Entire Roger Stone Prosecution Team Quits Case In Protest | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: “What happened today was a real break-down in the rule of law at the Justice Department.” Aired on 2/11/2020.
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Entire Roger Stone Prosecution Team Quits Case In Protest | All In | MSNBC


    1. As do all the Shithole countries including Nambia, the USA can now leave the United Nations form its own group Tne BSRU ….Banana Shithole Republics Union 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Kyle Sekenski I still have some hope but I agree that the whole “American Exceptionalism” thing is part of the reason we are in this mess. It’s the equivalent of an individual saying “I’m perfect” so there’s no motivation to change or improve, or at the least maintain a level of objective excellence

    1. @Timber Wolf – This has nothing to do with my feelings towards Stone or Trump. This has to do with what any of us would face if we were in this position. The Law is the Law. I’m tired of the different tiers of Law and Order (not the TV show)…We would be under the jail for the rest of our lives. Maybe you bow down to the Rich and Powerful…. 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄

    2. Actually it was written years ago: Birth of a Nation – while males were : Above The Law” and everyone else felt the full force of LAW & ORDER.

    1. @Jonathan Sterling Oh there was a coup, alright maga trash. It was 2016 and it was the filthy rethuglikkkunts and their Russian “friends”. GTFO, fool.

    2. SkyGemini Obviously not in the loop on current events, drinking the kool aid, don’t choke, the best is yet to come Socialist Sympathizer.

    1. @Brandon Bodwell under these entrapment circumstances, they all should be pardoned. Stone was only singled out for his DNC email comments and the Sting machine with 40 FBI agent’s for intimidation and 10 top paid lawyers thrown in with lots hours to turn in for their fishing expedition. Total entrapment and NOTHING but process crimes just to justify their attempted coup to overturn an election. That’s EXACTLY what happened and just the FISA warrants themselves enough to prove that. None of any of this should’ve took place in the first place if it wasn’t for dishonest Democrat sycophants called the deep state or the swamp. They should all be pardoned and Comey, Brennan, McAbe and the rest of the snakes should be in prison under it with a cell mate named Baba

  1. Constitutional separation of powers: legislature, executive, judicial (hint: DOJ does not belong to the judicial)

    1. The Federal Courts have had supervisory power over “the government” (i.e., the DOJ) forever! While it is an executive agency, it is responsible to the courts for its agents’ behavior before the bar of justice (i.e., in the courtroom). It is amazing how many people with no knowledge or experience of how the justice system works chime in with simpleton comments like some of those here. You ought to be embarrassed, but you aren’t are you!

    2. @larry olstad actually, the courts are by far the weakest branch. they have no way to enforce their decisions and they can only “decide” on cases brought before them and under their jurisdiction. finally, the legislative branch can limit the scope of their review abilities. The legislative branch can pass a law and put it beyond judicial review. Kinda like the saying, *”can’t touch this.”* < little known fact. The DOJ, however, can clobber some heads.

    3. Exactly! The department of justice is under the authority of the executive branch which is in other words President Trump. Hundred percent true.

  2. they kept mispronouncing “department of injustice.”
    criminals run our system at all levels. stloiyf.com#readpart1free

    1. @Willliam Fish But you have to admit democrats want big goverment, taking over multiple things related to everyday life. That is more being a communist than socialisme. Trump want the opposite, he ran on smaller goverment.

    2. @Willliam Fish There is NO SUCH thing as being a “Radical” Grateful American Citizen. That’s me. You implied that you’re a Democrat voter, which means you’re going to vote for RADICAL Socialists disguised as “Moderates, Progressives, Liberals, Democrat.. I jumped ship from the “SS Titanic” Democratic Party, currently struck by a MAGA iceberg and SINKING FAST!

    3. @/r/WEC & /r/USCR Hatred towards “St. Barack the Divine Imposter”? No way Amigo, thanks to Barry Hussein O’s incompetence, lousy obsolete bankrupt Marxist ideas, his weakness, his Class Envy tools, his racial animosity towards Whites, his dislike of Israel & Jews, his adulation of Islam, all that fueled the unstoppable M.A.G.A. Express….I hear the train a rollin
      …It’s comin’ down the track….Trump 2nd term straight ahead….

    1. I spend a lot of time in the wilderness. D.C. is nothing as beautiful as a swamp. I suggest others enjoy the great outdoors before trumps industry deregulations destroy our national parks.

    2. @Maga 4Eva3 you assume you know my political leanings because I don’t worship the con. Independent swing voter and chump is corrupt.

    3. @Maga 4Eva3 yeah you ASSume now go run along trump is serving kool aid. Watch out for those Illuminati Lizard People q.

  3. Quits case in protest?! Oh boy. I guess there are no other choices left but to continue to lie and deceive the American people.

    1. @christheball murf and those generals that were in office when Bush jr. Was there earned their badges, they was admired by all Americans that I know of, all of White House changed when Bush jr. Was in office

    2. @Liz4770 that was a typo it should have been lie not fire. No president has had as much support and leniency as Trump 99.99999999 percent of Republicans officials and about 75% of Democrats supported trump. Nancy didnt want to impeach trump either unlike bush jr trump kept moving the the low bar until she was forced to do it.

    3. @Liz4770 btw let me get this straight your arguement is bush lied and got away so we gonna let trump completely disrespect the office in anyway he chooses. I hope yall have the same leniency when Bernie gets in the office. Oh stop complaining about Obama as the government has no standard at all.

    4. @christheball murf president Trump is not disrespecting the office because you do not like someone’s attitude is not a impeachable offense , your just like Crazy Nancy changing people words 😱😱 🙄🧐🧐, tearing gov. Papers and bringing impeachment on someone you don’t like is what you said , your backwards like that crazy 😈

    5. @christheball murf also sorry you thought I was arguing no I was not,
      No since in talking to you though, you just twisted my words and went backwards bye

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