Schumer Announces Article Of Impeachment Against Trump Will Be Delivered To Senate On Monday | MSNBC 1

Schumer Announces Article Of Impeachment Against Trump Will Be Delivered To Senate On Monday | MSNBC


Sen. Chuck Schumer announced on the Senate floor that the House of Representatives will submit the article of impeachment against former President Trump on Monday and the Senate will then hold a trial. Aired on 01/22/2021.
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Schumer Announces Article Of Impeachment Against Trump Will Be Delivered To Senate On Monday | MSNBC


    1. @Jarrod Goforth Success requires that one learn from their mistakes. Trump didn’t learn so he lost. Trump is a failure and he has no one to blame for his failure but his own self. The hate and hubris might linger but Trump is finished.

    2. @good anytime j I agree with you about the guy losing his job…..There is a large population of black people that just don’t care about the Capitol. Where since Nov 7th 1800 they have been passing laws that strangle people that look like me. The damage looks like a frat party happened and nothing a few handymen can’t fix.
      Many black men with prison records got jobs under Trump once red tape was cut. We do not think Trump was the worst president. 12 of the first 18 presidents owned humanbeings as property. Tell us why we should give a F about Trump other than having an awesome economy for us?? $250 million permanently to black colleges/universities. IF that is racist for black people, please keep it coming. We prefer our racist’s Overt, not Covert.

    1. @Anonymous Person

      Good for you. You’ll be easy to spot in a crowd so we’ll all know to stay away.

      The only reason I responded to you in the first place is your paranoia that everyone is being watched by the FBI. I’d think if that were true the insurrection would never have happened. There isn’t even a law against domestic terrorism. If there were, then the FBI COULD watch these guys closer. As of now, they’re restricted from doing so. And it’s not like they have unlimited resources and manpower. Look at how long it’s taking to round up these twits that stormed the Capitol. If they already knew who they were it would take no time at all.

    2. @Tim Jester

      And why would socialism be unAmerican anyway? Unbridled capitalism is unamerican if you ask me. Allowing 600 people to accumulate more wealth than half the world’s population? Yeah, that’s a real fair system.

    3. @R. Sherman


      Learn to pronounce


      a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.

      (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

    4. @R. Sherman
      History. Learn your history.
      It’s a flawed theory. It has never worked. Anywhere.
      That top 5% of wealth changes hand regularly. You have the opportunity to be in that 5% under capitalism.
      By definition, you do not under socialism.
      That, in a nutshell is the failure. There is no incentive or reward to do anything more than the minimum required, at best.
      The welfare is contingent on entitlements from an decreasing number of capable workers, as there is no disincentive to allow / expect others in society to pay for the slackers.
      The system will, and always has, imploded on itself.

    5. @Tim Jester

      Nice. So how do I fit in there? I have no problems with capitalism. I do, however, have a problem with unbridled capitalism which was ushered in in the 80s with Republican’s trickle down nonsense. THAT’S why we have such a wealth disparity here and why the billionaires want to stay here. They couldn’t get away with what they do here in any other country worth living in. They’ve successfully rigged the system for themselves by buying off politicians and writing their own legislation. Greed and corruption HAVE taken over our government by taking over an entire political party and too many of the other one. Public service should be that, not to benefit the politician but their constituents. They’ll talk up a good game but they always seem to vote for what’s best for them, not society. And Republicans have their people in a tight grip with abortion which is why they’ll end up voting against their own financial well being. That’s narrow minded and almost suicidal.

    1. As an independent thinker. I find it lame to strip the American people of a choice they may want. What are the Democrats so afraid of??? If their policies are so great over the next 4 yrs. The people will choose them again. Telling us you can choose A or A. is very telling about how brilliant their ideas are…..Both parties disgust me.

    2. Although some Americans do not understand the word “Plural”. May think that it`s another strain of Covid.

    3. @jacq danieles didn’t know I had to mention it. Figures you could figure out for your self that dems had the most partisan impeachment’s lol. Now you know

    1. jr goxy, Why? Just to try to disqualify him from running again. But, it cannot be done. The House cannot impeach because as a private citizen they have no jurisdiction over him, and the Senate cannot try him as the Senate does not have jurisdiction, either. And, if the Senate did try to try him and disqualified him, that’s unconstitutional as a forbidden “bill of attender”. I understand the political pressure to really, really put a stake in his heart, but to proceed with this the Dems would be doing exactly what they claim Trump was doing.

    2. @Norman Braslow

      Nonsense. Are you an armchair lawyer? Constitutional scholar? I just saw one that said it’s perfectly legal AND justified. And he was already impeached while he was in office. Since you don’t seem to get that part, everything else after that is based on a false premise.
      An impeachment is an indictment, similar to a grand jury. If someone is accused of a crime, a grand jury indicts, the court convicts or acquire. If said man beats the rap, he’s still been indicted. That doesn’t change. Do yo get it now?

    3. R. Sherman, I am both a lawyer and law professor. Obviously, you are neither. Because the impeachment only pertains to those in office, not private citizens, and Trump is a private citizen, they cannot touch him. How about the House impeaching YOU, and disqualifying you from office? Or, Obama? He could be impeached under your theory for all kinds of things the conservatives don’t like. The argument that a bad person should be deemed by the House and Senate as unworthy of an office, well, that’s not up to them, it’s up to the voters. I’ll agree Trump can be impeached again, but only if you agree that he won the election as really the president as of right now. Then, impeachment is possible. But not now. Do yo (sic) get it now?

    1. @Noreb Impeachment is for removing a President from office. The only one they can impeach at this point, is Biden.
      What part of that confuses you?

    2. @Tim Jester the part where impeachment ISNT just for removing a president from office?…. like literally any public official holding office can be impeached and removed from that office… what part of that confuses YOU?….

    3. @Noreb
      Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 provides that the sanctions for an impeached and convicted individual are limited to removal from office and potentially a bar from holding future office.
      If he is no longer the office holder how do you remove him from office? There is no case because you have no remedy.
      You cannot prevent him holding office because impeachment is moot.
      Is simple law.

  1. Nothing makes people believe in their government and become patriotic more than the government excersising it’s power to address people’s grievances with Justice.

    1. @I love debate Well first of all I am a human not a liberal.., second , I said he is innocent ….. What part of that did you assume I ment anything else… ??? He wason a field trip for school, a few other groups were there at same time, the Indian guy beating his drum was irritated by tge kids doing a tomahawk chop so he reacted, no body was wrong no body was write, so the media made restitution with millions for the kid not the older gentleman.. Because Lin Wood did his Job…. All while spreading lies about the election and lies about a blackmail group killing children… Impressive…
      Now back to proof of the China Bio weapon our government deployed just to get Trump out of office BAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. @I love debate Jimmy Carter must have known this was coming, thats why mail in voting started while he was presednt…

    3. @Shawn Corbin Don’t be a sicaphant!! Speak in truth or Shut it!!
      Also there are not just democrats and republicans, almost half of America register to vote as independent… Fun fact look it up

    4. @I love debate Illusions of the hopelessly real you, plays in this sub intertwined web of unreal where we pass through each other in intimation and you waste your turn in a quilt of massacred poor innocent words.

  2. “If we’re wrong we will look like fools. But if we’re right, a lot of people will be going to jail “ – Rudy Ghouliani right before the riots

    1. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Other media channels however did, and saw the Police etc focus on attacking the peaceful protestors while ignoring the looters and burners – one copuld think they were their friends or partners – also since all the video coverage of the Capitol Insurrection we can now identify some of those agitators and looters and violent “protestors” Q Anon, Proud Boys , Oath Keepers etc – doing their best to give legitimate anti White Supremacy and Fascism a bad reputation. The only Deaths at BLM protest were at the hands of Trump cultists and white supremacist extremists

    1. @Sam Harris the Dems didn’t want Trump. His entire platform was based around alienation and biggotry. He divided the country.

    2. @Sam Harris You mean the *majority that accepted the outcome of an election they did not want and their candidate which tactfully congratulated Donald Trump & set an example for a peaceful transfer of power.*

  3. The huge difference being that now there will be witnesses heard and actions investigated because Moscow Mitch cannot prevent it this time.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD Going everywhere, this will be in the history books (or whatever they’ll have then) for centuries to come. For Trump to have done everything that he has done and the country allows him to get away with it without even trying to hold him accountable is not even conceivable. It is a very important investment for the generations to come. Time and money very well spent.

    1. @Savethe Ypepo

      Dirtbags? No wonder there is so much recidivism. You don’t even try to give these people a chance to rejoin society in a positive way. Do you know them and their circumstances? Their cases? The reason why their sentences were commuted? Just calling them dirtbags is rather prejudicial, don’t you think? There are a LOT of people in prison that don’t really belong there, many for minor drug offences. I wouldn’t call them dirtbags.

    1. No one knows what will come of this, so why pursue impeachment. Don’t stir the pot. Who knows what will happen

    2. @Rufus

      He incited a riot with people that were intent on overthrowing an elected government. At the very least he didn’t do anything to stop it, a total abdication of his oath of office. He needs to be held accountable in every way possible so no one in the future even THINKS about doing anything similar.

  4. That was quite a Freudian slip. Well I guess we’ll get some clips for comedians to play over and over. This one will be getting some serious airtime without question. 1:35

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