U.S. Associate AG Vanita Gupta On The Right To Protect Voting Rights

U.S. Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, explains the ongoing fight of the Department of Justice to protect the rights of voters in her first TV interview since taking the No. 3 job at the DOJ.Β» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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U.S. Associate AG Vanita Gupta On The Right To Protect Voting Rights


  1. Georgia and Arizona flipping blue infuriated Trump and his Trumplicans to no end and that people of color turned out in droves the last election. Republicans truly resent that, and they never wanna observe that again!!!

    1. Agreed. I think Republicans (who had already gerrymandered both states pretty severly) realized that even with the handicapp the Dems could win. That’s why they aren’t even trying to hide their attempts to rig the game now, nothing less than full out cheating will keep them in power.

    2. WI, MI and PA flipping to Trump made Dems say, NOT AGIN, we’ll fix that in 2020. DOMINION.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis No, they know exactly why they don’t want some people voting. Many AINO or Americans In Name Only, support Anti-American Voter suppression of White Libers and People of Color.

    2. @Johnny Young Voting suppression is when individuals or groups are prevented or deterred from voting by people of power.

    3. @Anthony Craig The Democrats are now the “people of power”. Are they suppressing or deterring people from voting?

    4. It all starts with the obvious truth of 4 year invalid impeachers, why they don’t see, well hate is next to Godliness

  2. voters rights crisis is an understatement πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ same old racist & discriminatory attacks on people of color & the poor just a different subject

  3. Why are federal officers not shutting down Arizona. She’s just telling me what I know. Talk. DO SOMETHING that sends a message it’s not ok. Arrest people breaking the law.

    1. States have the Constitutional duty to run elections. That includes audits. We need more forensic audits and testimony under oath to iron out all the weird results in 2020 and even recently in 2021. Protecting our Democracy should be job #1.

  4. Republican gop members start worrying about elections the day after elections maybe they should be doing the jobs their payed to do and worry about elections when election season opens πŸ€”.

    1. You’re right and it’s extraordinary that it seems the Republicans are reduced to blocking HR1 because most of their voters actually support it and they can’t change their minds.

    2. The hatred mostly born Nov 2016 on the left seems to still be growing, at least with the msnbc tribe

  5. We should be protecting our Democracy Against the Autocratic, Communist RUSSIANS and Chinese BUT against BANANA Republican Politicians.

    1. Sadly the worst thing about the electoral college is I think it gives huge incentive to swing states to cheat and secondly a weak excuse for invalid 4 year impeachments

  6. Election results should NEVER be at the whim of whichever party is in the majority this year. The laws and rules were set up to create fair elections for all, evidently in a time when politicians weren’t so pathetically short-sighted. The most change I’d recognize as relevant and just would be to have the election workers tested every so often to ensure they know the rules.

  7. Had to show ID for my new job had to show ID for my prescription had to show ID to get my vax, so what’s wrong with showing ID to vote?

  8. Seems that Republicans don’t approve of anyone BUT Republicans voting. Sadly every Republican I have talked to IRL say exactly that.

  9. With anything resembling a REAL constitution any attempt to restrict voting rights in any way would be categorically impossible.

    1. The constitution can be debated, but no piece of paper is fool proof against evil. 4 year invalid impeachment, what a way to hide behind the constitution

  10. Trumps crazy Kung-fu ninjas are the last people that should be putting their slimy, untrustworthy hands on people’s ballots it’s insane but then again so is Trump.

  11. Assault on voting rights is the GOP’s mea coupa – it has to be stopped immediately and DC has to do it.

  12. Next amendments: 1., congress shall pass no law abridging an individuals right to vote. 2., population, respect for established political boundaries and conservation of circumference shall be the sole criteria for establishment of congressional redistricting

  13. Law and justice coming to the United states. We need to change sentencing guidelines for white collar crime. And hold those thinking their privileged accountable.

  14. There are Patriots, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans….then, there are traitors, Democrats, Liberals and Progressives… simple and true!

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