Russian soldiers emerge from forest after couple makes wrong turn on their drive

A 2022 attack by Russian forces on Ukrainian civilians near Izium, Ukraine, was caught on camera and is now at the center of a war crimes investigation. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

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  1. Why would they blur face of the officer who fired the shots face?
    A murderer like that should have zero expectation of privacy.

    1. @Peanuts
      ” _Criminals on tv still need to be caught are often blurred_ ”
      Quite so. Except that at this point they are not criminals, they are suspects. You don’t want to identify innocent people as potential criminals. Some people like to take the law into their own hands.

    2. @Antony Gill
      ” _Prosecutors must protect the guilty its called law_ ”
      They must protect the accused, until such time as their guilt or innocence is established.

    3. ​@Why Not Thank you . a 30 mm rounds will rip that car a new exhaust pipe . Nobody will survive .

  2. I know it is wrong to lump everyone together, but if I was Russian, it would be at least 20 years before I would have the audacity to show my face in Ukraine and then it would be to beg forgiveness and make amends. It would be at least another 50 before I would expect to be greeted with anything less than open hatred. I cannot see how unless you are actively fighting the regime that has unleashed this terror on Ukraine, you can claim to be a proud Russian without owning this as well. No cherry picking, no distancing, no excuses.

    In the telephone recording, it also makes me wonder what is wrong with the soldiers wife. Her husband admits to her he opened fire on a civilian car and she is like, meh…

    1. ​@Derrin DouglasYou forget whose sovereign country they invaded deserving derogatory names. Or wait, they must be Nazis. 😂

    2. If you’re from the US then you have a lot of countries to go to and ask for forgiveness and make amends.

    1. Zelensky said, “All Ukrainians will fight to the end even the women will us molitof cocktails against Russian soldiers. You can’t have it both ways.

  3. “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because some-where down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

    1. ​@Sicarii Justiniani
      You forgot? Iraq invaded Kuwait. Idk why USA and UN just watching. UN should send peacekeepers there instead of just watching.

    2. ​@Chris Miller
      With due respect but Ike forgot to record his own atrocities when USA occupied and made our islands their war booties in the Pacific. The only time it was known when that Balangiga bells were returned after decades, almost century old attempt to return it…I should shut my mouth cuz my own kid in the Frontline of Nato there but as a country that became a victim of 4 countries invasion it’s my chance to let the world hear the voices of my Ancestors.

    3. @VICTORY UKRAINE Reminds me of an old Wayne and Shuster skit….back in roman days a man approaches a senator with a bulky half-full sack and asks him,… “” Good day senator what’s new?”…..The Senator replies,…” I just got threw making a speech, I said Romans, Friends, Countrymen…lend me your ears”””….The man replies, ….”” Oh-ya well what’s in the sack” …the Senator replies,… “” ears””….

  4. That alone is showing this war has completely gone out of control and those kids have just descended into absolute monstrosity.

    1. @Kenny Middleton Nope. Only in very rare cases do winning militaries prosecute war crimes. Curtiss LeMay said of ww2 and the bombings of civilians and the use of the A bombs…”If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals”

  5. These are incredible events. Really amazing. He also was able to survive. That in itself is worthy of a documentary. Let alone how the Ukrainian drone pilot used his drone to get the woman to safety.
    I hope the documentary becomes available to stream here in the West on some platform, if not just pirate it.

    1. People make documentaries about all kinds of stupidity these days, such as doing anything stupid, and be called a HERO, brave ha ha ha.. At least, the Russians allowed the uninjured woman to leave the area safely without any injuries.. I am proud of what the Russians dis to help insure the woman’s safety..

    1. He was on his own territory which is occupied by Russians, there were no signs saying beware of russists. Kharkiv region, Izum, is Ukraine.

    2. ​@Etruscan Civilization
      You’re so smart that in cases like this you know exactly where your frontline and backline.

  6. I’m so happy that man survived! For him it’s a true miracle, because a lot of civilians in Kherson city and Mykolaiv oblast was attacked the same way and so many people are died.

    1. This guy survived despite the heroic actions of the Shield Maiden. She abandons her husband to save her own skin. No attempt to drag him out to safety. Not even to a less exposed location. Just like the rest of them who ran across the border leaving the men folk behind. No doubt she is a strong independent feminist. #DraftTheFeminists

    2. @Etruscan Civilization Sorry but there is plenty of proof of people being attacked indiscriminately and discriminately and being killed. Captured Russian soldiers have confessed.

    3. @Jen Kem Oh, you must be a strong independent feminist. Anything that exposes the truth is propaganda these days. So as strong independent woman who wants equal rights, are you ok with being drafted then? It seems to me you have more rights. One of which is the right to NOT endure forced military service. Come on luv, you bang on about the wage gap. Do something about the death gap….. Join the army! Oh you don’t want to? Why is that?

  7. I was getting really sad until I heard ‘ but that’s not the end of Andrey’s Story..’ incredibly surreal. I’m glad he survived.

    1. @Roland Pihlakas I don’t get depressed or sad. I am not that weak and I am much older than you. GROW UP!

    2. @James You definitely seem to be impaired somehow if you imagine and fear seeing weakness in others so much.

    1. @Chris Wilde “30mm cannon would do to that car? 1 round would have definitely killed them both, and totalled the car…”
      In movies? Explain how a 30mm bullet would 100% destroy a 4500mm long car? Why you people with knowledge from Hollywood always trying to play smart asses?

    2. ​​@Chris Wilde Bozo they are shooting 3UOR6 HE-T, not 3UOF8. Look at the shrapnal damage to the front of the car, there isn’t a huge explosion, nor a straight hole in the vehicle that 3UBR8 APDS or 3UBR11. Theres a couple other rounds it could be, but most BMP-2s are stocked with only 3UOR6 and 3UOF8 as an antipersonal round, and typically only 3UOR6/8 as an older anti-armor round, or the more modern 3UBR10/11 sabot/penetrator rounds. HE-T does very little damage from explosives, the main danger is Shrapnel. There are helmet cam videos of Trenches getting fucked up with HE-T and the people inside them being fine, as theres enough soil above them to stop the shrapnal, and the explosion isn’t large enough to cause severe concussion wounds. 3UOR6 is a contact exploding round, if it hit anything in front of the vehicle it would have gone off early. Russia does not have a wide use timed charge 30mm round for the 2A42 autocannon

    3. @Chris Wilde .308 can’t even go though some Engine blocks lol. 3UOR6 does not have any penetration value at all, it has a contact switch, and is a HE round with Shrapnal as the main threat. The explosive does not possess enough mass to penetrate, your only looking at deformation due to the blast. Shrapnal damage is much harder to see, and it might not have been a direct hit. In the case it was a sabot type round, it could have very easily simply gone right though the car, disabling the engine and tossing spalling, without causing much visual damage.

      I’m not saying this isn’t propoganda, I don’t believe anyone should believe anything they see related to good/bad during wars, you should assume everything is propoganda. With that being said, I stand by my words that it very well *could* have been a 30×165. Not only that, (unless I missed what they were saying in the video) it could have been 30x29b, a soviet grenade launcher, if it hit directly in front of the car, it could have easily done very little damage to the vehicle its self, aside from the front of the car.

  8. It brought tears to my eyes when it said that he survived. I am so happy to hear that and shame on these Russian soldiers who take Delight in doing these things to innocent people that have done no wrong. That phone call that Russian officer made to his wife makes me sick, and to hear her refer those ukrainians in this way after her husband told her that he just randomly killed a man, and for no good reason, shows how disgusting many of these Russian citizens minds are. How anyone could be brainwashed to the point where they are perfectly fine with innocent people being killed is beyond me.

    1. “Украинцев заставят вспомнить”: в минкультуры и национального наследия Польши не собираются прощать Волынскую резню

      “Мы будем отмечать 80-ую годовщину Волынской бойни в июле, независимо от того, как сегодня выглядят польско-украинские отношения. Мы должны бороться за правду. Правда в том, что это был геноцид, совершенный украинскими националистами”.

      Это не слова польского представителя ультраправого лагеря. Автор этого манифеста – госсекретарь министерства культуры и национального наследия Польши Ярослав Селлин. Он подчеркнул, что Варшава продолжит бороться за правду. Украинская сторона, по его словам, “уже начинает признавать” вину за преступления прошлого.

      Как видно из должности Селлина, правительство Польши рассматривает Волынскую резню как краеугольный камень своей истории, и без признания жертв поляков никакая нормализация отношений с украинцами невозможна. Так что у Киева нет варианта “сдать назад”: поляки не только припомнят ему прегрешения прошлого, но и готовятся отомстить за унижения тех лет.

    2. American soldiers committed terrible crimes in Vietnam and Iraq, and Yugoslavia. Why didn’t you cry then?

  9. Incredible courage and pure the will to survive in the face of terror, on both the part of the wife and husband.
    I hope that one day the ones who committed these crimes are held accountable.

    1. ​@Ken Got to be honest Ken…..they were very lucky to survive being fired upon by a 30mm cannon…!!

      Just an observation of course….

    2. Zelensky said, “All Ukrainians will fight to the end even the women will us molitof cocktails against Russian soldiers. You can’t have it both ways.

  10. I am in Odesa. I work with a group of Ukrainian volunteers. One, Yuriy, comes from Kherson. He left for Odesa early in the war but his grandparents stayed behind in a dacha on one of the islands by Kherson. When Kherson was liberated they sought to cross over to Kherson in an open boat powered by a small outboard engine. A russian soldier on the russian bank shot his grandmother dead. She was clearly an elderly woman. It was deliberate murder.

    1. @Timby The US isn’t preaching to Ukraine, they’re encouraging them to keep doing what they freely chose to do and offering support. There’s absolutely no legitimate negative spin on that.

    2. @Selvan Manu *You forgot Ruzzia and Soviet Chinese domination long before British empire.*

  11. I’m glad they both survived, especially the husband since for a moment there I thought he might have died; but thank God he’s still alive and recovering.

  12. I’m so happy both husband and wife survived the wicked enemies attack to God be the glory 🙏🙏


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