Sarah Everard's vigil aggressively broken up by London police 1

Sarah Everard’s vigil aggressively broken up by London police


The British government is calling for an investigation after police aggressively broke up a vigil being held for Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old woman whose alleged murder while walking home in South London has reignited a national debate in Britain on women's safety and sexual assault.
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    1. Disgusting behaviour by your Met Police.
      Our view from Australia.
      Even worse that one of their own may have done this.

  1. Surely the Met Police could have handled this less violently. It certainly looks like they were trying to break this up because the killer was one of their own.

    1. @Licia Williams Turn off caps lock crazy person.

      You’re just spinning an “explanation” for the lie you told trying to make this some sort of conspiracy. You got called out on it. The thing to do is to either STFU or own it and apologize not keep trying.

    2. Typically, showing support for the victim of a violent crime is synonymous with the family and community showing their hatred for the offender. Seems the police are taking this personally.

    3. The people didnt stick to the covid rules and risked the life of others…ironic…being angry at somebody for killing somebody else but risking somebody else life

    4. Utter nonsense! The police were outnumbered. Imagine if you had an angry mob attacking you! They had to be forceful. Wake up and smell the coffee! I’ve got to say that every person at that gathering is a potential murderer. Think how many people they have infected with covid. Fucking hypocrites!

  2. The ship already sailed on corona virus exposure minutes into the vigil, using it as an excuse to protect people from it is just laughable at best.

    1. The cops could have just turned people away from the start, instead they placed themselves in the centre of a mass protest and made a complete mess of the situation. How stupid.

    1. @Iam2sheds Everybody knew the police were coming, the event had been refused permission by the police due to covid restrictions, which was a mistake, as the organisers would have had stewards to make sure things were done right or at least had some control. So police turned a blind eye for most of the day as people came in small groups. At night however, there was large crowds starting to chant, so police decided to move in. Another mistake. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying with the masks on, but it sounded like ” we need a Pee”

    2. @Damien Cross Rights are all about being “self interested”. If you want to wear a mask here you can fucking do it is a choice that the individual makes.

    3. No, Catherine went to lay flowers which was not forbidden – she did not take part in the demonstration which happened later.

  3. The police have been behaving like this for months eg at Trafalgar Square , Speakers Corner etc. Priti Patel, Khan , MPs haven’t said a word. Are they concerned now because there is worldwide MSM coverage ?

    1. @Icarus Studio the topic is about msms biased coverage of topics and agendas related to recent police activity. So you are suggesting sympathy for media or for the police? Or are you interjecting your own topic and agenda and pretending that’s what we’re all talking about? One thimg getting more attention than others seems like the opposite of a zero sum game, so not sure what that comment means or how it’s relates.

    2. @john beardshall It was front page news before it was alleged it was a cop who did it. The killing of non-white’s or less attractive women rarely makes the sort of headlines our racist media thrives on.

    3. @john beardshall except this wa s a major story before they knew a police officer did it. A woman was killed by some homeless Somali in Finsbury Park not long ago and it provoked no such reaction. Or that little girl who had her throat cut by some physco in the park. And We’ve seen much more heavy handed policing than this during this lockdown but that was against men. They’re trying to turn this into a woman – man Thing to divide us even further. So see through. All about certain agendas not morals.

    4. I was sexually abused by police officers social worker’s magistrates government Conservative club members nothings being done eccept jail me for exposing it, they’ve allowed 3 women to get away with domestic violence and sexual abuse to a man one admitted kidnapping my daughter not allowed to be removed from my care due her promiscuous lifestyle, one admitted biting my kids faces permanently scaring them beating me while I was protecting my kids from her, glassing my face, she was incredibly violent, my last ex admitted lying with a social worker about the death of my son for 6wks

  4. At least you know what you getting with covid! It doesn’t dress up in a uniform and pretend to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man only to turn around and kidnap you then kill you!!

    1. genuine question what is your solution of preventing future murderers from becoming police officers?

    2. @Dinger Ling
      Or how many more men will be artificially transformed into women. After all, a real man will never commit a crime against a woman. This is a reassessment of values and the root of your problems. You are always fighting against the stick, but do not fight against those who have it in their hands. This is a rather short-sighted approach to the question.

    1. Assumptions, he has been charged with an offence not found guilty of it, they are two completely different things.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em
      They’re protecting their own by arresting and charging him?
      This wasn’t a crime caught on camera, like George Floyd’s murder. They had no witnesses, no body. But within a week they had homed in on a suspect who lived 70 miles away and found the body.
      I’m not saying the Met (London’s police) don’t have corruption in their ranks, but they’re not systematically corrupt, the way so many American forces are.
      I’d also lay bets that the OIC of policing the vigil will never get another promotion and end up doing paperwork for the rest of their career.

  5. “Police must act for people’s safety.” You’ll arrest a woman for liking a limerick on Twitter, and arrest a woman for protesting the death of a woman at the hands of the Met’s own active duty actor.
    Shame on the met. Shame

    1. @Q. E. D. there are many smart people that vote the right way but won’t admit it. They don’t want to get cancelled by their banks and contractors. Keep being a ‘woke’ imbecile.

    2. @Kevan
      I never said there weren’t smart people on the right. My father was one of the smartest people I ever knew and he was on the right. But my comment still stands: survey 1000 PhD graduates and 1000 high school dropouts and I am certain you’ll find more leftists amongst the PhDs.
      I’m not the one asserting that political opinions equate with dumbness. You are.

      PS Thanks for the gratuitous “imbecile” insult. It must make it easy for you not to have to engage in any of the actual issues raised by those of us on the left. Have you got one of those “Many Are Getting Arrested” caps, btw?

    3. @Q. E. D. my brother is an MD graduated from UCLA went to usc med school and tells me he’ll never admit his conservative political leanings around his colleagues or patients. It’s kinda like what China does to its citizens. Call em out and get cancelled.

    4. @David Lulham I would have showed them the true meaning of police brutality when they started kicking off, new shotgun squad for crowds that don’t comply

  6. Police forces all over the world are fast becoming brutal thugs themselves. Militarizing their training didn’t help either.

    1. @Sarah Murray but it’s your “leftys” fault why not let women posses pepper spray? Wtf its not like a gun or knife I heard stories of women getting 2 years in the UK just for pepper spray shits crazy

    2. @Chris Kennedy Police since the founding of police, need better regulation. And they definitely need regular psychological examines if not regular lie detector tests. But let’s face it, they’re simply like other members of society; some don’t understand what their authority means and hence wield it inappropriately. But absolutely yes that they and many others are reacting to a society gone illogical, unanalytical, hateful, immoral, and inappropriately enraged far too much of the time.

    3. @Fran Minky that’s dumb. And you better not tell anyone to keep quiet if you wouldn’t have the guts to say it to me in my face toe to toe. Take those words out of your vocabulary from now on

  7. So, it looks like all those unsolved murders needs to reopen and look into Investigating the police officers…..

    1. We have similar problems in the US. Also, a lot of cops like to rape girls/women reporting rape. They just can’t miss out on all the fun.

  8. Why wasn’t Katherine wearing a mask. Couldn’t help noticing, as others in the peaceful vigil were aggressively removed over covid rules.

    1. @Rere Simone So everyone else who rocked up was from the Clapham Common area? You mouth off about womens solidarity and freedom but want to take away her right to attend a tribute, as a woman. Bloody hypocrite.

    2. @takobella This is about paying respects to the memory of Sarah Everard.
      shame you don’t stand up for every womans rights.

    3. @Shabby Balls lol it’s cute that you believe they give 2 shits about regular citizens. All they want it a photo op

    4. @takobella Shame you just rocked up to stir up the crowd. Just won’t leave it alone.
      Nice job spitting in the face of the Everard family. Remember the name? Doubt it.

  9. And cops wonder why people get nervous when they get stop by the cops for no reasonable reasons.

    1. @chris lauricella police reap what they sow. There are endless reasons for the negative outlook on police. They kill innocent people every day and imprison even more with pure impunity.

    2. @Al yeah sure whatever you say, you claim you they kill innocent people, were your stats to back that up, cause they prove otherwise, yeah okay reap they sow, keep believing what you want to believe

    3. @Al don’t blame the police for whats going on, its individual civilians fault thats where the blame goes, don’t blame cops and make excuses for crimminals

    1. nah a tone deaf reaction is taking something like the police force and law overall and painting it as something that negatively targets women while men continue to be arrested, profiled, and sentenced longer on average than women.

    2. Well covid doesn’t care about your feelings. Don’t ever make fun of people not gathering again.

  10. Jesus, that duchess comes without a mask so everyone can see her face. She turned it into a publicity stunt.

    1. Kate couldn’t care less about this dead woman. She’s on orders to generate good press for the Royal Family.

  11. Can we recognize the irony of the bobbies rousting the vigil when one of their own killed Sarah Everard?

    1. When they do this, they’re not Bobbies, they’re just cops.
      A “cop” is someone who “captures”. (It’s literally what the word means.) A Bobbie is a friendly, respectful term (one of Robert’s men).
      They were just cops when they did this.

    1. Was she sexually assaulted? Yes!!! And by who? A leader in a police department. A Department that for decades helped him prey upon the population that paid his salary. Clearly, there is an active fraternal club of Femicide entrenched in this police department.

      The officers seemed sociopathic in they’re ignoring the fact that they are 1. Intruding on a funeral. 2. Imposing violence against a public sector whose very nature and responsibilities far outshine their own.
      3. By Imposing hostile penalties and creating an unwarranted Arrest history they are establishing long lasting economic devastation for these women in current employment and all future consideration for employment or promotion. Also, they are creating a greater likelihood for being handled violently without provocation when pulled over or questioned in the future.

      This is how devastating this police force’s Captain and Director’s are on the lives it’s female citizens!!! All records must be esponged and all LEADERSHIP relieved of office and heavily investigated!!!!

    2. @Julieta Ramos people are trying to figure out how to negate inappropriate use of force. It gets sticky when cultures normalize emotional dysfunction and whose mind- set is rooted in a violence addiction lifestyle.
      They Shame blame others all day everyday to demonize so as to give themselves reason to assault the other person. This is the thought style of police officers. They are responsible for a majority of all domestic abuse in every neighborhood.

      All studies conducted on the sad statistics expose a vast emphasis on 65-81% of all people employed as police suffer from extreme mental illness.

    3. CCTV… I always look at things from a criminologist perspective… the real question is what does a woman class as sexual assault? Staring and making derogatory comments aren’t illegal… theres a big difference that’s why I believe the 97% who say they have experienced sexual violence and if you looked at it from a law point of view that figure would be far, far lower than it actually is.

    4. @ANTI-RE-SET she did no know him at all so that speculation is your own mind at work there I’m afraid.

  12. Watching the world change before our eyes. I’m so proud of the younger generations! RESPECT standing up for women, men, everyone, everything for the Good of it.

  13. “You’re making me do this. I only do this because I love you.” – Met Police, paraphrased for tone.

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