Sanya Richards-Ross: I Think Sha'Carri Situation Will Bring About Change 1

Sanya Richards-Ross: I Think Sha’Carri Situation Will Bring About Change

Sanya Richards-Ross, four time Olympic Gold Medalist, joins Kasie Hunt to discuss the news that Sha’Carri Richardson, the fastest American woman this year, was not selected to the U.S. relay team in Tokyo, meaning that she will not compete at the Games after she was barred from the 100 meter dash due to marijuana use. Richards-Ross says that while “many of us have fallen in love with Sha’carri” it remains that “the rules are the rules" and that “the time for us to change rules is not after we break them.”

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  1. Its a banned substance and she new it. Im all for a joint, but shes an olympic candidate and knows the rules.

    1. Exactly right. As the analyst said – the time for changing the rules isn’t when you break them. Athletes need to show discipline. She was going to go live her dream at the Olympic Games, and she knowingly blew it. Some ppl like to self-sabotage. She worked very hard for this and I’m quite sad I won’t be able to see her snag that gold medal in Tokyo.

  2. I’m sorry but rules are rules! Come on guys! If you let this go… where does it stop… where do you draw the line?? They did the right thing!

    1. You sound like a sheep mindlessly following the crowd and not questioning any arbitrary rules you’ve been asked to follow. Glad our founding fathers weren’t that way.

    2. @Greg Raines What about athletes in the past who were stripped or penalized for illegal substances.? I feel sorry for her but I don’t because there are other athletes who would love to take her place who are following the rules…

    3. @Greg Raines Rules are there for a reason and she broke them, now she has to deal with the consequences of her actions like a big girl.

  3. More outrage she failed a drug test took responsibility for it than when simone bowells told the world how she had been sexually abused.

  4. Sha Carri knew the rules I feel for her but she will be back and blow everybody out . You still a queen.

  5. Rules exist for a reason. Shes excepted her fate and knows she’ll be back better and stronger. Learning from mistakes build character, and it’s better to learn while young enough to improve.

  6. The US doping policies follows the world doping policies set by the Olympics. She was disqualified by the US team because she tested positive by them. What happens if they let it go and she tested positive at the Olympics? Immediate disqualification and she would’ve taken the spot of someone else who could actually follow the rules.

  7. She has acknowledged what she has done and is in the process of moving forward. You all are making her out to be a victim of the rules established. This folks is the left. This is not her, or her asking for anything or any special treatment. This is not unfair treatment. Mary Jane is not legal in all 50 states, much less around the entire world. Please stop talking about this story. Leave her alone, and move on!!!

  8. If anything Wada, USADA , IAAF and other international and national governing bodies need to double down on the Rules.

  9. I’m so disappointed in this young lady. I don’t want promises of next years world championships when the Olympics are this year. I pray she gets it Together. I’m also not holding my breath either.

  10. Where’s Coleman nobody’s sad it’s not a lost.
    Her mother died find a pastor
    Weed is dangerous

  11. No way were letting this stand against Sha’Carrie Richardson this is for an American gold metal we will fire the whole US Olympic team and coach first for a gold in the 100 meter dash

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