1. Gotta fill the breaking news section of the Youtube home page. Distraction Distraction Distraction.

    1. They aren’t showing you the beauty of Jesus Christ because they don’t care where your soul goes when you die the MSM are proponents of Satan who only want to talk about bad news bad news not about the good news of Jesus Christ not about the fact that God gives us beautiful sunshine and fresh air every single day not about the reality that there’s no need to live in fear of a 99% survival rate the MSM are workers of the Father of lies

    2. @Joshua Bailey it’s actually How to Win Friends and Influence People

      Sounds like you have no idea what you’re talking about zoomer

  1. Seems like it’s petty painstaking for the media and bureaucrats to give out information about “the man” this time..lol

    1. @John Williams yep.. 4K shootings in Chicago just in 2020.. and you’ll never see the word “mass” being reported by the democrat-Pravda media- IF even these events reported at all.

    2. @LateNightRewrites FB always deletes these profiles once their identity is revealed. Nothing new or nefarious about it.

    3. I told my wife is the media take more than 30 minutes to tell his rave then it’s either a black man or a Muslim lol. I was right. Wish it’s a white dude it’s right away

    1. @D Parker Sounds like the Christmas suicide bombing didn’t fit yours or the capitol or the fact that a major republican member is a literal child trafficker that the republiKKKans are defending

    2. @William its not hidden, anyone can view the description. If you’re too incompetent to find it then thats nobody’s fault but your own

    3. @Nomen Clature Hate crime against who? Cops? They’re not a protected category, they’re a job. If its a hate crime than so was the attack targeting the massage parlors, not because the workers were mostly Asian, but because he targeted a specific job.

    4. @pot assium never said it was impossible to find but hidden in the description veruss openly speaking about like they would and have done when it fits their narrative. So again I’ll say it for you since you’re either purposely disingenuous or stupid, stop being to obtuse and recognize there is a large difference then the media actively saying those words outloud in the video and hiding it in the description. And please don’t reply with another low IQ completely missing the mark of words and acting like it being in the description is the same as the reporter talking about it in the news clip.

    1. @Brian Larney I am talking about the entire mainstream media… There is an absolute agenda to try to control the masses.

      Take this for example do you know who
      Secoriea Turner was? Unless you look her up I almost guarantee you don’t know who she was. This 8 year old girl was shot and killed by BLM activists. Do you know why you don’t know about her? It’s because she was killed by a black person. Her and her family were standing in the way of a protest last summer. So the man took that little girl’s life.

      Where is her justice? Are you going to tell me that had a white person or a cop shot and killed her this wouldn’t be all over the news?

    2. ​@Daniel Glover Tbh, I was not aware of her name, thank you. I did hear of the incident, though. That said, I don’t think that points to an agenda to control the masses in any way.

      Did you know that the first known case of destruction during the George Floyd protests was perpetrated by a 32 y.o. white man who was a member of Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood? He trashed an Autozone that was destroyed by fire later that night. I can’t find his name, but he was known as the “Umberlla Man.” If you haven’t yet, google him. It’s a bizarre story. There’s video too.

      Also, were you aware of Ivan Harrison Hunter? He’s a white rightwing extremist from Texas associated with the boogaloo boys. He torched the 3rd police precinct in Minneapolis. The same one we all watched burn on TV last spring.

      Neither of those stories was all over the news, yet should have been. Why? I certainly don’t believe these stories were kept on the down-low by MSM to further an anti-blm agenda, although it could be construed that way.

      I’m not trying to compete with these stories. I just think the idea that the media covers tragedies differently based on race to further an agenda intended to control the masses isn’t true. We shouldn’t give them that much power. I try to stay well informed and think for myself.

    3. @Brian Larney I actually heard of the name umbrella man but I didn’t know who he was or why he was famous. Last summer I was watching live streams of the protests and heard people talking about him. I forgot about him. I will look him up.

    4. @Brian Larney I challenge you to do yourself a favour next time there is a mass shooting or an event like this and if it is done by a white person listen to how the media covers the story versus them not mentioning the race now. If it is done by a white person I guarantee they will talk about him being white.

    1. Yep! Gotta keep at it. Msm was on it’s last legs til they made a deal with YT to be featured at the top of everyone’s feed. They’ve learned nothing and until they change keep them ratios coming

    2. @LateNightRewrites  Authoritative sources, all owned by one religion. Now they are working on getting rid of the dislikes completely. Everyday the control increases.

    3. @LateNightRewrites They may have made a deal, but but the majority of it is algorithm driven. YT wants you to stay on it’s platform for as long as possible and because you click on MSM videos, it thinks you want to see more of them. Try not clicking on any for a few days, I’m willing to bet they disappear from your feed.

    1. Wonderful video isn’t it,I’m sitting here putting words in that reporters mouth on the bottom left as he’s waving his arms aboot.

  2. Instead of wasting your time watching this nonsense, here’s what happened:
    The guys name is Noah Green, he was part of a group named “nation of islam”, oh and he had more melanin in his skin than the media would like since they can’t blame it all on whieiite suuupreemamcy

    1. They said he was a homo sapien, what more do you need ?? With awesome description you could litterally pick him out of the crowd at a sold out YANKEES game!!

    1. Can’t explain to a conservative the difference between a single wall along Texas’ entire south barrier being easy to climb and a two foot concrete barrier stopping a single car in its tracks

  3. When your know a handful of corporations control virtually all of the “news” you will understand why they selectivity choose how they report on these things depending on who the killer is

  4. Well…..once we found out who the suspect was, we sure are trying to go a different direction it seems.

  5. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. Because of His sacrifice we are saved. May you all be blessed with His love and kindness. Something we are sorely lacking in this country right now.

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