Ryan: ‘I Am For Impeachment,’ But We Shouldn’t ‘Bring It Right To The Floor’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) discusses the House voting to table the impeachment resolution and the vote to hold AG Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross in criminal contempt.
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Ryan: ‘I Am For Impeachment,’ But We Shouldn’t ‘Bring It Right To The Floor’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Make Racists Afraid Again if any of those second amendment people are listening: Trump’s a huge, fat, orange target.

    1. Daryl A if that Will happen then you don’t have a chance and you lose much more then your freedom.

  1. One way or another 45* will be gone in 2020*, and even he knows it and will thus become more dangerous than ever until he is out of power.

    * Short of a full coup by the GOP, which I do think is a possibility, and not even a remote one.

    1. There are times that I feel these idiotic Dems deserve a GOP Coup…

      But, no. Most of the Real American public don’t….

  2. The criminal contempt I love, but I think the house to scare this clown in to give mistakes that he will cause on his own. Probably admitting to all his problems because he’s so dumb and narcissistic

  3. I don’t know about a black mark but I’m pretty sure it’s a white mark🤣🤣🤣

  4. Articles of Impeachment were introduced that needs a vote. There were 95 house votes & 335 against as it has no public support. Mueller hearings are in 7 days time, in the US House 6 hours of live TV

  5. those other people doesn’t have to take the blame for his mouthy shadiness. it’s been nothing but turmoil since this shady person took over.

  6. I agree that the impeachment shouldn’t be focused on racism. It should be focused on real crimes Trump has committed. Racism is very offensive, but not really something that would get a president removed. But the Democrats really need to do something about Trump. Start the process. Get the Judicial committee writing up the articles now!

  7. Lol he literally just cited establishment? When establishment just lost lost the election. Part of the problem! Career politicians with hollow words! We term limits! Not liking more. What’s right is right, he’s just taking politics! Smh tiur just another one no better then the current guy just on the left. Nice 2 have that but not what country needs

  8. Haven’t liked Ryan every since a few years back he tried to take Pelosi down in an underhanded dirty politics way… Turned me off…

  9. Tim Ryan: Weak and useless. He needs to drop out of the POTUS race now. He had no trouble seeking Ol’ Lady Pelosi’s ouster in 2016. No courage now when it counts.

  10. Deleting 30,000+ supenoed emails, bleaching hard drives, smashing phones, that’s obstruction of justice. Now what was it Trump obstructed?

  11. There’s no way to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to that kind of headline that might be misconstrued

  12. Democracy is only worth as much effort as you expend fighting for it.
    The Democrats ought to consider a change of name for their party.

  13. Democrats just have to drag their feet for a few more months and then they can say it’s too close to an election to impeach. And I thought the Republicans were spineless…

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