Russia Reacts To Biden-Putin Summit And Alexei Navalny Imprisonment 1

Russia Reacts To Biden-Putin Summit And Alexei Navalny Imprisonment


Matt Bodner joins Ayman to report on Russian state media's reaction to the Biden-Putin summit and the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny.

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  1. I thought Trump was gonna crawl in on a leash just sitting there by Putin lol ! Well done Biden !!

    1. No we just want a leader who can actually defend us from Russia. Putin’s probably still laughing at sloppy jo’s hissy fit.

    2. @Kathy Dryland oh I love with you get so upset and use your potty mouth to talk dirty to us, Dryhard. Do it again!

  2. Well, we can say with certainty that we weren’t embarrassed on the world stage, unlike 2018! Thank you, President Biden!

    1. @Green-eyed Girl *’ADULTS in diapers’ are back in ‘being butt’ charged by our ‘chon chon’ hungry enemies

    2. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime All you can think about is Trump after we just got owned by Putin? One track donkey minds. Sad.

    3. @Howard Forgotten trump was kneeling before putin lime a lap dog in Helsinki? Throwing every US intel agency under the bus to keep gushing over his puty pie? Delusional cultist…

    4. @Howard Did Biden agree with Putin, and NOT OUR 17 INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES?….GTFOH

  3. Trump would’ve come out with his ,we fell in love . What do you think his last name stands for ( putin)

  4. I remember when the orange man visited him, it looked like a tender date and he got a free soccer ball.

    1. @Richie Greign Putin isn’t a brutal dictator. I bet Biden’s killed far more than Putin and licked up more dissidents. Fact!

    2. @Chaos dump buried and covered every single word of the meeting he had with Putin. And gave a clown show in front of the press backtracking the next day ashamed of having worn his pants backward ready for his buddy

  5. Biden’s diplomacy enabled Putin to not be embarrassed and Biden didn’t look cowed like trump did after the meeting in Helsinki.

    1. @Jason Monk Did you ask trump what colour putins shoes were in Helsinki? Spent the whole time on his knees, the entire world saw and heard it. Took his side over every US i tel agency, stop being a cult worshipper…

    2. Biden got completely owned by Putin. The whole world is laughing at America now and it’s all Biden’s fault. Actually it’s not really Biden’s fault it’s the fault of the people who voted for him instead of Trump. Fact!

    3. @Chaos You don’t know how facts work. Praising Putin gives him credibility, just like it did with other dictators. The world is well aware of Putin’s criminal actions (and Trump’s, but that’s another story). Biden didn’t give into Putin and downplayed him entirely which is what he should be doing. What does it say when Trump and Putin were besties but Trump couldn’t get along with our actual allies?

    4. @Cujobob It wasn’t just praise trump gave putin, every international move he made strengthened Russia’s position and standing in the region. Abandoning Kurdish allies, weakening nato, trying to bribe Ukraine for personal political gain, totally inept and corrupt, for the world to see.

    1. Well, Hannity is insane like Trump, and the Russian reporters are direct employees of Vladimir Putin so they must make Biden look bad no matter what. So yeah, there’s common ground…..

  6. Too bad Russian Dressing Rump pardoned some spies before he left office… and still they don’t care

  7. Putin never dreamed, in his wildest dreams – that about 1/3 of US population would be his staunchest allies.

  8. There’s a surprising subtext in Matt’s commentary here: the Russian media was able to report Biden’s objections regarding Novalny’s treatment, (so their public are obviously fully aware of that situation), by the Putin teams own report, but the Russian journalists had no access to Biden. ¡Que! Where’s the much touted “Free Press”. Appears their press is less constrained than that of the West.

  9. Navalny shouldn’t be in prison.
    Someone who fantasises about shooting immigrants with a pistol should be in a hospital.

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