Dr. Fauci says this is the biggest question he still has about Covid-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN's Jake Tapper the US is going in the right direction for Covid-19 cases, but if the country pulls back on public health measures at this vulnerable time, we risk a surge similar to that of Italy.
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    1. Take this vaccine that’s so effective that you still have to wear a mask and socially distance after getting it.

    2. @SnoriSnorison this is all great and awesome, this science thing you talk about. Except for the part where they silence any and all views and findings that don’t agree with Dr. Faucky’s ‘science’ 😑

  1. it’s gotten to the point that it isn’t worth all these lockdowns, if you can’t feed your family to heck with all the rest

    1. Wow you can really tell lies spread 6 times faster than truth on social media per the netflix documnetart by looking at the responses below. Amazing how all the people who flunked science and probability think they are smarter than the experts.

    2. @Hal Mansfield – so if every 50 drives in a car one of your kids died you would be fine with that? Thats a 2% risk. You need to educate yourself on what happened in countries that locked down right and countries like Brazil and Sweden with your attitude.

    3. @Mark Eby bs, I’ve been in more countries than you can count. tell the nonsense to someone else

    1. @TheBestNameEverMade Stop being a Covidiot and realize you’re being fooled! How many have died from the flu this year? Oh look at that, NONE, everything is being counted as chyna bug even if your death has NOTHING to do with the “virus”!!

    2. @TheBestNameEverMade I’ve been watching Australia for the past year. Excellent policies. And while their media has weaknesses, it is still 100% better than that in the UK and US! Fauci and that gang in the US just finally discovered this week that CoVid is air borne. I guess since we’ve been telling them that for a year now, it finally did sink in. Duh! It’s sad that doctors are not clever enough to follow the policies and procedures Australia has followed for the past year. The populations have to become more aware that its up to them. In the US, doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart attacks and cancer..They look even less efficient in the UK. I hope I don’t get sick in those countries.

    3. @Erik Berg I agree Australia news is pretty good (except for skynews which is mostly Russian propoganda).

      I imagine your comment about covid-19 being airborne is sarcasm because the US has reported that many times.

      Also doctors the third leading cause of death?

    1. @Flaccid Ego – I know you are a gullible fool falling for the same kind of nonsense that people used to claim condoms don’t prevent aids. The masks don’t stop virus particles, they stop the droplets that contain them. Theory is worthless if data contradicts it. It usually only takes a little more thinking to find a better theory. Statistics show masks work against Covid and condoms against AIDS. Learn something about how filtration works as well as there are a few more relevant details there beyond what can be explained in a quick posts. Scientists and engineers know science at least two orders of magnitude beyond you moronic doubters.

    2. @Nathaniel Claw no i was thinking that camela harris is the clown president..yeah pretty much that guy

  2. Anyone interested in how the media pawns them, youtube search for ‘Tube destroyed, thousands dead, injured’ in Dartford emergency drill.

  3. I appreciate this interviewer with his questions. that’s interesting that 3 feet is just as good as 6.

    1. Droplet precautions have had a 3ft rule for a very long time. Most of the viral spread is due to droplets, so 6ft never made sense in the 1st place. This virus also has airborne spread capabilities. Airborne particles can travel much farther than 6ft and linger in the air for long periods of time, so 6ft still doesnt make sense. But of course they are just now discovering all of this because its real hard to separate kids 6ft in a classroom, and kids have to go back to school. Even Fauci will admit that.

    2. @Jenn H ahhh thank you. Your comment was actually really well worded and explained. Very unusual on YouTube

  4. Faucci said that it take at least 2-3 years to have a safe vaccines, and now he is endorsing the emergency vaccines. First one emergency vaccine (EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES!!!) , and now there are 4!!

  5. Why aren’t they talking about all the lawyers suing the WHO for “Misleading World Over COVID-19 Outbreak”. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  6. after he said “[italy] pulled back from public health measure” that caused the lockdown, then he said we can have mask-less bbq on the 4th.

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