Russian soldier sentenced to life for Ukraine war crime

A 21-year-old Russian soldier was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for killing an unarmed man in Ukraine’s first war crimes trial since Russia’s invasion.
The soldier, Vadim Shishimarin, had pleaded guilty to shooting a 62-year-old civilian to death on the fourth day of the conflict in late February.
Before delivering the verdict on Monday, the court said that Shishimarin had “committed a criminal offense” according to international humanitarian law.
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    2. These soldiers were ordered to invade Ukraine.
      American soldiers were ordered to invade Iraq.
      Does that therefore mean that they are ‘good’?

  1. I kinda feel sorry for this kid to a degree for me I can not imagine being put in a position where I’m paid peanuts to go to a war I’m lied about and forced to kill innocents civilians by my commander at his age.

    1. @T. Dmytryshyn Sure they do. Whatever you say. The fact of the matter is Ukraine troops are on video torturing , shooting and even executing wounded Russian POW’s. Russia has not been seen doing that.

    2. @The Dreamer I don’t say his opinion matters , but law is the law… Soldier killed unarmed civilian.This is as bad as it gets unfortunately.

  2. conflict of interest, so by this account a Ukraine soldier can be taken back to Russia for a trial then, any war crimes should be tried by an independent court, not in Russia or Ukraine, that’s what the ICC is for

    1. Your tried in the place the crime is committed. If you commit a crime in Chicago, your tried in a Chicago court, even if your from Joliet and even if it is not against the law in Joliet (the neighboring town). I am sure the same goes for most other countries out there.

  3. He has expressed remorse, But it’s hard to tell how sincere he was. He might have said that to save himself.

    1. Russian reporters in helmets and bulletproof vests crawl over the ruins made by their own troops, looking for traces of the Nazis, behind which there were no ruins here.

    2. @Zurround! 1000 Agreed. I can understand their argument that it’s not a legal case, but I think there are a lot if variables that would have ti be taken into consideration, such as general situation, age of the perpetrator, mental state of perpetrator as well as commanding officer.

    3. @Whostheluckyduck Why are you using a racial slur ? I consider that to be a vile word and I am white . British to boot

      What’s wrong with you ?

  4. If he didn’t kill the civilian, they would have likely exposed there position and been picked off by laser guided artillery in minutes. War forces people to be monsters.

    1. @Avocadotoast01 My father fought in WWII in some of the hardest fighting in Italy and I know how difficult these decisions are. The difference in the west and in the Russian army is the chain of command. In tense situations companies have their Sergeant who keeps them in line and calm in the heat of the battle. The Russians have never had that chain of command and the soldiers are taught only to obey orders, not to think for themselves which is totally different in the west. We want our soldiers to think and we train them to do so because so many times an officer isn’t available or is dead.

  5. All the people saying that they would never shoot someone think waaaay to highly of themselves and/or have literally no idea how war works.

    1. @Patricia Millin yes. And here is no factors here that should let this guy off the hook. It was no accident. It was no self defence. It was a war crime. You know hat the consequence would be if war crimes for universalt accepted? Warcrimes og the worst kind would be the standard.we cannot accept that.
      Beside-the Russian soldiers need to see that if they committ murder, and get caught…
      It will have consequence.
      The ukrainians om their side need to see justice served.
      Ukraine is innocent in this. Concern for Ukraine is more important.

  6. If he’d refused, would he have been shot himself? Also if he’d refused would there be repercussions for his loved ones? I’m not standing up for someone who had no problem murdering civilians because that’s the worst of the worst. I’m just asking.

    1. @notyuu thank you! hate hearing that “jUsT lEaVe If YoU dOn’T lIkE iT” well DUH don’t you think we would’ve already left if we could’ve 🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. He could have surrenderd like a lot of his peers. He obviously didn’t feel that strongly against the war

  7. Well imagine that he lost his whole life in the name of Putin and his own ignorance and no one’s going to get him out of it is life is completely over🤔

  8. How many of our soldiers got a sentence for killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2004?

    1. @Martin Luther King if you don’t think that you are the type of person who could do evil in a war, you are exactly the type of person who would fall susceptible to evil in war. Don’t be so quick to think that you’re the exception because of your own sense of self righteousness.

  9. This is so very sad. He should have been home with his family and friends. His life is essentially over now. If in fact he was following orders, then the person who ordered him to commit the crime should also be charged.😞

    1. He will not spend the rest of his life in prison. He will either die or be liberated by his Russian comrades when they annex Ukraine.

  10. I support Ukraine, but I think they should have sentenced the commander or the person who gave orders. Sentencing someone who is just following orders won’t do anything.

    1. The following order defence was literally killed in the warcrime trial a after WW2. And yes, it will do something….giving justice to the victims and their folks. Beside….a capital crime can never be acceptable.

  11. I feel for all these soldiers. They’re all stuck being pawns in a war that should’ve never been. Putin and his generals are the ones that need to be in that court room.

    1. @The Hand of Zhao Lijian he is a POW and deserves a fair and impartial trial as dictated by the GC. After all if he is guilty then what harm is there in doing a proper trial that conforms to the GC.

  12. I love when Russians/Ukrainians speak english especially in a whispering tone. Its pure heavenly asmr. It melts your ears.

  13. He could have said or done anything and he would still be getting life in prison in this kangaroo court bullshit

  14. This unfortunate soldier is carrying the war on his back …. I’m sure many people the world over are sympathetic to his circumstance … there is no point making him a point of vindictiveness … hes the lowest soldier of the low …. its as if the entire war is his fault and we know that isn’t true ….

  15. I guess they are not telling the whole story and you can guess by his defiant and absent attitude what has happened. First and foremost even if Ukraine needs to set a tone and deter those willing to engage in war crimes, life sentences may have the opposite effect for those already engaged in WAR CRIMES (though it may have some dubious effect on Russian unit cohesion and morale) If you know you are getting life sentence you would not surrender, you rather become more careful about not getting caught. He was probably and will be offered a deal if he declares against his officers and pals which by his attitude and details given/shown he probably rejected. Ukraine gains very little giving a life sentence to a conscript, even if obedience of unlawful orders is a well studied iteration, we are not at Nuremberg yet and his case will be most likely reviewed in the future. Ukraine is at war right now and they have their own priorities, justly enough

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