Russia not totally isolated by international community in wake of invasion

Russia not totally isolated by international community in wake of invasion 1


    1. Mussolini have no nukes lol, big difference. The big question is will the west risk going into a nuclear warfare with Russia for Ukraine.

    1. @Benny Wise why should I read Indian newspapers? Russian is my mother-language, I know Russians, I have many friends and relatives in Russia and Ukraine, I lived there, why should I read Indian newspapers when I know how many Russians think and feel? And what they and theirs leaders want? And I know how Ukrainians think and what they want. And it’s NOT about NATO.

    2. @Benny Wise Ukrainians have long history with Russians , long before NATO was created. Have you heard about Golodomor? Have you heard how Ukrainians call Russians? How Ukrainians were fighting USSR after the WWII? They wanted independence even back then. You know how Russians did everything to Russify Ukrainians in the last century??? They didn’t succeed back then and they will not succeed now! That’s why Ukrainians WANT to be part of NATO- they don’t want to be ruled and Russify by Russians.

  1. Can we get a story on the threat posed to Russia by NATO membership for Ukraine? I’m sure nobody but Putin supports the invasion but at least provide some context…

    1. Ya it’s no mystery that the closer Ukraine gets to being westernized and joining NATO, the more threatened Russian leaders feel. This is a long standing issue. Many of the decisions made to help Ukraine knowingly escalated the situation further from what I can tell. Also conveniently allowing some politicians to avoid responsibility on their home front.

    1. Nobody like always just drug business including governments.
      Not a single bomb went to drug field 350 thousand hectares

    1. @Snooki The West needs to mind our own business. Let Russia and the Ukraine work out their own problems. The West has only made things worse and created a war where a war wasn’t necessary.

  2. Its an insurection , its also normal , how is it that its ok for some countries to say that when you do the same it’s called world security but when another country does it its evil , best bet everyone go home , fix your countries , maybe some coaco , and a big nap ,

  3. Dropping explosive ordinance on dissident regions in their own country for eight years is a topic that should be covered.
    The RF recognized them as independent so how does this fit into the discussion?

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