Scheer blasts Trudeau over WE controversy: PM using COVID-19 pandemic ‘as excuse for his corruption’

Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer accused Prime Minister Trudeau of using the COVID-19 pandemic as cover for a deal with WE Charity.


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  1. Why is the RCMP. Not involved how is this government not in jail. I guess you can steal now in Canada.

    1. Pete Crowshoe RCMP take Trudeau lead. We watched this life on television. The day after the massacre in N.S. The video was quickly taken down. An outside investigation needs to take place. There is a conflict of interest having the RCMP investigate P.M. Trudeau.

    2. The GG lives in the same yard as the now single PM. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. When you agree with corruption, you don’t worry about duped taxpayers.

    3. @waldroj01 quick someone tweet at the queen.. oh wait..

      guess if she was like trump and always on twitter it would be easier lol

  2. Not a scheer fan but trudeau and chagger are a absolute disgrace, can’t answer a question they both sound guilty as hell.

  3. It seems the only family Trudeau was helping was his own family and that of members of the liberal party. Disgusting

  4. His only response is, Look how much money I’ve spent. Anyone could have done that, it’s how you’re spending it Blackface.

    1. In the aggregate, Trudeau is doing a crappy job of being the PM. I’d give him an “F” FAIL!!! He’s too selfish and greedy and he has no respect for doing the work. 😭😭😭

    1. Remember also, that he created legislation so that ONLY liberal supporting students who support pro-choice and other left-wing social justice issues would benefit from his “job action” BULLSCHITT! Christian students, completely discriminated against!

  5. It is either he is the most corrupt or the stupidest PM in Canada History. I vote for corrupt but just to give him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll give him stupidity.

  6. Canada is becoming a slave country , and all Canadians cant wait for those higher TAXES coming , Canadians have to work harder to pay , for programs, handout , and PM SALARY… in the future

  7. Why is there not a vote of NON CONFIDENCE, get rid of this delusional spoiled rotten trust fund baby.

    1. NDP and Bloc support the Liberals, even though they occasionally try and talk tough – they always support them in the end.

    2. @Michael Barry True, but i think that with covid and this WE scandal the bloc might be willing to vote no confidence. Im not too sure about the NDP but the liberals are slowly starting to lose support and the other parties are gaining so it could be in the NDP’s favour to gain some seats.

  8. Excuses are unacceptable. When you lead an entire nation and attempt to deflect, it is unprofessional and not tolerable. Take responsibility for your actions mister prime minister. Allow someone to do what you cannot, and allow canadians to make better choices that do not result in a deficit that will damage our country for years to come.

  9. I’ve picked up more garbage in public parks than his whole party combined wheres my billion dollar grant?

    1. He means, they printed money (created money out of thin air) and our kids will be the one footing that bill…

  10. Worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. The Trudeau government is the most corrupt government in Canadian history. Absolutely disgraceful

  11. JT needed a day off to rehearse his answers for today. You can tell because he’s speaking really fast and not stuttering.

    1. He had a meeting with Bill Gates last week and I am sure he drank more of his Kool-Aid and told him what he had to say….

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