1. If Trudeau wanted to take real responsibility for his actions … he should have stepped down as PM

    He already broke the ethics laws in 4 places during the Aga Khan vacation. Now with SNC, it’s clear Trudeau doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong … and therefore should be thrown out of office

  2. Again I say. “Elect a Clown you get a Circus”…and it is confirmed that it is a corrupt circus. Justin’s communication style is Decieve, Deny, Dismiss and Deflect.Trudeau must GO!

    1. Trudeau might say that ‘Tomorrow we will do things differently’. Canadians know how you cannot believe the Liberals.

  3. Trudeau would never say I am sorry- because he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong- he is completely lacking in ethics.

  4. Why would the incompetent embarrassment of a liberal apologize for anything. Mostly surprised the incompetent fool didn’t blame Harper

    1. So, it’s ok for one and bad for the other? Based on what?? The label and color they associate themselves with?? THEYRE ALL A BUNCH CROOKS AND LIARS.

    2. @Buckbennyrides In liberal language it means “it’s ok when my guy does it, but wrong when the other one does it”. What a charm for politicians. Divide and conquer. And the populace gobbles it all the time.

    3. @Joe mariconadas totally agree, especially effective when so many just vote for the liberal party because they are a liberal minded person.

    4. @Racerprose Contempt for Parliament is nothing compared to this asshats CONSTANT lies. Personally I have nothing put contempt for parliament and even more for our prime moron!

  5. Trudeau is immoral unethical and does illegal activity
    Unfortunately the conservatives can’t keep out of people’s personal lives otherwise they would be ahead in the poles
    The liberals are just thieves and can’t keep out of people’s pockets
    This SNC lavalin has nothing to do with jobs Trudeau was paid off by SNC lavalin

  6. Hold the phone! Trudeau’s apology tour ends when HE is the one who should apologize for HIS actions?
    JT can try to make any number of excuses, the PMO has NO RIGHT to instruct the Justice Minister in the realm of the judiciary THEY ARE SEPARATE BRANCHES FOR A REASON!

  7. Has to go, more arrogant than his father, which I thought was impossible!! Apple never fall from the tree

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