Ont. family has pieces of fence stolen as lumber prices soar 1

Ont. family has pieces of fence stolen as lumber prices soar


A family in Kitchener, Ont. is in disbelief after they woke up to find pieces of their fence missing. This comes as price of lumber skyrockets.

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  1. Nothing new , I had a commercial property in Niagara Falls , when I visited the property I found my entire deck was taken away and this was years ago when treated lumber was affordable

  2. Um, uh… uhh, ahhhh. There is no inflation in canada, so we…. will…. continue to print um uhh money.– Justin Trudeau

    1. gotta get rid of that fool and many many of his Ministers. Their performance during the Pandemic would merit a firing in the Private sector.

  3. Ah society cant afford it then steal it or damage it way to hard to earn it. Things will get worse I’m sure

  4. Brings out all the cheap bottom feeders. Stealing, your life has come to this moment when you’re low enough to steal from your neighbor’s. Get a surveillance camera and a dog.

  5. 400% in the last 2 years , meaning if you needed $30,000 2 years ago to built a house , now you have to pay …… $120,000 only for lumber . That’s why the house prices skyrocketed .

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