‘Saturday Night Live’ spoofs Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial

The late night show poked fun of the ongoing trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as Depp claimed Heard of defecating in his bed in 2016.

It's a story Depp has alleged previously, but it resurfaced amid the divorced movie star's latest court battle – Depp is suing Heard for libel, saying her 2018 Washington Post op-ed defamed him.

During the skit, the jury is shown surveillance video of Depp's house staff discovering the fecal matter.

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    1. @Marina wait, what of it disturbed you??? because I may watch and it may be 2 different reactions, so what’s up about her?

  1. Trash skit with weak writers. Johnny is the victim. Writers clearly afraid of Amber.

  2. Shame on SNL they are absolute hypocrites, Johnny is the victim here and Amber is a disgrace for all real DV victims no matter what gender they are.

  3. You know that Amber is a lesbian and the parties she went to with Elon She was way better off when she was just sitting in the court looking like a robot. Her testifying literally ended all her chances and made her look like a complete joke. Johnny was smart when he requested to put cameras and stream the trial for the public. He succeeded in exposing her to the world without even arguing with her directly.

  4. So Johnny is mocked but Amber is okay. It’s Johnny’s fault… You do know that Johnny is the victim here…

  5. Its tasteless and harmful to mock the real victim of abuse here who is Johnny. We all seen the tapes.

  6. Shame on you SNL! Beloved Phil Hartman spent 8 seasons on that show! After his slaughter in bed friends and family spoke out saying Phil had told them “”She got attention by losing her temper. Phil said that he had to … restrain her at times.” People in his life also knew abuse was going on and felt helpless to stop it. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

    1. EXACTLY. I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT ABOUT THIS TOO. YHANK TOU for bringing my it up! Shame on SNL for making light of a psychotic woman abusing a man even after they have first hand knowledge of someone directly affected by this sort of abuse. They basically said in this sick skit that Johnny is to blame for driving Amber crazy.

  7. TikTok does a better job at parodying this than SNL. So many lost opportunities for laughs with this sketch.

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