Scene outside Capitol after man rammed into barrier killing an officer on Friday | USA TODAY 1

Scene outside Capitol after man rammed into barrier killing an officer on Friday | USA TODAY


The man who police say rammed his car into a security barrier at the U.S. Capitol on Friday and was fatally shot by police after emerging from the vehicle with a knife was a lifelong athlete who in recent months had shown growing support on social media for Louis Farrakhan and the extremist Nation of Islam group.


Police say Green rammed a dark-colored sedan into a security barrier outside the U.S. Capitol, killing Officer William "Billy" Evans, an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police Department. After the crash, police say, Green got out of the car with a knife in his hand, ran toward officers and ignored their commands. Officers opened fire and killed him.

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  1. “Walls don’t work. You don’t need guns.”, they said to the people from behind their walls and guns.

    1. @Octavio Tapatío Because Brett is trying to point out the hypocrisy of the comment about walls when they later use walls for defense. But I would argue he snot making any good points.

      Well its about context.

      The walls are in response to what happened at the capitol and other threats. Its real and has happened.

      The walls at the border aren’t the issue. My comment can also be elaborated in that the real threats are domestic. Hence the walls. Who stormed the capitol? Immigrants or US citizens?

      Its two different context for the use of walls and Brett and yourself failed to see that.

      Its okay mijo, its big boy talk you wouldn’t get it. Go sit at the children’s table if you have nothing to offer to the conversation. Only a child insults.

    2. @ModelLights So who stormed the capitol? Immigrants? or US citizens?

      You missed the point of my comment. Reread my comment and ask how your comment is relevant.

    3. @Rogelio Rodriguez Maybe your fragile ego got hurt or you got that loser’s paranoia, but how did I insult you exactly?

    4. @Rogelio Rodriguez You do realize the wall is there to slow entry into the United States. The wall and other counter measures allows BP to arrive and detain illegal crossers instead of chasing them all over an open field. Why does Disneyland or Knotts Berry Farm have fences and walls if anyone can just climb over?

    1. @Cancelled Max Antifa burned down a federal building in Portland, Oregon shortly after the capitol riot. Was that what you consider “better” protesting?

    2. @Frank Rizzo your new name is now dizzo; dizzy rizzo. A perfect combination for a dizzy prick. It also means the other d word too ask around. Dizzo. lol

    3. @Educate Now just because you’re upset that you’re wrong is no reason for name calling. Rizzy dizzo? Ouch!

    1. ​@billythedog what if the citizen is way more highly trained than law enforcement? i know for a fact that im more highly trained than even some Swat members, does that mean i couldn’t defend myself from a gangster holding his gun sideways because i dont have a police badge? the average cop has such minimal gun training, so to act like they’re the only ones who can use guns for defense is incredibly foolish. the average cop goes to the gun range TWICE a year… i go to the gun range (my back yard) at least once a week and i do at least 25 draw and dry fire reps a day, and i do at least 2 firearms self defense courses a year, all of which are taught by former special ops guys. now yes obviously im more trained than the average grandma that bought a revolver to put in her purse and has maybe fired it once in 5 years, but that doesnt negate the fact that she still could probably use that gun to defend herself. ive seen untrained people use guns in self defense plenty of times.

    1. @Erik Gordon it is easy for our leaders to divide us. Because people would prefer go on incoherent tirades when someone points out a flaw in their dialogue. Rather than look introspectively to see if they might be in the wrong.

      Also – “Maybe you too need some reading comp skills.”

      “You too”? Hahaha! FFS dude…

    2. @Will Pivik hes really not though and just because he used race in his example of how the mainstream media majority thinks does not make it all about the offenders race.

    1. This is the first upload I’ve seen from USA today in months. I guess they are practicing their silence is golden routine

  2. Al Sharpton is glad he’s busy with his race hustle in Minneapolis.
    He doesn’t know how to spin this one either.

  3. Dios mío,Dios mío, bendice esta gran nación. No quites tu mirada sobre esta bendita nación

    1. I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab
      The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blabI’m full of shwibbly liber-kind
      I am the yeast of thoughts and minds

  4. Let’s build a wall that will keep the congressmen and senators in and don’t let them out ever. Out of! sight, Out of mind!

    1. Biden aleady got stupidest President in the history of the USA and worst…Sorry Obummer, no longer you!!!

    2. Well to be fair they actually dont. At least not to the extent some folks would want them to work. It may annoy some folks a bit having to figure out another way to get into the country but the human species, as we all know, is a crafty critter. You see Steve, what you are failing to see is that when people are desperate/determined to do something, like crossing a border illegally, they will make it happen. These people are just as goal oriented as anyone else facing a challenge. Take China for example. They have a massive/beautiful wall. Did it work for them back in the day? To an extent. But not as well as they would have liked.

      Although it was a useful deterrent against raids, at several points throughout its history the Great Wall failed to stop enemies, including in 1644 when the Manchu Qing marched through the gates of Shanhai Pass and replaced the most ardent of the wall-building dynasties, the Ming, as rulers of China. That said, should we have a secure border? HELL YES! And there are plenty of measures suing the latest technology to support that very task. However, to think a wall is going to magically keep “bad people” away is delusional. Here is a shocker for you that will blow your mind. Nearly half of all the unauthorized migrants now living in the United States entered the country legally through a port of entry such as an airport or a border crossing point where they were subject to inspection by immigration officials I know right? Crazy!

      Well Steve, you are free to think what you like of course. I just ask that you consider what I’ve said here. Take care/stay frosty wherever you may find yourself in this cast country of ours.

      Source: Journal on Migration and Human Security
      Authors: Robert Warren and Donald Kerwin

  5. US journalism in 2021 EVERYONE knows the story, but the news minders won’t report it.
    I don’t know how they sleep at night

    1. @K Germ hmmmm, based on the profile presented by the benito Salazar, this is a cop trying to voice his opinion and not compromise his career. Human.


  6. Politicians cowering in their corner and taking the underground subway train to get to their cars in a secured parking lot.

  7. “We must ban deadly combat assault sedans with high capacity gas tanks suitable only for war.”

  8. Quick, we better have universal background checks on anyone buying assault cars with automatic transmissions that go over 17 mph.

    1. You joke, but… I think we *do* need background checks and safety courses for cars with automatic transmissions.

    1. It would make sense to park a large vehicle in the access driveway.
      Yesterday car blew thru that opening
      Thankfully that pop up steel barrier was just past there

    1. @Fitness Philosopher looked more like an unarmed unorganized riot to me. Now that attempt that happened in Turkey some years ago, and Burma that’s what an insurrection looks like. Noticed a lack of armed soldiers, if that riot was an insurrection it was the most peaceful one of all time. And even if they took it nothing would’ve changed. They interrupted a ceremony and are now doing time for their crimes and stupidity.

    2. @Octavio Tapatío I thought they may have tried to blame this on President Trump , but all media seem somewhat quiet , compared to what it would have been like if it would have been someone else other than …. the one who did it ! I’m quite saddened though by the death of the officer n the injured one as well. May he RIP. And speedy recovery to the injured.

    1. @K Germ Still holding on that Russian boogeyman I see. I’m sure they are focused on trolling YT in a non election year. MSM says mission accomplished, brainwashing is a success.

    2. @K Germ
      We are such sophisticated bots that we can actually read and understand comments with multiple sentences, then formulate replies that make sense.

  9. The good thing is that the politicians are protecting themselves with a big fence and hundreds of people with assault rifles. The bad thing is they want the opposite for us.

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