1. the horse racing industry has run it’s course and it’s on the home stretch… been dying for decades, time to put it down.

    1. @Thadius Vonhammer Dude, he did not become a hall of famer just in the last two years. This has nothing to do with Your president Trump.

  2. We are here on earth to be guardians and caretakers not masters and owners. Abolish animal racing and eradicate animal fighting!

    1. @kenny toong Yeah while the butchers at the execution centers known as abortion clinics slaughter 65 million unborn babies. I’d slaughter every left wing virtue signaling motherfucker on the planet if possible. Especially if it meant saving unborn babies and the future generations they represent. But I wouldn’t kill one person over an animal death.

    2. @Dallas Dunston Animal. You probably bang on about saving unborn babies whilst whooping and hollering about the USA military boombing the crap out of civilians across the world.

  3. OMG!! This needs to stop!! This is animal cruelty!! Disgusting practice!! Dog racing too!! Animals are not ours to exploit for fun or money!! Poor babies. These smart animals don’t deserve this. 😡I hope they close all of this down!! They’re only sad about the money they’re losing! Atrocious!

  4. ALL horse racing tracks are death tracks. Disgusting bloodsport is finally going away for good. See you in the history books, racing folks!

    1. What are you on about ? they are bred to race ,which they love to do ,since when has it been a blood sport ??? get a grip & less of the fake news you silly clown ..

  5. They killed them plain and simple that’s what they do when they’re not any good for racing any more either that or all the drugs they give the horses

  6. Everyone takes a bite from the pie. They run these poor horses to their death!!!😠😡😢😭

  7. whoever is mixing the sound in the video, needs to be slapped.. hard.. my head hurts

  8. As old as horse racing. 29 deaths indicates Looking At the Insurance Agents, They Get The Vig. This is similar to little Felicity and the Homowood for Harvard payola

  9. The Santa Anita track is where i learned to drive:: in 1963 I drove a 1948 MG TC and a 1962 AC Aceca Coupe

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