Schumer On Infrastructure Deal: ‘We’re Going From Rescue To Recovery’

Sen. Chuck Schumer praised the Senate for passing the bipartisan infrastructure deal and a budget resolution through reconciliation and claimed they showed "we're going from rescue to recovery."

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Schumer On Infrastructure Deal: 'We're Going From Rescue To Recovery'


  1. Brilliant job, Chuck. Very creative to have two Infrastructure bills in tandem. Also good to hear you’re now prioritizing voting rights legislation. Please get it passed.. it’s crucial for the continued existence of our democracy

    1. @N W Give it a chance– you will benefit from it. We need to invest in our infrastructure; otherwise, China will leave us back in the dust

    2. @Ally M Benefit? Trillions of dollars in deficit spending and mass amnesty for illegal immigrants? Wow. Jumping for joy right now!

    3. @Mr. James Your “deficit spending” claims are grossly inaccurate, and quite frankly, just LIES. These bills are PAID FOR, unlike Trump’s tax cuts for billionaires, which added 2.5 TRILLION on the deficit. Don’t bother challenging me–I read the CBO report that outlines budgetary impacts, without the noise from political punditry or f’ed in the head Trumpets, like you

  2. It’s pretty cool to have a President who cares about getting things done, and knows how to, as well.

    1. @Lefty Loser you need to come out of your cave you have been living in so you know what is happening in this world

    2. Oh, does he, now?
      Pelosi won’t even let this bill reach the floor for debate, but go on…

    1. Democrats are gleefully spending money that your grandchildren wont be able to pay off.
      Build Back Better is a catch phrase slogan for imbeciles.

    1. Do you live in virtual reality? I’m being dead serious. Double the price of meat. Double+ the price of gas. Double the price of milk. Plus all the utility bills are going up. The Biden administration is killing middle America.

    2. Much more “prosperity” like this & you’ll see what happens in 2022. It’s always the economy that gets Democrats voted out.

    3. @Tweety Bird KGB is still there and still the same. They just use different ‘initials’ now. I prefer the old name because that’s what they were during my Cold War service days.

    4. I don’t see why people don’t take to the streets more often.- Nancy Pelosi,Democrat πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  3. Next Up: Voting Rights legislation to stop Republicans from suppressing and subverting the right to vote for targeted groups and to prevent their cementing a permanent minority rule by enacting laws that will allow them to overturn future election results based on bogus “voter fraud” clams, which is why they are putting so much energy into pushing the Big Lie and other false election fraud claims.

  4. I like how we have to go from recovery to rescue and then back again every time the right gets any power

    1. @Steve Hanson Green crap deals your idea of how you can grift on the system also by destroying the planet for the generations of children to come shame on you

    2. @Steve Hanson Keep dreaming. “Normal” people finally have someone in the White House with courage and morals. Biden’s no F.D.R., but he might turn out that way by the time he’s finished serving his second term. Remember the Great Depression? It was the Republicans that gave us that. As for “gas” — I don’t care. I can farm with horses — learned it growin’ up and I still have all the harness and double-trees. Heat? Not a problem. I have TONS of leaning and fallen timber in my various wooded areas here on the farm. I could cut firewood and make a small fortune, but I’m too lazy. I’m probably going to saw some of it up for lumber since Lowes and Home Depot think that crap they’re selling is made of gold. I already cut and split a lot of my own firewood and let the neighbors take what they need. Food? Grow my own, give a lot of that away, too. Water? Got my own well. If I have to change the pump from electric to hand-pump, I’ve still got the old pump in one of our barns or sheds. I’ll just need to cut and replace the pump-leathers.

    3. @Jackie Lemon Good God you young communists are so stupid. I guarantee when America goes broke trying to eliminate fossil fuels completely, China and Russia will NOT stop using theirs. And when this country is completely destroyed by the left, I’m sure China, Russia and other countries who hate us will eat our lunch. I warn you.

    4. @Luke_SkyWanker Right, I’m sure everyone who lives in the cities and the suburbs can farm for themselves with horses. I’m sure all of the farmers in this country who create most of the produce necessary to sustain our society will gladly give up their diesel powered equipment to farm with non existent ‘green energy’ equipment they need to charge for several hours to work their fields. No ‘green’ energy exists in any form to pull heavy equipment through the ground. Oh, and you remember what happened in the USSR under Stalin once he took farmland out of private owner’s hands. Millions starved. But, young communists these days are pro-population control, so maybe that is what you’re hoping will happen. Electricity, and lots of it is required to pump water from rivers and lakes to water treatment plants to people’s apartments and houses. Electricity is required to power hospitals, nursing homes, schools and everything else. Unless we completely cover the ENTIRE countryside with solar panels and wind turbines, maybe, just maybe we will have enough power to meet the demands that just a few nuclear or coal plants provides.
      Democrats only want to make everyone equally miserable, just like in the old USSR and/or any other failed communist country.

    5. when reagan took office, it took his two terms and george h w bush’s one term to put america into a recession, and bill clinton got us out

      when george w bush got elected, it took only his two terms to put us in a recession, and barack obama got us out

      when trump got in, it only took one term for him to tank the economy and let a virus ravage the nation, and here’s biden getting us out

      no more republicans, please πŸ˜‚

    1. You’re talking about things guaranteed to *die in the Senate,* while commenting on a video congratulating Schumer for a bill *guaranteed to die in the House.*


  5. The Senator SHOULD be proud of himself. This was a heavy lift. His years of experience as a negotiator paid huge dividends in this case.

    1. What, you reckon Schumer swayed the Republicans? You think the Republicans, that included McConnell, decided to vote for this bill because of something Chuck f*cking Schumer did?

  6. Great job SCHUMER keep up the good work and let evil’s dye in theoretical physics and never listen to Jim Jordan’s/McCarthy and other loosers period!

  7. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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