Velshi: Peace Was Attainable In Oslo in 1993. It’s Within Reach Today. 1

Velshi: Peace Was Attainable In Oslo in 1993. It’s Within Reach Today.


In a small town just outside of Oslo, Norway sits Borregaard Manor. And in 1993, it became the site where the most elusive peace in the world was almost achieved. During 14 meetings over a span of 8 months, Israeli officials and members of the Palestine Liberation Organization met under the veil of secrecy to work out a deal that would try to end decades of bloodshed between their people. Eventually they pulled off what no one thought was possible. They drafted an agreement that would become the Oslo Accords. But it all fell apart.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Peace Was Attainable In Oslo in 1993. It’s Within Reach Today.


  1. When he said “Borregard Manor” my first thought was “isn’t that the haunted plantation from Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers?”

  2. Mr Velshi, I love listening to you and learning so much about the history behind the issues. Thank you.

  3. Within reach? The conflict is more intractable than ever. My regret as an American is that we are somehow tied to this anchor along with the Israelis and Palestinians.

  4. I hope that in my lifetime they can agree on a deal that can bring decades of peace between these 2 people.

  5. Eight months of herring and potatoes, morning, noon, and night, and people will agree to anything.

  6. ‘ ; the American people need to see the results of the many current audits being done. . . ,,

  7. I can agree with Velshi take on US politics, but when it come to Israeli-Plestinian conflict he just carry the Al Jazeera line of Muslim Brothers propaganda. Velshi use his (bully) pulpit to demonize Israel, spread lies and venom. He is too bias to be part of MSNBC.

  8. Israel and Palestine, you are keeping Children’s Wish asked of Santa, that there be PEACE ON EARTH.

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