1. @Wulfrache poles cracked the enigma code
      Poles helped jews during ww2
      Poland aircraft division 303 helped a lot in London during the ww2
      Its always better to blame other people huh?

    2. @Drew Nelson if that’s True? Then there is no hope for peace… the 3 World War is inevitable, we might as well act on it today 😅

    1. @Highlighted Reply Then I guess Trump handing them millions of dollars in weaponry wasn’t such a smart idea after all, huh?

    2. I would say that the US government and its bosses ( bankers and corporations) love to make other countries miserable but I think most of its citizens want us out of other countries business. Most people are ignorant of how bad our government acts and what these scoundrels do because they have been dumbed down to not connect the dots of the path were being led down.

    3. Trust me there ll be winners benefiting from this there always are, usually the ones behind the scenes sparking the war

  1. Rest in peace to all those that have lost their lives. What a horrible tragedy.. humans really are their own worst enemies.

    1. @M Hall *_THANK YOU BRANDON!!_* 👍👏😷 *_GOD BLESS BRANDON!!_* ✝🧡 BTW, love your Brandon comments, it lets us know that you’re still triggered over the election. 🤣🤣🤣🤡

  2. All of my prayers to everyone suffering in Ukraine. To all of those who’ve lost their lives and loved ones all of my prayers go out to you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. @Fred Coffee We evolved when food was scarcer and had to be foraged or hunted. Those that were willing to fight to secure more territory for hunting and foraging we’re better able to secure more food and, therefore, more likely to live long enough to reproduce. It was only fairly recently that we decided it was wrong to conquer neighbors to take their stuff. Before, it was only a matter of deciding if the cost and risk of defeat was worth the reward.

  3. He was only bluffing huh…..its insane what some people attempted to justify his actions with. Everything he said was calculated and he’s played on our division while some still call what he has done here “genius.” I guess its true that any great nation can not fall from without before it has fallen from within….Lord, give the Ukrainian people strength! ❤

    1. @DevineAbyss how is this different than fraudulently saying there were WMDs in Iraq in order to start a war?

      Don’t tell me it was because of 9-11, that was a false flag and Iraq had nothing to do with it.

      Putin is taking out a rouge state that used to be part of Russia an is now a money laundering hub of the criminal elite.

    2. Putin hasn’t played on our division, he couldn’t care less about what happens here. If anything, Biden and all these corrupt politicians have played on our division, that’s what they do too stay in power.

    3. @GrumpyKay This is `100% Biden’s fault. He has done everything possible to prove to Putin that he will do nothing significant no matter what Putin does. This is just the beginning of the catastrophe’s Biden’s weakness has created around the world. China will go into Taiwan next, they have already begun invading their air space. When America is weak, the world falls apart. Biden took the US from energy independence to importing 20 million barrels of oil a month from Russia! Biden could have told Putin that if he invaded Ukraine, he would NEVER get his pipeline completed, instead Biden gave Putin a pipeline that allows him to control all the oil and gas Europe requires and asked for nothing at all in return.

    4. @GrumpyKay We may not be able to control the actions of other countries leaders, but we sure as hell can influence them. Putin has invaded during the Bush, Obama, and now Biden administrations. Who’s the president missing from the list? Sometimes you gotta realize how much influence the US really holds around the world and Putin clearly knew that Trump wasn’t to be messed with in the slightest. I’m sorry but you’re delusional if you believe that Biden gives off a stronger presence than Trump does when it comes to power. Putin is damn smart for how he’s playing this and knows that how weak and reliant the west has become, hopefully it makes us turn it around as a society a little bit instead of focusing on these soft social issues now that we have a war happening.

    1. @Glenn Davey Nobody cares what language you know.
      The comment section isn’t a place to be correcting anyone’s spelling mistakes and you don’t have the credentials to be correcting anyone anyways so……..
      Sit in a corner and humble yourself puto.

    2. @TRUMP JR You have in fact implemented the adjustments I gave you in comments since, so there’s hope for you yet, hombre.

    3. @TRUMP JR lol okay the humble yourself thing is just weird, man, it’s like you heard it once in church and now it’s your go-to thing to say to strangers on the internet. should lose it. also I know correcting spelling and grammar is annoying, that’s why I do it. take it easy man, don’t get so het up, things could be worse, at least ur not actually trump jr

  4. “War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other”-Niko Bellic
    My heart goes out to Ukraine ❤️🇺🇦

    1. @Pennywise The Dancing Clown  what do you think the u s has been doing for years given other countries free food are you slow and living under a rock?!🤣🤣🤣

    2. He shot police officers and sexually assaulted a woman. Go find a better hero. It won’t be difficult………………

    3. Well it’s why they have money by bringing people into poverty!!! Everything has two sides, unbalanced merchants world that is lad by worshipping of golden calf, god of early wealths!

  5. Everyone that is saying Praying for those families and my heart goes out to them. It doesn’t help we turn our back to them. Praying doesn’t help you know that.

    1. I will be praying for you. You’re a lost soul and need deliverance.

      How about I have your baby and deliver it: wala!

      Deliverance. 😂

      It’s a joke. Yuck!

  6. We, humans know that no one wins in war. I still don’t understand why we let greed rule us. Man must really put an end to war or war will end humankind.

    1. He made a fool out of himself. When your own people turn on you, You know that it’s bad. And right now it’s not looking good for Putin

  7. Scariest speech of this generation so far if you really think about it we’ve only been seeing this in movies and now it’s real

    1. Well me personally I’ve heard of them obviously. Never lived through one. I just hope there will be no WWIII.

    1. I would not call them stupid but they got tricked. And for Trump to say if the election was not rid and he was President America would not be dealing with it. And his own supporters said that they wish he would shut up lol

    2. It’s a lot more than that when it’s on your land. It’s living in hell and fear for most every day. I do agree though.

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