Sandy Hudson 'enraged' by Justin Trudeau's comments on BLM 1

Sandy Hudson ‘enraged’ by Justin Trudeau’s comments on BLM


Black Lives Matter Toronto's Sandy Hudson says she's frustrated by Justin Trudeau's comments saying he's only made 'empty statements.

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  1. This is way out to lunch- out of context-… when we believe in ourselves more than we embody, we disembody. No judgment!

  2. The key to healing isn’t by being enraged by everything and anything. It’s by showing how changes make things better. Positive reinforcement is the solution. Just being angry is not a solution to anything.

    1. Lol its all about patronizing and normilzing racism or as they call it today anti racism. Old strategy called divide and conquer.

    1. If you’re not from a community that experiences it then you might think that… or refuse to believe it.

  3. canada and the usa have completely different cultures when it comes to systemic racism .

  4. Toronto chapter with George as their ‘poster boy’; meanwhile, Jane and Finch has been the ‘safest’ neighborhood in Canada, four decades and counting.

  5. Infamous Trudeau Family tradition. Maybe he will recuse himself .Justin Trudeau “knows it all “about nothing.

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