Schiff Responds To Trump DOJ Seizing His Phone Data

Rep. Adam Schiff discusses why it’s problematic for Former Attorney General William Barr to claim he was “not aware” that Democratic lawmakers’ phone records were being seized by the Department of Justice.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Schiff Responds To Trump DOJ Seizing His Phone Data


  1. Words and no action. Realize it takes time but seriously. End this thing with Trump or it’s just a lame sideshow and makes it look weak as a nation. Washing is a joke.

    1. So tired of all of the wringing of hands, & talk, talk, talk, NOTHING is going to happen to that filthy administration, it’s obvious, incites a riot at the capitol & gets away with it, now this? Stop already, blah,blah,blah! The sky is falling, ooooooo! GTFOH!!

    2. they’ll continue because it gives them daily headlines. none of it will have anything to do with anything but people will still eat out of the msm hands as long as they put trump in the headline.

    3. @Rod The whole world knows he`s a cheating, corrupt, idiotic, immoral, incompetent, incontinent, self serving, self obsessed lair that cares for nobody but himself and tried to incite an insurrection. He even did it publically on telly. You`re the one that needs to grow a brain and wake up. I want you consider one simple fact. He claimed he paid $70,000 a year for a hairdresser yet does his own hair. How does he even get away with that? try it for yourself and see if you don`t get done for tax fraud. Its numpties like you that voted for this monster and absolute joke of president that are really responsible for the state of America.

  2. Every time I see Bill Barr I break into song – “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”!!

    1. @JD Actually Garland found out about it through the times report. Trump’s cronies kept it nice and secret from him.

  3. His niece told us, she told us, who he is, n we saw him!! So who is surprised? All those with diirrrttt hands should be charged too!!!

    1. The democrats are guilty of every single crime they accuse others of and have been doing so for decades before Trump ever arrived.

    1. @UC_hDN-HxYNsAyQuuREPZEsw we have plenty of receipts! You’re the one that needs to provide them.

    2. Grampa Genuity …. Lying to stupid and gullible leftists ? What world to you live in ? Donald Trump does nothing but lie, his entire life was built on lies and cons. The Trump cult fell for the election fraud lie long before a single ballot was cast in the 2020 election. Talk about gullible

    3. @Mike Mike but what are these lies you speak of. Can you name some, maybe with a little context too if possible. I always see comments talking about these lies but nobody ever describes them or says at all what they are.

    4. @Mike Mike I mean… even if there was no fraud. Do you think that we should not require voter ID and signature matching for mail in ballots? Do you believe that states (Pennsylvania) breaking their own state constitution with how they handled this past election shouldn’t be something that is taken seriously?

      Both sides NEED to have confidence that our elections are being done fairly, and our last one LOOKED like it was conducted unfairly. It is all optics, it might of been completely above the table but it didn’t look it. And that’s why people were/are upset.

    1. Neither one of those words describes dumpy correctly. He’s not orange and he’s certainly not a man😘

  4. People with narcissistic personality disorder will tell you what they are up to by what they accuse other people of; it’s one and the same.

    1. Exactly ! I even remember liberals preaching acceptance , free speech , tolerance boy them days are over

    2. The same Shifty guy said how many times he had diffintive proof of Russia and Trump, yet it was all a lie. He NEVER presented anything that was true and the whole cousin thing was proven a lie to the people. So many followed the lie that it made them liars as well. Of course he was tapped. Isn’t that what he does to us? Remember that. Why is he even still in power?

  5. A leaked investigation to which no one has ever seen before. Tremendous violations like we’ve never seen before.

    1. Really? You dont remember Schiff illegaly obtaining phone records and then leaking out phone numbers of people like Nunez? I mean how the brainwashed can not think and only remember day from day.

    1. He also says things like”nobody knows that”, “very few people know that” or “I’m one of the few people who knows that”…. About stuff somebody else told him for the first time 20 minutes earlier.
      He’s such a gasbag, such a complete phony. What he knows about anything except grifting, cheating, lying and embezzling wouldn’t fill a thimble

    2. @Frenchblue8 mkay. I guess a billionaire doesn’t know anything. He just doesn’t look at thing the way you want him to so now he’s less than you. Precursor to fascism.

  6. it was done through subpoenas, not illegal wiretaps. and i’m sure every one of them has some app on their phones that they’ve accepted the terms for that has gathered this same info.

    1. Even the never right New York Times said a few weeks ago that they never believed Hillary’s Russian dossier. That retraction was about four years overdue.

  7. It still astounds me how many ignorant and hypocritical people can be when it comes to the political agendas in our country. Some people
    will rather see the country unravel than to ever admit they were wrong. You know who you are.

  8. we do all know that. he’s so lucky the media continues to cover for him. who has had the justice dept go after who? LOL

    1. It’s all poliTICal.. both sides of the ISLE/LIES$ for $, poSITion and POSSESSions$ .. it’s a party GAmE and the shitizens pay and pay and pay… for *IT* .. the *IT* that ADAM ATE knowing *IT* was forBIDden fruit fLIES$

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