Russian authorities detain female suspect in St Petersburg café blast

Russian authorities have detained 26-year-old Daria Trepova, claiming she was involved in the blast that killed well-known military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky at a café in St. Petersburg. CNN Senior International Correspondent Fred Pleitgen has more. #CNN #News


    1. @Bonnie On September 10, 2001, then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld disclosed that his department was unable to account for roughly $2.3 trillion worth of transactions.  The next day, the U.S. sustained the terrorist attacks that changed the world, and this startling revelation was forgotten.

    1. @Moon Dog As a warning to prigozhin. That type of warning is very popular in ruzzia.

  1. Anyone find it convenient that someone with a handheld camera focused intently on videoing her activities before the event. The camera moves constantly. That means they were intentionally filming her specifically. That seems oddly convenient.

    1. Pft, apparently Russia just got the Internet last year because everybody else in the world who has been seeing videos for the past 20 years is already good at spotting obviously-staged videos. 😒

    2. Worst! She was arrested at her apartment. If somebody had intentionally placed a bomb in a public place would they simply return calmly where they live? NEVER! She would have jumped on a train for Georgia or Finland immediately.

    3. @Chris M It is a mounted camera, but someone is using their phone camera to capture mounted camera’s recording. You will see this all time in Active Self Protection Youtube channel, where people submit CCTV footage that is re-recorded with phone camera.

  2. So she was filmed going into the cafe… by a street surveillance camera ? But the image moves around, and even zooms in slightly. Hmm. Perhaps the camera operator was expecting her.
    This recalls when Dugina was eliminated, and within a day or two the FSB showed a video selfie taken by the “suspect” (a Ukrainian woman) who had suposedly decided to film herself jauntily loading up her car before heading off on the 10-hour trip to Estonia and safety. Like you do, when you’ve just carried out an assassination.

    1. The interview with her is another BS . ‘Can I tell you later’ she said, when asked why she did it.. The one in the interview looks different than the one in the video.
      That was Prigozhin’s cafe , near his offices, a central area, so normal to have cameras . If she was the carrier and if the bomb was , really, in that statue , she was clueless.
      Dugina’s death , was the most ridiculous script from FSB ..and the stories are , for me, a cover up , for their own crimes , or , for the involvement of Russians, anti -putinists. Ilya Ponomarev said that the National Republican Army ( Russian partisans) was responsible . But , Ukraine will take the blame . Russians will never admit that they have partisans

    2. Hey, maybe in Russia, people stand around filming the entrances to random buildings on empty streets all the time because they have so little else to do in their free time. 🤷

    3. @Bobby Bobby Of course, silly me. I didn’t realise that they put security cameras on trees in St.P. If it was on a lampost, and teh wind was strong enough to move it like that, please explain why the wind is not affecting the other side of street at all. Even the awning fringe on the bar isn’t moving,

    4. @S Sir If you’re talking about Dugina, that isn’t a dashboard POV. Look it up.
      If you’re talking about the recent cafe attack, what was a car doing parked at a curious angle across the sidewalk on LInea 1-6, just off University Embankment (Университетская набережная), about 3m off the ground, and why was it shaking? Look it up (Google Street is your friend).

    5. @S Sir try to imagine how the car would have been parked to get that angle from a dashboard cam. Did they park in a tree?

  3. Notice in the video of her entering the cafe. The camera is not a security camera –it is hand-held and was clearly ready and waiting to film exactly that. She was at the least, being stalked.

  4. I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not she did the deed. If Russia has her in custody, she’s toast.

  5. What struck me about the oh-so-efficient arrest of Daria, the young female “perpetrator”, by the Russian state, and her subsequent “confession”, is the direct parallel to Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”. The ex-fireman hero of that novel, who escaped the authorities and joined the book-memorizers in the wilds, is told by his new comrades that the state will announce his “capture and punishment” within 24 hrs. Sure enough, the state broadcasts that it has captured and eliminated the “criminal” the next day, even as the hero commits to carrying on the fight to preserve literature while that society nukes itself into oblivion. It’s almost as if the Kremlin Cadre has studied Ray Bradbury as well as committed itself to profiting from Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Stalin’s rein of terror. Of course the current Russian Authorities would capture and eliminate the scoundrel who blew up one of the state’s most ardent war bloggers. Of course they would do that, and thereby reassure the unthinking masses that Putin et al are in perfect control, are all-powerful and all-knowing. Of course the striking differences between the young, statue-carrying woman captured in the bombing-related videos and the young actress shown confessing to the bombing will be dismissed by the unthinking masses; any Russian citizen who raises any doubts will likely run into a string of unfortunate luck.

  6. Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Yuryervich Fomin) was born in Makiivka Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine. In 2014 he was in jail for armed robbery. When the Russians came to Donetsk in 2014, stirring up insurrection with separatist forces, he was released from jail and joined Igor Besslar in fighting Ukrainian forces, together with the LPR. He also knew Darya Dugin, who also was killed with explosives. Her car was blown up in Moscow.

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