Here's why grocery shopping post-pandemic will be different 1

Here’s why grocery shopping post-pandemic will be different


Senior Director, Dalhousie University Agri-Food analytics lab Sylvain Charlebois explains how the future of the grocery industry may change.

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  1. must be a coincidence that all the big stores all implemented self checkout more or less in the same time frame….just before the pandemic

  2. I never use the self checkout. I like flirting with cashier’s, best part is most of them don’t mind.

  3. The best places to shop for local meat and produce on PEI are the small, independent stores because chain stores like Loblaws and Sobey’s charge too much and have poor quality of meat and produce.

  4. Yes, who can forget the vast death toll that happened among grocery store workers during the pandemic. Why, they were dying by the hundreds every week.

    Wait . . . that didn’t happen. Hmmmm.

  5. I am trying my hardest to not shop at these corporate grocery chains, seeing as how they feel it’s appropriate to tell me what I have to wear on my face. We need local options more than ever.

    1. Yes, same here.. I’ll go extra mile to avoid big corporations and support small local businesses. And no money for those imposing masks!

  6. The only thing that changed was the amount of money they wasted on useless signs for the SIMPs who can’t think normally .

  7. I am still shopping at the same grocery stores but I go less frequently. I compile a list through the course of the week and only go once a week. I shop more like may parents did when I was growing up. I don’t buy my groceries online. I am, however, being more smart in my meal planning and have greatly reduced waste. I have also been making my own bread each week rather than buying at the store. I don’t see that changing post pandemic either.

  8. Self check out lines are more popular because stores have increased self check out and reduced cashier stations. You don’t have much choice if you don’t want to wait.

  9. Dalhousie University? How is that even remotely relevant here? I shop in the same grocery store for the past 21 years.

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