Trudeau says he accepts ethics report into SNC-Lavalin scandal 1

Trudeau says he accepts ethics report into SNC-Lavalin scandal


Prime Minister Trudeau says he accepts the ethics commissioner's report into the SNC-Lavalin affair but disagrees with some of the findings.

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    1. @Richard CReally Richard? So, you are stating that you are a liberal, no matter what? Seriously, you don’t care what any party does to or for Canada? You just blindly vote for a party?

    2. Ken Rogers Absolutely. Conservative party policies do not align with mine at all. I do believe that’s how it works Ken. It’s my right.
      I’m also in Ontario, and am sickened by Doug Ford.

  1. “My job as Prime Minister is to stand up for Canadians.” Yeah, by replacing you all with excess immigration to increase my tax base.

    1. “especially the few jobs that I was trying to save in Quebec”. Obviously the many unemployed west of the border mean nothing, as that isn’t included in his Canada.

    1. Ever see the way tinkerbell always sits like a proper young lady? Google images for “Trudeau sitting.”

  2. Justin *”TeflonTrudeau”* is the only person who can break the ethics law 2x and get away with it!
    Canada has no rule of law and I’m ashamed to be Canadian under this corrupt PM!

  3. I accept it, except for the parts that make me look bad. I did it for you! you just dont understand me!

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