Fmr. DHS Sec. Slams GOP Senators For Ignoring Nat. Security Threats 1

Fmr. DHS Sec. Slams GOP Senators For Ignoring Nat. Security Threats


Former Secretaries of the Department of Homeland Security — both Republican and Democrat — rebuked the GOP Senators blocking a bipartisan January 6th commission for dismissing what Fmr. Secretary Napolitano calls “the most serious attack on our democracy, really since the attacks of 9/11.” With domestic terror at the top of the intelligence community’s threat list, Napolitano tells Ali Velshi she can already see the priorities of DHS shifting back to its original purpose. “The reset is underway.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Fmr. DHS Sec. Slams GOP Senators For Ignoring Nat. Security Threats


  1. We need Term Limits. All politicians are in a perpetual cycle of campaigning, instead of legislating. We NEED Term Limits!

    1. ​@Kar Walker Thats right! i completely forgot about Canada, sorry bud. I was not alive for Joe Clarke but its always refreshing to hear when the system works for the people.

    2. @Esteban Perez i truly believe about 90% of the bull would stop the moment we purge ourselves of the reserve and its lacky known as the cia

    3. Term Limits through out all the branches. Such as If you spend 10 years (what the term limit should be) serving in the House of Representatives, you don’t get to run for president. If you serve in the senate for more than 12 years (what the term limit should be), you don’t get to run for president.

  2. Deeply troubling?…it is obvious that congress only exists for their own self interests…it does not represent the will of the people…the country is in deep deep trouble!

    1. @The Genial Decepticon It’s cute that you think there’s a party who places the people first…bless your little heart

    2. End the two party duopoly. Both parties treat our country as if it belongs to them, and not to the American people.

    3. @andrew
      I’ve been to countries with a single party government…. it doesn’t look good. The people in those nation-states believe that they’re free in contrast, because of autocracy and authoritarianism.

      We do have more parties…. but the debate and candidate selection is controlled by the primary two; that being the Republican and Democratic parties.

      Meanwhile, they are too busy trying to win…. that they’re not providing the scaffolding necessary to meet the needs of not just the modern day; but to continue the American Experiment well past the next century.

    4. @Magneisuem Winterjuice 1st thing is that the conservative party has bo lack of black membership. Very racist of you to label race to party. Your party uses that so poorly. They will never be able to shake the slaver mindest…. Shame. Anyhow….

      Red states arent lagging. The population is deciding against it. The ppl as a whole arent following the whole “were all gonna die” play. Its a 98% survival rate. Unless you bought the whole change of narrative. Then survival rate is .0002%.

      If incentives arent ment to encourage then what is an incentive?

      You claim they target random ppl then you claim they target younger ppl. Wtf?

      Lookie here…. Youre out your league and an obvious racist. My guess is a white racist.

    1. @carmine redd NBC Viewers
      Our sovereignty as citizens was guaranteed in 1791.
      *The Bill of Rights*
      Ring a Bell? Liberty as in liberal?

    2. @carmine redd You know nothing about the Constitition.
      “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
      If your school system mandated passing a Constitution test as a requirement for advancing to high school, as mine did, you’d know better. The Constitution and its’ Bill of Rights, was based on the Magna Carta.

    1. @John Doe Trump did absolutely nothing to the benefit of Russia that put us in a worse position. Remember back in 2012 when Romney said Russia was our greatest adversary, and Obozo said “the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back”…? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    2. @Shng275 partial list:
      Michael Cohen
      John Bolton
      Anthony Scaramucci
      Omarosa Newman
      James Comey
      Chris Krebs
      Mark Esper
      Gordon Sondland
      Alexander Vindman
      HR McMaster
      Rex Tillerson
      Reince Priebus

    3. @Dr. Bunter Hiden Curious list.

      Cohen wasn’t part of his administration. He was his personal lawyer.

      Omarosa had no experience in…. wait what was her job again. Oh yeah, “Liaison of Public Communications”. In other words, she was getting paid to do nothing.

      The other guys, outside of maybe Comey, resigned from their positions because they disagreed with Trump.

      Again, who has he “exposed” as a swamp creature and later fired.

    1. Under trump
      Red always. Investigate an this all will be clear. Time truth was told. No more lies

  3. As a democrat I’m offended by the fact you would even use Chertof to make any point,the man is a fraud.

    1. @Counterpart2U Not at all a clown, both parties are a mess but honestly in four months Biden and his rag tag team have really gotten us in the hole big time more than any other in my 55 years…

    2. @Jahim Depass anything is possible these days, I certainly wouldn’t bet a penny that you’re wrong.

    3. @Pacific Ocean Tsunami lol if you think you’ll get a rise out of me by calling me clown you’re mistaken. Now I never voted for Biden. The best part of Joe was left in the wet spot of his mother’s bedding. That’s if she had any bedding lol. Peace

  4. Well when the top 2 listed national security threats are 1. White supremacy and 2. The weather. People stop taking you seriously.

    1. But it’s the CNN designation moving ahead. But they are down 75%. I’m sure Trump isn’t letting them twist in the wind.

    2. we should just dump all the white supremacist magas into the atlantic ocean halfway to bermuda.

  5. #1 step to Debunk and return to Security– words used by their correct Dictionary definitions

    1. @Bart Man remember when you believed a Capitol police officer had his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher? Then you believed he had a reaction to pepper spray.
      Turns out he died of natural causes unrelated to anything that happened on the 6th, not even holding the gate open or taking selfies with the “rioters ” .

  6. The police should walk out and refuse to protect those that don’t protect them, democracy or the constitution.

    1. Even though the ‘slam’ is never there. Just opinion from emotionally and politically stimulated dimwit individuals.

  7. Janet “the system worked” Napolitano is… not the greatest authority on national security.

  8. They keep ignoring these “terror threats” with “no credible information about specific events.”

  9. We used to lock the crazies up, now they can buy guns & run loose in Mar-a-lago. We should reconsider the old laws.

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