1. @Goody Smarts you don’t have to follow their religion but you don’t need to insult them wtf

  1. rest in peace prayers and condolences goes out to all involved sad can’t even go to the damn store not safe anywhere just sad

    1. This has always been the case what are you talking about!? Anything can happen at anytime! Just the way it is

  2. Today my heart is broken. Innocent people just going to the store. Yesterday I was preaching on love and peace. Then this appalling attack happened. My prayers are with the families of the victims. Please let’s keep love in your heart, because love will destroy hate. … peace be with you.

    1. ……….they already have a Wikipedia page for this DHS productions. Now they’ll roll out those ‘BUFFALO STRONG’ shirts that were printed up over a week ago.

    2. Shooter was a Republican. People used to joke that purging Republicans are a legitimate form of self-defense. Sadly Its not a joke anymore. Do your duty

  3. This world is in really bad shape. Senseless loss of lives. God Bless the families. 😢😢😢

    1. Yall just arguing about nothing go do something and live your life


    2. @NeanderthalDogma Yeah but that doesn’t make it all go away. Better to just move to an island far away.

  4. My prayers are being sent to the families. These situations are so horrible. We should be acting as a big family , not hurting one another

    1. Prayers? We need buying to make a executive order for the anti-black hate crime bill that he promised when he ran for election.

  5. Bless all those lives lost and the families left behind.
    Stop the division.
    Stop the hate.
    We the people.

  6. You can only overcome evil with good in these horrific circumstances! I pray for that the Lord Jesus Christ comforts the victims families and friends for His faithful promises are our armour and protection!

    I also pray for the shooter that he comes to Christ Jesus and be saved, so he can be delivered from the sinister darkness of the demon of hate! I also pray that his family is comforted in Jesus Christ mighty name!

    GOD bless

  7. What a coward life-without-parole is not Justice it’s Justice delayed at taxpayers expense

  8. They said he drove 200 miles to do this at that grocery. I wonder how he knew that store. It reminds me of the El Paso, TX incident. Condolences to all the families that lost loved ones. This is horrible.

    1. He was researching locations with the highest number of bIk people. A witness said he was scoping the place out for about a week pretending to use the WiFi. This was extremely organized behavior.

    2. @RIP Saebri Yeah, the kid that traveled to El Paso went there because of the higher population of Hispanic people. It’s just a sad situation.

  9. Sad so many lives lost .and the very hard time there family members will have going on with out them .so much evil and hate in the world .Can’t blame guns .most times this happens in States and city’s were strict gun laws are in place .we need fix our border to stop evil people coming here , and stop spreading hate , division and made up race and lies to help lower it .god help those that lost a loved one over this evil , greedy ,full of hate bad person

    1. @Lone wolf nope, not at all, not diminishing what the punk did – merely pointing out a double standard that is present in the media.

  10. They always run up on the innocent that aren’t ready or armed. Never on brothas on the block that are bout that same life. Cowards!!!

  11. Quite interesting how it’s never hatred, bigotry, intolerance, or anything akin when someone states, “I don’t hate you. I hate the sin.” Quite interesting, indeed. Suddenly, wrong becomes right. Like magic. Pulse Nightclub.

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