1. RCMP have to be called in because the ethics commissioner said Trudeau denied him access to evidence. There is a pattern of unethical behaviour in Trudeau’s decision making.

    1. The Justin Trudeau Liberals have caused more damage to the Canadian economy than any other government. Even more than the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Liberals. That’s saying a lot.

  2. Drama and more drama that’s all he is drama there’s no truth in him just drama. It like a movie gone bad.

    1. +Rocky B…If they start doing that, the prison cells would be so overcrowded with Conservatives that there won’t be any more left to put Trudeau in!

  3. Justin Trudeau – please step down and resign from your position…or we WILL vote you out in October

    1. I would have said the same last year…but too late now….Let’s defeat this clown Oct 2019 and make him face defeat!

  4. Trudeau is a spoiled brat who got whatever he wanted and spent whatever he wanted and was protected from having to take responsibility for anything by a high status guilt ridden father for not having time for him and a wealthy old-money silver spoon mother also guilt ridden for abandoning him to party in New York, and he has taken all those characteristics with him in being prime minister. He is deeply flawed for the job.

  5. The next election will be a testament to Canadian’s respect for the rule of law.
    Prime Minister found guilty of interfering in the country’s justice system.
    Think about that for a minute.

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