Sask. Premier announces mandatory masking, proof of vaccination policy 1

Sask. Premier announces mandatory masking, proof of vaccination policy


In a video posted to Facebook Thursday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced an indoor mask mandate and a proof of vaccination policy.

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    1. Who are you going to vote for? You Right wing types in Saskatchewan have in the words of Richard Gere from An Officer and a Gentleman “Nowhere else to go”

    1. Will be interesting to see how much of it goes towards the horrendous failure of a healthcare system we have. My prediction is zero, but maybe I’m just a cynic. Prepare for vacations and Yachts in these premier and their friends futures.

    1. Too bad it’s you unvaccinated that’s made this last this long. You refused to isolate, social distance, you refused masks, now you refuse vaccines…and now YOU complain it hasn’t ended? YOU are to blame.

    2. @Stmicheal you maybe right about that.I don’t understand why they have all played along with having there business destroyed thus far.they can’t fine everyone if none of them comply

    1. @tyronebiggums69 there will be more rules . If that’s what it takes to get three this pandemic. Ware do you think Canada would be if we did nothing from the start ?

    2. @Jeff Anderson 27,325 if your gonna try and sound smart at least get it right. Your type must be just losing your minds right now eh. Must be hard thinking you know everything and have figured it out but the rest of the world can’t lol

  1. Wow! This speech has some striking similarities to other politicians for some reason with some very interesting undertones.

    1. @Cat in canada Scott Moe has a DUI under his belt and on another occasion was involved in a vehicular accident causing death where he was suspected of being intoxicated.

    2. @MrBoratWOW  And there it is. Hes a raging alchi.
      Thank you my friend. Much appreciated.
      In my province bonnie the criminal henry sports a hideous templar cross on her really awful outfits lol.
      My premiere is involved in something to do with bitcoin mining using old still functioning damns. Im scared to look to far into that one lol but i believe its his achilles heal. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap….

    3. Scott Moe’s father inlaw bailed him out of numerous business failures and he thinks he can run a Province. Everyone in Shellbrooke hates Moe, I can personally attest to that fact. Congratulations to a coward.

  2. the road to hell is a long and treacherous one. glad to see them get in line early on; true embodiment of what being proactive entails.

    1. @Central in the court of public opinion. Which will be something different two weeks from now and different again two weeks from then.

    1. @Central Its on digital road signs along the 401, Theres even one in my home town. I think maybe you should get out more.

  3. Another corrupt politician who needs a one-way trip to a beautiful Antarctic ice sheet, where he can spend his remaining time playing with the penguins.

  4. Notice there is no mention of an antibody test showing you have the antibodies, only the much less accurate PCR test that you have to keep doing over & over.

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