Scenes Out Of Minneapolis: ‘Black America Feels Like It Cannot Breathe’ | MSNBC

Scenes Out Of Minneapolis: ‘Black America Feels Like It Cannot Breathe’ | MSNBC 1


    1. Canada 🇨🇦 stands with you. May they go to jail for the rest of there pathetic lives.

    2. @ggplayz games
      Yes,Asia is racist.The indigenous “black” Asians have been relegated to the South Pacific Islands and are never shown on television.
      The Negritos of China are nearly extinct,because they’ve been forced into a small piece of land.
      The “black” Chinese were slaughtered after colonialism came to China.

      Asia is very racist.

    1. Another Scot here. My heart is breaking for that poor man and his family. America, you should be ashamed.

    2. @Margaret Adam this isn’t america. this does not represent us. it pains me that people can be so brutal to our own citizens. its getting kind of wild here and i think its time for the citizens to retake control of OUR America. not the government. we the people will prevail.
      its heartwarming seeing all of the support from all around the world in these hard times. hopefully we can come together as human beings and fight against the true enemy.

    3. @Margaret Adam do not let the government represent america because the government isn’t america. America is the people and its time we fight for what is right.

    1. Peter Solar channel That strain already existed. That’s the the one females tried to get away with.

    2. If George was white, this wouldn’t have made the news. They Loot and riot, because they have no choice” 🤣

  1. We are so proud of the youth of America. All-inclusive. Enough of this behavior. We stand with the Protestors! Love seeing white faces amongst the crowd. This will end. Better days will come. God Bless everyone who takes a stand. Stay Well. Stay Safe! America will come back stronger than ever. Get out and Vote.

    1. @Tim Jones the protesters will get sick. So many will get sick after this. They’ll be hit twice.

    2. far more whites than of colors in many to most crowds; heartening for the sake of a #PEACEFULmiddleAMERICAforALL. RICHY-RICH, GO DO YOUR THING WITHIN THE LAWS AND PAY YOUR #TAXESofTRUMPF.

  2. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke
    It is to much for not just Black America, but for all Americans.

    1. @James Jones yeah, I wasn’t found of it, but I understood what he was attempting to say, I would have said it differently, “protest and exercise your 1st amendment right as a citizen of the greatest country on earth, it’s unfortunate that many lives have been lost due to interactions with killer cops, but our country is open, our economy is on the rise, American is the greatest country in the world, God bless the family of #GeorgeFloyd and the great state of Minnesota”. How hard was that? Different strokes for different folks I guess, stay safe y’all, protest, loot, riot, it’s your right as a American citizen!

    1. its our job to make sure it doesn’t stand hopefully this is an eye opener for american citizens that we cannot rely on our government. We the people will retake control of our great nation.

    2. @Max Everett What did he do. I hear a lot about his death but nothing about the actions that lead to the situation.

  3. There have been reports that the cop that killed Floyd worked with him before as a bouncer? If that’s the case then talk about possibility of premeditation and mishandling of this case.

    1. Premeditation does not require that degree of planning, many prosecutors have already said this is premeditated as is, I believe due to George Floyd pleading for his life beforehand.

    2. @James Jones It was premeditated after 30 seconds when he had his knee on his neck knowing he couldn’t move or breath. There is no time limit for premeditated murder.

    3. @James Jones Chauvin stayed on his neck several minutes after he stopped breathing. Premeditation could have begun then? I would say so, if I were a juror, but who knows what another might decide? I think better to charge murder 3 and manslaughter with a best chance of conviction than fail a murder 1 and watch the city burn again when he is exonerated

    4. @Lars Jones Yes, I believe premeditation occurred many minutes before this ended. I just don’t know what state law says about it.

  4. My brother Tremaine Lee is always on it. We appreciate you for sharing our voice big bro.

  5. I suggest all the cops involved turn themselves in as their spose to do!!!!! They know by now all that violence is cause of what they did..horrible, prayers to the families and the citizens from Oklahoma

    1. Um no. Blaming the cops for people rioting and looting is right up there with blaming an unarmed man for being killed by police. No one is forcing these people to be violent. That’s a choice they’re making. Accept responsibility for your own choices.

  6. How can we lean on each other and our Bigoted wicked commander in chief are divide-and-conquering us into submission with the police force. Our fate is in thier hand

  7. America….. So many issues to be worked out and to be put back together again!! Everything needs to start over!! 🌹

    1. Fifer McGee sure, everything is trumps fault. Did this not exist under Obama? Perhaps you should look into that

    2. @yerb
      Yeah, it’s ABOVE great.
      It’s beautiful.
      Too bad commies are trying to take it down.

    3. @Anthony Browne thats why we have issues, identity politics! Brought to you by leftist democrats . By the way go f yourself!

  8. They should have arrested the suspects at the Scene of the Crime. It did not have to be this way.

    1. There was no evidence of a crime YET. Now there is so they arrested him. These things take time. Do it wrong and the guy walks on a technicality.

  9. The guy talking was so articulate in expressing his emotion, much respect to him.. honestly✊

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