainian provence hundreds of years ago. There never has been a King of Ukraine, never will be either…

  4. هذا شر! يجب إنهاء الحرب العالمية. يجب أن تتجنب حياتنا الموت بدون سبب. 🤲🏼

  5. Pope arrives in Hungary, expected to address war in Ukraine

    Does Chiquinho have Lockheed shares?

    Lockheed wins US$ 4.8 billion contract to produce rockets for Himars systems, used in Ukraine!
    The US automaker received authorization to produce larger quantities of the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems until 2026.

    1. @Jonel “Bondying” Nuezca That’s because you with a troll group, one of thousands of groups, and tens of thousands of people in Russia that do this full time and pretend to be the western audience. With a goal of making 100 comments everyday. So sad.

    2. @Beebscalicor – i am not even from Russia, i am from the Philippines. Anyone who likes Russia is an automatic troll, right? 😆

    1. You call breave when enocent people die,did Putin family die or Zelensky die ever since the war began,only poor any innocent people are been killed so lets incourege peace

  6. Happens everytime our news media makes predications about the War and calls the Russian military incompetent. Can you think of any media networks that does this???

  7. I know this is the news segment, so you can’t say “Putin targets civilians primarily and military secondarily”, but, we all know it. I remember the first week everyone in Kyiv had to turn off their lights at home, residential areas and apartments specifically, as well as hospitals, because they sent informants to scout the city of Kyiv and report coordinates of residential buildings where that looked like someone was still staying in them. It was all the hospitals in Kyiv too, they had had to operate on people in one room that had all light blocked from the doors in case it enters the halls, all the windows had to be covered with heavy blankets then duct taped to block light from leaving. Frustrating.

  8. Negotiation is the only way to stop the death of both side,even the teritory that was lost can be claim through negotiation may peace with you

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