'Schools can reopen safely on a regional basis': Dr. Bogoch 1

‘Schools can reopen safely on a regional basis’: Dr. Bogoch


Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says many medical experts think schools can reopen safely on a regional basis across Ontario.

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    1. But will it be in-class full time? That’s the $64,000 question. And given the teachers unions’ preferences and lobbying, it’s far from a guarantee.

  1. If they can reopen schools in September then yes if not then they can’t open the schools

  2. Oh, look, it’s Dr. Fraudoch on television. AGAIN.

    Wait, I may have misspelled his name. Sorry about that.

  3. Hey, Dr. Bogoch, can you explain how schools in Ontario were ever unsafe in regards to COVID? I ask because the data has been clear for a year that they are safe. Multiple studies from multiple countries have shown this. You do know, doctor, that some countries NEVER closed their school throughout the pandemic and had no issues with them, yes?

    1. I think that’s a yes all the students have to return to school and class in person learning

  4. But this guy has no say as to when Doug reopens the mass daycare system we like to call schools

    1. Actual the regional medical officers (34 in total) can override Doug Ford’s decision to re-open schools. It was always going to be a regional re-opening of schools.

  5. Who and when are the experts going to provide whether it is safe to return to schools that Premier Ford is waiting for direction on? He is a politician…..wtf are the scientific egg heads that have expertise in this area waiting for? Academics cannot come to a consensus?

  6. Hey Doctor. Name the test anyone, any government has to measure the people’s antibodies that have had the covid positive test over the last year that were NEVER sick.

    1. In the fall/winter, maybe. Assuming COVID returns. It might not. Depends on whether influenza reasserts its dominance.

  7. We must have permanent masking at all times in all schools to truly make them safe !!!!

    1. @boghopper double masking is reasonable if social distancing is unable to happen (like in a classroom) . Don’t be a science denier !!!

    2. @Primmakin Sofis that’s stupid , double masks are based in science and we need to make sure kids are safe !!!

  8. E-mails have already been sent out to students and those whom work for the board have been told to be prepared to go back to work early June.

  9. I’m confused. It’s almost June. What’s the point of going back for what, 2 or 3 weeks?

  10. The commies all just wanna keep you running for that carrot that never comes until the end of time.

  11. Lol, they suddenly realized they better get those kids back to school, away from parents, so they can VAX them there, behind closed doors!

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