Russian billionaire blasts Putin’s invasion

Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov blasted the war in Ukraine, criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials while calling the war "insane." CNN's Nic Robertson reports. #CNN #News


    1. @ESDO Technology I don’t think that will stop the bombs in Ukraine but if Putin had been turned onto weed when he was younger there’s a good chance Russia would not have invaded Ukraine.

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira Americans don’t care what Brazilians think about our president and vice versa. Tend your own garden.

  1. why should the aggressor be gifted ,this behaviour is exactly what allowed him to do this in the first place .

    1. Exactly,….Hitler, Mussolini, & other endless dictators, plus the one & upcoming in America.

  2. I’m with Poland and Ukraine on this one.. we should stop giving a anything about Putin’s face. Appeasement got us here, appeasement won’t get out back.

    1. @Patrick Sweeney Yeah, setting emotion aside and thinking rationally, those are wise words. Still, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if his top generals pull a coup and terminate his command—with extreme prejudice.

    2. @Pioneer Nut Agreed. Even better than my shorter-term backward look regarding troops on the Ukrainian border.

    3. @Boris Chang (chuckling) Agreed… to some extent. Thooooough, an actual coup would leave a void that… I wouldn’t necessarily call a restful-sleep inducer, y’know?

  3. Talking to these billionaires mean nothing to Putin. Putin does not give a $%#@ about human wrong he has committed and does not care about anyone but himself.

  4. “A way back from the sanctions.” Seriously? Are they going to bring back to life all those babies, children, parents, grandparents? No.

    1. @George B. Wolffsohn 🇨🇳 Chinese Foreign Ministry: The United States is the main instigator and instigator of the crisis in Ukraine

      “The United States is the most important instigator and instigator of the crisis in Ukraine,” the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today during a regular briefing

      “Since 1999, the United States has conducted five rounds of NATO expansion to the east over 20 years, driving Russia into a corner step by step,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated

      “Being a product of the Cold War, NATO should have been dissolved after the collapse of the USSR,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

    2. To be fair, he didn’t say that. It was the head of the anti corruption department.

  5. Anything that would feel like a win for Putler would mean a loss for Ukraine.
    Ukraine shouldn’t lose ANYTHING to appease Putler!!!

    1. @DisturbingDevelopment as close as anyone has come to Hitler so far. Putler , then golf with the donald as a peace offering? Putler on the greens.

  6. That’s would be bowing down to terror.or negotiating with terrorists in many ways ❤️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦❤️

  7. Wow, so glad to read the other comments. It looks like public opinion is pretty much the same. Putin deserves sanctions and criminal court. No reward for Russia. Can’t undo the lives and homes and beautiful cities lost and replace what refugees lost.

  8. When one Ukrainian civilian life was taken putin was a war criminal he has to answer for his actions the people of Ukrainian are warriors but putin will not get of for his massacres and his generals held accountable also I live in the UK Scotland and watch from a far I feel for all Ukrainians God will help you all I pray for u

  9. Only the people of Ukraine have the right to decide the outcome of this war. If they want to continue fighting, then we need to continue supporting them.

    1. @Marty Moose Its ultimatelty upto Putin if he accepts the terms Ukraine present or not. But given his terms are wholly unreasonable and that his reasons for occupying Ukraine are more about restoring the glory of Russia, he really don’t see an end to this bloodshed soon.

      Putin made the first move. He occupied Ukraine. He has to leave Ukraine for this war to end.

  10. He’s only worried about HIS MONEY not the lives lost in any war this could have been stopped before it even started

    1. I’m not convinced he even cares about ALL of his money anymore. He’s more concerned about his ego and power.

  11. Anyone else think this guy has been put up to this by Putin himself? He wants an ‘out’ that leaves him alive and still in power. Yet another world leader who doesn’t want to be held accountable for their crimes. I’m utterly disgusted with politicians from all countries and all political persuasions. Humanity is going down the toilet and taking the natural world with it. 😢😢😢

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. Human values and dignity have to be brought back or we’re all doomed. Which I think is already the case.

  12. I can’t help feeling that Putin has gone too far for the offer of a managed “out” to be reasonable and he must be absolutely defeated and seen to be defeated. Russia must then understand that its OK to not be a world power… its possible, the UK managed it.

  13. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. I’m not sure that’s a real quote. Either way, it’s not an accurate statement: evil people are the problem moreso than those who don’t stop it. If you have no evil people, the problem doesn’t exist. If you have no people ignoring evil, you still have evil being perpetrated, however briefly.

  14. “EU is talking about how to support an investigation into Putin’s war crimes” – he did it right under your nose, you could and should have got together to stop it by declaring no-fly zone and protecting Ukraine that you all made to give up their nuclear arms (and give it to Russia?!) back then

  15. I like the key term here..”clear Exit”..Putin’s family is safe and Ukrainian families are suffering 😢 💔 😭

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