1. @VAcreeper2022 your Fuhrer is ruining the GOP, gutting them like a fish. They won’t win. GOP gave control of the finances to him, plus he’s sucking the life out all you fools who donate. Hes the biggest grifter who’s ever come down the pike. I see republicans in Ohio lost their gerrymandering case again. The Judges are stopping them in their tracks. Makes me giddy.😁😆😆😎

  1. a lot of russian people hate what putins doing but they know how severe the penalties are from the monster regime

    1. @Anadi Sattva Sudeva Putin is a fascist and you support him he’ll soon be dead and then his soul will rot in hell.

    1. @J B dude it’s not fake. I’m aware to what your going on about but saying this is fake is to far. Ukraine is basically one of the only countries left surrounding Russia that’s still technically not part of NATO. He’s not enjoying that fact his country is being surrounded by NATO/UN forces. Ukraine is currently controlled and puppeteed by deep state officials. It’s a tug of war between Russia and the UN/NATO. Nobody wants war, so of course people are out protesting. Some of them have family in Ukraine.

  2. it sounds like the majority of Russians do not want this invasion. God bless all those who are affected by this war.

    1. @I’m right you’re wrong it doesn’t matter, it took only 1 dumb Trump to almost start WWIII. 1 Putin = Entire Russia, the other Russians are insignificant.

    2. @Maria Rivera Do not compare the “truckers protesters” with these folks. The two situations are entirely different.

  3. Prayers to our Brothers & Sisters of Ukraine 🇺🇦 May Almighty God protect the innocent and children of Ukraine 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. I think this jesus is somewhere trying fish so he can fees all the homeless ppl that there will be from this war. Give the man a break he is busy

    2. Did your prayers work? so far 157 dead. How many more should die before your prayers would ‘protect’ the innocent? Did you pray to Devil instead?

    1. @Anna Stylezzz true, but Russians must find a way to get rid of these dictators. Stalin, the soviets, and now Putin….how many Russians have suffered because of them.
      The world has suffered because of them, for 70 years they had Eastern Europe hostage and now Putin wants them back.
      Russians are leaving for the west.

      In April 2020, Putin, has announced that the government is drawing up additional measures to prevent brain drain out of the country, particularly from domestic universities and various research institutions.

      Human capital is fleeing Russia. Since Putin’s ascent to the presidency, between 1.6 and 2 million Russians have left for Western democracies. According to data of the Russian Academy of Sciences, almost 50,000 scientists left Russia during 2014-19, compared to 20,000 within the shorter period of 2010-13.

      Their disillusionment with Russia’s national politics has mounted over time, and it reached a critical point when Russia held a referendum on a set of constitutional amendments, including one that would allow Putin to stay in power until 2036. – another 14 YEARS of Putin.
      Navalny’s poisoning, brought their spirits even lower.
      Now Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has sealed the deal for more Russian to leave his regime.

    1. @Rusty Shackleford they usually don’t respond and if they’ll say something inflammatory then leave people to argue in the comments just wanna distract people and spread misinformation

    1. Yo investors, hackers, utubers and tiktokers. Let’s give our Ukrainian brothers and sisters some help. Every little bit counts right now. Let’s make Russia howl.

    2. @Jason M
      Lmfaoo, the truth hurts doesn’t it my Jussie Smollet believing American friend?

    3. @V. K. Punj Western nations, include the Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, Australia, NZ, India, etc.
      yes, they are masters (most successful in economy, stability and human rights) of the world, democracy is not perfect but that’s the only one that works.

    1. @ToBeOrNotToBe Correct. And Putin intends for that to stay that way. Again, weakening NATO by limiting access to expansion throughout Europe, especially on Russian borders.

    2. @PositiveLastAction Putin will be gone soon so expansion can then continue. He is sewing the seeds his own destruction – always the fate of insecure dictators.

  4. I salute these brave Russians who don’t defend their country blindly, as an American who rarely agrees with our politicians

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle Nah, maybe the proud boys and other White Supremacists groups should go over and storm the Kremlin like they did the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6

  5. My thanks to everyone in Russia who risks their lives in protest against the Putin war in Ukraine🇺🇦 .
    It’s too bad that Belarus doesn’t appear to have the same set of balls.

    1. @clowns on the left, jokers on the right – equating protestors in America with what’s happening to these folks protesting in Russia? Not even in the same ballpark … delusional much? Just to remind you, those who breached the Capitol were not protestors. They were insurrectionists. Big difference.

    2. @lise klerekoper
      Ah, Yes, insurrectionists, cnn, fox News, BBC, TYT and Wendy Williams told you this. You mean like the insurrectionist that took over your American inner city in Portland and were armed and took it over and called it a new country Chop/Chaz???? Bahahaha hahaha Bahahaha

    3. @clowns on the left, jokers on the right – Keep believing Fox, Newsmax & the other conspiracy sources. I’m sure Trump is very proud of you. Truly pathetic & I feel sorry for people like you who choose to perpetuate & believe what’s so anti-Democratic. Go join your comrade, Trump, & praise Putin’s “ peacekeeping” efforts.

  6. My thanks to everyone in Russia who risks their lives in protest against the Putin war in Ukraine🇺🇦 .
    It’s too bad that Belarus government doesn’t appear to have the same set of balls.

    1. Jews: O Uzayr!
      Christians: Oh Jesus!
      Buddhists: Oh Buddha!
      Sufis: O Muhammad!
      Shiites: Oh Hussein
      Salafi Sunnah: Oh my God!
      Search for the truth sincerely in all religions and their teams, you will find your référence in Islam on the method of Salafism….. Read the interpretation of the Qur’an by Ibn Kathir or Al-Saadi

    2. @Anadi Sattva Sudeva LoL, Ukrainian Nazis?? Ukraine’s President is Jewish!! So, he is a Jewish-Nazi then? Explain this to us please… I’m waiting…

  7. Stand strong Ukraine 🇺🇦. And these poor Russian people being arrested for wanting peace not war. Putin is a horrible person to do this. Hopefully this will end before anything worse happens.

    1. @Earl Frazier they will be lucky if that is all that happens to them. Siberia is damn cold this time of year

  8. There are no words I can even express how hurt an sad I am for Ukraine an everyone across the world at this moment , this is beyond having a broken heart , this truly broke my spirit 💛🇷🇼💙

    1. I’ve been sick for week’s .and I am not one to feel that intensely !!!! ,but I know just how you feel you are not alone …… like hearted .I am a Libra !!! 60 years young man .thought I’d seen it all .so much for that .

  9. Shame on those people that arresting people, they don’t realise that they will suffer to so bad if a war comes upon them, so manipulated, brainwashed they are

  10. I wonder how many of those police officers -want- to arrest protestors, and how many wish they could join in, but don’t because they know they’ll lose their job and face other repercussions. Heaven help the people who fight back

    1. Meh they’re still pieces of s#it for arresting anti war protesters, this is all president pu-ta’s decision if the police and military would stand together against him this would all stop

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