CTV News sits down with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh 1

CTV News sits down with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh


Omar Sachedina sat down with Jagmeet Singh to discuss his 2021 campaign platform and why Canadians should vote for the NDP.

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  1. Canadians respond: “Nah, we’re going to keep voting for the same 2 political parties that have taken turns destroying Canada for over 150 years, that we’ve always voted for”…. and then those same Canadians get angry because those same 2 political parties keep destroying everything Canadian about Canada. LOL

    1. What you say is true… but when it comes to overseeing a whole country for four years straight, as Mr. Dhaliwal is trying to do, one cannot and must not go by short proverbs.

  2. I voted last Friday and yesterday I got an other voting card with same name and address get to vote 2x lol 55 years old never saw that before my way of seeing it is must be cheating going on

    1. @Darius Your voter information card just provides basic information.

      You show that card and some ID, they check that against the list of eligible electors, and if you’re there, they cross off your name and give you a ballot.

      Upon returning, they tear off a strip from the outside of the ballot (likely to ensure the number of such ballot ‘receipts’ match the number of ballots in the ballot box), and then you put your folded ballot into the ballot box.

  3. If Singh really cared, he would be making a deal with the Liberals to finally get electoral reform. Or make a deal with the CPC to get electoral reform.

    1. @AH Hmm Germany, Belgium, the EU, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Greenland, Austria, Taiwan

    2. @pyRoy6 True, and there are many more than those.
      The question becomes whether it was PR that led to functioning societies, or vice versa. Considering the abysmal failure rate of PR in the last great crisis (WW2), I don’t think PR has proven itself.

    3. @AH Hmm We don’t need to create functional societies with PR. We can improve functional societies with PR, just like all of those countries did, successfully. PR, or any electoral reform.

  4. Act on your promise on the Universe income issue and do something about unfortunate homeless Canada should never have poor citizens

  5. I would look into forien buyers when they buy real-estate ,as one new unit ten times before the final purchase while not one transaction pays any taxes.

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