Sanders Wins NH, But Buttigieg Will Get The Same Number Of Delegates | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NBC News projects that Bernie Sanders has won the NH primary, Pete Buttigieg came in second, and Amy Klobuchar will come in third. But Steve Kornacki explains how Buttigieg will get the same number of delegates as Sanders. Aired on 2/11/2020.
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Sanders Wins NH, But Buttigieg Will Get The Same Number Of Delegates | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. IA: “Bernie wins more votes, but we’re giving Buttigieg more delegates”
    NH: “Bernie wins but we’re going to give Buttigieg the same number of delegates”

    Dems after losing in 2020: “Why didn’t our base turn out in big numbers??”

    1. @Lotta Sunshine The DNC admitted to rigging it in Hillary’s favor. Hillary even got soft questions and had them ahead of time. Even if the other candidate will lose by a wide margin, why even bother to interfere? It agitates the voters and reinforces beliefs that it was rigged. Bernie was definitely a victim, the DNC was just so incompetent and refused to let things play out. Their finger on the scale fueled Bernie supporters.

  2. I love the fact that they won’t talk about after this. Pete and Amy are toast past these two states as we will finally see people of color vote.

    1. @Lilac Lizard lol Bernie beats trump more then Buttigieg does in the polls however most of buttigieg last min voters cited Buttigieg as having more of a chance at beating trump. Now looking at this heavly cable news influnaced demographic, why would you think that is?

    2. If you think blacks are going to swing the Democratic nomination, you clearly are out of touch with the electorate. They make up maybe 13% of the population nationwide. That’s not swaying anything. Pete could lose South Carolina and still do fine in Nevada and California. How about dealing with facts, not fantasy?

    3. @Malcolm Ledger I own my own house, two cars, have undergrad and Master’s degrees in Psychology and am retired military. Not only do I not want Sanders to win, I hope the moderate base of the Democratic party annexes the extreme liberals. Maybe force them out and have them go Independent. I have money and I worked hard for it. I’m not exactly happy about giving it to Bernie so he can hand it over to lazy Millennials.

    1. For a simple explanation watch the 1.25 yt video ”Giving Instructions in the Classroom,” [by ugbroncos]

    2. @seattlegrrlie The rules of tabulation and failed bureaucratic processes of this year’s Iowa caucuses are byzantine. If you don’t realize that you haven’t read much about them yourself.

    1. @15k DOW 2022 You’re a moron. That’s not why the Electoral College exists or how it works. There’s no excuse or justification for a an electoral system that routinely defies the will of the people. You morons only like it because it helps you – and you’re too stupid and shortsighted to realize that can change.

    2. @Mickey E Here is your logic:
      -Trump had a very excited base who came out & voted.
      -We should never be like Trump.
      -Conclusion: We will win when we don’t excite the base & not enough ppl come out in 2020. It worked out great in 2016. Full proof plan.

    3. @Nathaniel Winkelmann that’s not what occurred in Iowa. And still, despite every mistake pointed out to the DNC, they claim they “can’t legally correct mathematical errors.” So in 2024, if a precinct accidentally allocated themselves 2,000 SDE instead of 2, someone who came out last place in the popular vote, but happened to win that precinct, would win Iowa. Do you see the problem here?

  3. Bernie has 2 victories with 11,000 more votes! Go Bernie! WE KNOW YOU WON BOTH!!! WE’LL KEEP TRACK! YOU’RE A WINNER!

    1. @no one here maybe Well, you’re showing your utter ignorance about the subject, what a surprise. Let me ask you – what caused Venezuela’s collapse? Socialism, or US never ending sanctions combined with its economy being reliant exclusively on the oil industry which imploded once Saudi Arabia started to overproduce its oil, thus tanking global oil barrel price, incompetency, autocracy and authoritarism of the leading party, and utter failure of it neoliberal US backed opposition hated even more by majority of people, and further U attempts to block any humanitarian help for the country?
      So keep on sharing toilet paper with your family. Too bad no one could share a brain cell or two with you in return.

    2. @TheVirusSoftware I kind of believe maybe in the future we could be a social Country but never a socialist Country,if that makes sense to you ??

    3. @TheVirusSoftware
      Bernie is perceived as a Communist to over half of the American voters. The DNC are scared that Bernie will win and will lose to Trump b/c America will not vote for communism, in fact their worried there may be a Republican sweep. The DNC will not allow Bernie to win the nomination…book it.

    4. TheVirusSoftware
      it’s very simple why Venezuela crashed. Their incompetent socialist government borrowed massive amounts of money using their reserves and $130/bl oil as collateral b/c they thought the price was always going to stay high. Once oil crashed, they couldn’t make their interest payments on the borrowed money and there you have it. Same thing will happen here with the GND and free everything for all.

    1. @Silverfox yup this is important, when Biden’s gone, Pete wins these contests EASILY – which really means he should be the nominee, IF that trend continues & Pete stays in second place

    2. @Lilac Lizard I don’t think it’s that easy. Especially Biden’s support is by default. It’s from non political people who remember having heard of Biden before and since they vaguely hear that Biden is the frontrunner…yea sure, Biden Iguess. What happens to his “supporters” when he drops out I do not know. They might go to Pete or Bernie just as well whatever they perceive as the frontrunner. They will likely not deceide until it’s time to vote. At least thats my guess.

    3. ​@Silverfox In Iowa, when Biden (and Klobuchar) were declared as unviable, large numbers of them migrated to the remaining moderate, Pete, that was the only reason he did as well as he did there & why he won the numbers despite losing the popular vote, because of the less fanatical voters who were willing to transfer to other candidates that shared their views.

      You’re right that there are other factors that come into it & we really need to see how Pete goes in states with more diversity before being able to say if he’s a clear moderate favourite, but if the current trend continues he should be able to pick up most of Biden’s supporters, especially if other moderates are willing to do their part, not stick with Biden to their party’s doom! I’m really interested to see what Obama will do, I can’t imagine him campaigning for Bernie, but Pete campaigned for him, so he could easily justify going out & campaigning for Pete to return that favour & pass the baton to the younger generation & if he does that, presumably that will secure all of Biden’s supporters & give that name recognition to Pete’s campaign

    1. @Jim McLeod So saying rat boy lost NH because trump sent people to vote for bernie is moving on from a defeat with decency? makes sense…
      Also there’s audio of trump saying he was scared of bernie being Hillary’s vp so that point makes no sense.

    2. Having a discussion is a decent way to express your opinions , Bernie lost IA and he won NH. Pete won in IA and lost in N.H. Do we agree on those facts?

    3. @Jim McLeod No, we disagree. Both the Sander’s campaign and Pete’s team have requested recanvasing in Iowa, so we dont know everything that went on in Iowa. What we do know is that Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in Iowa by 6000 votes and 2500 on the second tabulation. Those margins will almost certainly not be overcome by the former mayor of Evansville Indiana.

      We also know that Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary.

      Regarding independents specifically, if the above clip is accurate Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire independents by a pretty big margin.

    4. @15k DOW 2022 As a clinical malignant narcissist tRUmp’s crushing insecurities, worries, and fear driven needs, will never cease. Do some research on cluster B personality disorders. I’d pity him if his disorder wasn’t proving deadly for so many people, present and future.

    5. @Bruno m Apples and Oranges. A Hillary/Bernie ticket in 2016 would have united the party from post-convention day one. A continued Bernie/Pete dust-up, on the other hand…………………

  4. Why is MSNBC trying to make Booty Judge win?
    Just kidding, we know.
    He’s the corporate billionaire side of the Dem party
    who want to defeat trump, but want to keep hoarding tax payer money

    1. @Prince Worrell I know we need to boycott the networks sponsors they only understand money boycott there sponsors this should be the next thing to do , we a movement to start it

    2. @Felix Alejandro i hope people are seeing this for what it is,seriously,social media suppose to help us faster than anything else on this revelation

    1. Felix Alejandro awe poor little socialist victims. You’re smoking crack if you believe a 79 year old heart disease victim is going to be elected president.

    2. @Magik Mage I feel nothing but pity for you. Change is going to happen, and theres nothing you can say, or do that will stop it.

    3. @Magik Mage you are smoking crack you are still with hair blugs biden he has not won yet I will call you sleepy magik mage.

  5. Only on MSNBC they would make the New York Giants joke.

    In a true fair election, Sanders would be up front. Look at you hiding behind you system.

  6. Bernie won the first two Caucuses! Pete tried to Cheat and the DNC tried to rig but we can’t let them get away with it

    1. Devin I’m not trying to argue here I was just stating that the overall independents include more than just those that voted for bernie last night odd that from all of my comment that is the only thing you have to take away, my main concern is that all voters get behind the candidate that is elected hoping everyone will unite as I had commented they all have good ideas just differ in how to get there even if my favorite was not elected I would get behind the one who was.

    2. @timandsue legere hmmm lol pete takes money from billionaires and has a horrible track record when it comes to black people incarnation rate… are they the similar again?

    3. @timandsue legere, Henry’s policies are very different from the other cadidates. He’s the only one with a true single payer healthcare system and he’s the only one who plans to forgive all student debt and the only one who supports the green new deal. And of course there are many more differences. I believe Bernie supporters will unite and vote for the eventual nominee…. As long as the primary is fair and not stolen from him as it was in 2016. Already the mainstream media treats his victory as a disappointment. The headlines actually start with Bernie won but………..

    1. On preferential voting, Pete is winning easily. How does someone who gets only 26% of the vote have so much influence?

    2. @Lilac Lizard preferential? Wtf? How is he getting more preferential votes when bernie got thousands more l????????

  7. Bernie won, period. This assignment of delegates is doing exactly what it’s meant to do: deliver a means for the powerful to override the express will of the citizens. Our wealthy corporate overlords are the ones who insist on keeping these Byzantine systems to provide cover for their fudging of real results. We can’t continue to tolerate this. This is the exact problem that gave us George W. Bush and Donald Trump, even though they lost the popular vote.

    1. Said the Democrat whose party uses super delegates and Riggs their primary against Bernie and Tulsi
      Then let’s super rich Bloomsburg buy his way in and skates the rules the others had to abidide by

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